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Walking Together
St. Aidan's Flame for Friday, March 10, 2023
“The Christian doctrine of redemption… can be expressed in the silence of prayer, where everyone is equal and this stillness before the mystery of God is an essential part of the Christian tradition. But Christians have instinctively also used their bodies created by God, not only by stillness but by actions, in understanding this re-creation of creation, and to do this they have simply walked together.” – Sister Benedicta Ward, In the Company of Christ: Through Lent, Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter to Pentecost, ix
“Who or what created God?” my youngest recently inquired (“the philosophical one” as my oldest recently referred to him). I love that question, I replied. It’s been the subject of debates for thousands of years which basically became embedded in our creeds. There is no time in which God has not existed, and the Creator was not created by anything or anyone else. Keep asking the questions! I told him. The journey of faith is all about living them. 
In her little book In the Company of Christ, which I’ve been reading and reflecting upon this Lent, Sister Benedicta Ward refers to this living process as something accessible to all of us, children and adults, and not simply via complex abstract thought but through our bodies. We use our bodies to rest in God in the stillness of silent prayer, as we have intentionally increased in our Sunday worship during Lent. (We also have an ongoing Silent Prayer Group for which Susan Spencer has faithfully held space on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 9-10 AM on Zoom since the pandemic began.) We use our bodies to walk together in pilgrimage, as Sister Ward reflects upon throughout her book, drawing on ancient Christian writings that helped generate the seasons of Lent and Easter and over time the Church year. 
Our Lenten formation series “Wisdom of the Desert” reflected that spirit in its second meeting last night. Building on Barbara Stevenson’s opening session last week, Elaina LeGault led us in a conversation about experiences of desert seasons in our lives. Such seasons can lead us in a bodily way – including via illness or injury, as her story emphasized – to deep spiritual reflection. Next Wednesday Dr. Lisa da Silva will lead us in the next chapter of that conversation.
Meanwhile, last Sunday the good news of God as a reality to be embraced bodily was movingly proclaimed by our seminarian Weston Morris both in his sermon (now posted on our website and in the rite of affirmation that took place at the 10 AM service. Especially amid this moment in our national context in which trans and LGBTIQ people more broadly are being targeted by legislation to an unprecedented degree, it was meaningful and life-giving – including for me – to stand together with Weston and his family, to affirm the goodness of his name, identities, and vocation as a child of God.
The mystery of God’s re-creation was also deeply felt in the first of our Cottage Meetings that took place last Sunday after the 10 AM service. As I shared last week, these meetings are a form of “Corporate Spiritual Discernment,” the next step in the Vital + Thriving process in which we have been participating since last year. We enjoyed yummy quiche made by Deacon Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain, we talked about reflection and questions shared with us by the V+T team, based on our previous participation, and we had an energizing, hope-filled conversation. See the below announcement for the next cottage meetings (including one this Satruday)—it’s by no means too late the sign up.
And finally, we not only walk, reflect, and pray together, but we celebrate together. A week from Saturday we’ll be coming together for Fiesta! This will be our first in-person spring fundraiser since the pandemic began in 2020. It promises to be an evening of life and spirit, to be in one another’s company supporting the various ministries St. Aidan’s offers at and beyond 101 Goldmine Drive. Please see the announcement below and join us on March 18th. It may be Lent, but as I’ve written before, there is no reason not to delight in it!
Thanks be to God for our questions and reflections, for our bodily journeys, our spiritual wrestlings, our walking together. Thanks be to God for life created and shared anew. 


Donations for Fiesta! our Spring Fundraiser
Please start donating your items today by going to  Bidding starts on Monday, March 13th at 6pm and ends on Sunday, March 19th at 6pm.
Come to a cottage meeting!
The next step in the Vital + Thriving process Is “corporate spiritual discernment.” The V+T steering committee is preparing a report summarizing all the data and insights gathered from the activities we have completed so far: the Timeline Event in July, the household surveys, the interviews the Listening Team conducted, and our operations data report.
Throughout March, we will share the report and lead small-group conversations around targeted questions designed to help us discern the future God imagines for us. (See list below for times/dates and details. We will ask everyone to COVID-test before in-person meetings.)
Thank you for your faithful participation in this important work.
V+T Steering Team: Cameron Partridge, Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain, Nicole Miller, Barbara Stevenson, Jim Oerther.
Saturday March 11, 10 a.m. – 12 noon at Mealy/Stevenson residence in Glen Park.
Facilitator/hosts: Barbara Stevenson & David Mealy. Brunch.
Tuesday March 14, 6 – 8 p.m. at St. Aidan’s. Facilitator: Cameron. Soup supper.

Sunday March 26 – 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Zoom Session. Facilitator: David Mealy
For this session, an unlimited number of slots is available. The group as a whole will be together for the V+T steering team report and Q&A and then we will break down into small groups via breakout rooms for discussion.

Wednesday, March 29 – 7 to 9 p.m. at the Nocero residence in Daly City. Facilitator: TBD. Dessert.
HOW TO SIGN UP: Sign-up sheets will be available in the narthex after Sunday services. You can also sign up online here. If none of the dates/times listed is possible for you, please contact Barbara at

Wisdom of the Desert: A Formation Series for Lent
Join us starting a week from today for five Wednesday evenings in Lent for "Wisdom of the Desert” which will feature a progression of “desert experience” stories and spiritual practices to journey together through this sacred season. We'll gather via Zoom after Evening Prayer (using the Evening Prayer link) from 7-8:15 PM on:

- March 1  - led by Barbara Stevenson
- March 8 - led by Elaina LeGault
- March 15 - led by Lisa da Silva 
- March 22 - led by Weston Morris 
- March 29 - led by Cameron Partridge  

Please reach out to if you don't already have the link, and we look forward to seeing you!

Music on the Hill presents Gaude Sunday, March 12, 2023 at 7:30pm
"Renaissance: A Tapestry of Psalms." Featuring Britten's "Hymn to St. Cecilia," and much more fabulous a cappella music by Josquin, Brahms, Panufnik, Victoria, Muhly, and more!

Tickets will be sold online for $20 each. To reserve tickets, go to and click on the ticket link. Leave a message at 415-820-1429 or email us at You can also purchase tickets by sending a check to Music on the Hill, 201 Bennington St, San Francisco CA 94110.

To purchase tickets for this Gaude concert click here: are 12 free comps for church members available. Please send emails to to request free comps. I will put this on our list at the front desk the day of the concert. 
St. Aidan’s Gourmet Book Group - Next Date:  Monday, March 27, 2023, 7pm
We will continue to meet via zoom with LeeAnn DeSalles serving as our zoom master.  She has set up a zoom link that will serve for all our meetings.   If you would like help with zoom, please contact LeeAnn at<>.  If you would like to join the Book Group, please contact<>.
  • Monday, March 27, 2023 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
    • Still Alice by Lisa Genova   (292 pages) – A compelling novel about a 50-year-old woman’s sudden descent into early-onset Alzheimer’s disease
  • Monday, April 24, 2023 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
    • The Daughters of Yalta by Catherine Grace Katz  (416 pages)   The untold story of three intelligent and glamorous young women who accompanied their fathers, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Harriman, to the Yalta Conference in February 1945 and the conference’s fateful reverberations in the waning days of World War II.
  • Monday, May 22, 2023 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
    • The Wisdom of the Olive Tree by Corey Stewart  (296 pages)  A story of learning to live with grief, injustice, and the chaos that touches all of our lives.    (NOTE:  The author will  join our meeting via zoom)
New Jim Crow Anti-Racist Book Group – May 21, 4-5:30 pm via zoom
All are welcome to the book group – we are reading Frederick Douglas, Prophet of Freedom by David Blight, from chapter 22 to the end of the book for this discussion.  Questions?  Contact Deacon Margaret,

Our St. Aidan's Women's Spirituality Group will meet via zoom Saturday, March 11th, at 10:30. As before, we will have time for both checking in and personal sharing as well as time for spiritual growth.  We are certainly open to  formats and approaches such as reflections on a poem, scripture,  narrative passage or another focus for our growth. We want our group to meet the needs and desires of those who participate.   If you want to join us, and we hope you will, please contact Elaine Mannon at elaine@mannon. com to get the information for signing into our meeting.

Good News Gardens – Saturday March 11
Our next gardening day will be March 11 (instead of March 4.)  Please join us at the Church, 12:30-2 pm.  Questions?  Contact Deacon Margaret,

Altar Guild Shine Day - SATURDAY, MARCH 25 from 11 to one.
We will shine everything in sight from 11 to 12 and then have some lunch together.  Bring a sandwich.  There will be sweet treats, hot tea and fruit to share. See you then, with joy and delight!

Support for Barry Koron
Barry Koron's family has set up a Go Fund Me (linked below) to help support the care he needs that is not covered by insurance. If you are able to lend your support to Barry and family in this way, they would very much appreciate it. Thank you.
Barry’s  GoFundMe,

Archbishop Naoum asks for support for those affected by the earthquake in northern Syria
Since Sunday night when the first news of the disastrous earthquake in Central Turkey and Northern Syria arrived, we have been watching with great sadness the destruction across the region and the rescue and relief efforts.

The effects of the earthquake were felt far from the epicenter. Archdeacon Imad Zoorob, head of St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Center in Beirut, sent video of light fixtures rattling in this family’s fifth floor apartment. Dua’a Bisharat, director of Saviour’s School in Jordan, said she thought she awoke with a dizzy spell before she realized it was an earthquake.
Read newsletter
Read Archbishop Naoum's Letter
Donate to AFEDJ (American Friends to the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem)

ERD's Turkey and Syria Earthquake Response
Partner with Episcopal Relief & Development to provide support to people affected by the deadly earthquake along the border between Turkey and Syria. Visit today to make a contribution to the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Response Fund

Financial Summary:  For January through February 2023, total operating income was $45,728 and total expenses were $50,071, for a budget deficit of $4,343.  Pledge payments totaled $35,836 compared to a budget of $34,082, for an overpayment of $1,754.  There was a net operating surplus of $4,843 after including changes in market value of investments (excluding endowment).  The endowment has gained $8,927 in value this year.  Dave Frangquist,

Resources for Engaging in Anti-Racism, from Elena Wong
Thank you to Elena Wong for sharing this list of resources that were in turn shared with her through her membership in the Western Association for College Counseling:

Please send in your recipes for the COVID Connect Cookbook!
As shared in previous weeks, Peter Fairfield and Linnea Sweet are putting together the COVID Connect Cookbook. He's received several recipes thus far but would very much like more. He writes:

We are living through a time that will change our world in ways that we cannot yet begin to understand. We can hope that our shared vulnerability to this virus worldwide will help us see that all humanity is connected and that we must all work together. As we shelter in place, many of us are concerned with food. If we are not working, how will we afford it? If we cannot go out, how will we get it?

In our community of Saint Aidan’s, many are able to feed themselves and to help others get fed. More than that, we appreciate the food that we get and are finding new ways of making the sharing of food as enjoyable as possible.

The soup recipes that Cameron has been sharing have made our diet much more enjoyable and have given Linnea and I the inspiration to collect recipes from all the congregation and share them. We ask that everyone with a favorite recipe email it to us at We will collect and edit them into a cookbook which will be a lasting reminder of this strange and special time in all our lives.

We hope to be able to publish this cookbook in printed form and sell it to raise funds in support of Saint Aidan’s food ministries. We know you have been sharing food. Now please share your recipes!

Contemplative Prayer continues: Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday from 9-10 AM via Zoom
Contemplative prayer continues during this time of sheltering in place, via Zoom. Contemplative Prayer is silent with the beginning and ending marked by a bell. You can practice meditation, silent prayer, journal, or otherwise enjoy the collective quiet. Thank you to Susan Spencer for offering to anchor this practice once again, especially the Saturday, during this time. Please feel free to reach out to the office for the Zoom access information:

Morning Prayer continues: Mon, Wed, Fri at 7:30 AM via Zoom
We also continue to have Morning Prayer to help sustain and ground us, online/over the phone!  Please feel free to reach out to the office for the Zoom access information:

Evening Prayer: Wednesdays at 6:30 PM via Zoom
Our CDSP Seminarian Weston Morris has resumed the service. Evening Prayer usually lasts a half hour. Readings for the day often feature commemorations from the Episcopal Church’s calendar of saints, and the service includes a brief reflection time on the readings. Please feel free to reach out to the office for the Zoom access information:

Hybrid In-Person/Zoom Worship Continues This Week
This week our worship will continue to be hybrid, with both in person and Zoom platforms available. We encourage you to connect to with worship in whatever way is comfortable and feels safest for you.

Mask Policy:  After carefully considering survey input from parish members, as well as City and diocesan guidance and the current practices of other churches and public venues, the Regathering Committee has concluded that it is time to revise our mask policy.  Beginning Sunday, November 20, if you are fully vaccinated and are comfortable removing your mask, you may do so during church services.  We will respect the preference of anyone who feels safer by remaining masked.  In accordance with diocesan guidance, the celebrant will still be masked while consecrating and distributing the elements for the Eucharist.  We will also maintain a well-ventilated sanctuary by opening doors and windows, so remember to dress warmly as winter approaches.  We acknowledge that COVID is likely to be with us in some form for the foreseeable future, and we will be monitoring public health advisories.  Our mask policy be modified again as is appropriate.  Please pray for the health and safety of all our members and friends as we continue to navigate this challenging time.

To add an announcement to the weekly bulletin of the Flame, please send your edited text no later than 11:00 am Wednesday to
St. Aidan's Vestry
Kate Fritz, Senior Warden
Lee Hammack, Junior Warden
Dave Frangquist, Clerk & Treasurer 
Anne Benniger, Anne Edwards,
Sarah Glover, Michael Jennings, Elaina LeGault
Jim Oerther, Barbara Stevenson     
3rd Sunday in Lent
March 12, 2023

8 AM Communion (Hybrid)
The Rev. Cameron Partridge, Presider & Preacher
The Rev. Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain, Deacon
Kit Cameron, Altar Guild

10 AM Communion (Hybrid)

The Rev. Cameron Partridge, Presider & Preacher
The Rev. Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain, Deacon
Dr. Lisa da Silva, Postulant
David Austin, Guest Music Minister
Anne Benninger, Lee Hammack, Michael Jennings, Jackie Lewey, Janet Lohr, Jim Oerther, Kateri Paul, Barbara Stevenson,
Riven Stevenson, Jill Tollefson, & Rolf Tollefson, and perhaps you!, Choir
Patrick Hall, In-Person Greeter
JoEllen Brothers, Zoom Greeter
Lee Hammack & Nicole Miller, Lectors
Dave Frangquist, Intercessor
Barbara Stevenson, Altar Guild
Robert Geesey, Sound/Liturgical DJ
Kate Fritz, Bread Baker
CoCo Lin, Child Care
Calendar for the week starting Friday, March 12, 2023
March 10
March 11
March 12
March 13
March 14
March 15

March 16
Morning Prayer (via Zoom), 7:30 AM
Food Pantry, 1 PM
Contemplative Prayer (via Zoom), 9 AM
Women's Spirituality Group (via Zoom), 10:30 AM
Good News Gardens, 12:30 PM
Holy Eucharist (Hybrid), 8 & 10 AM
Music on the Hill, 5:30 PM
Morning Prayer (Hybrid), 7:30 AM
Contemplative Prayer (via Zoom), 9 AM
Morning Prayer (Hybrid), 7:30 AM
Evening Prayer (via Zoom), 6:30 PM

"Wisdom of the Desert" Lent Formation Series (via Zoom after Evening Prayer), 7 PM
Contemplative Prayer (via Zoom), 9 AM
Kaffeeklatsch (via Zoom), 3 PM
Our Prayers 
In Your Prayers, Please Remember:

In deep acknowledgment that St. Aidan’s is located within the unceded, ancestral land of the Yelamu tribe of the Ramaytush Ohlone people who have lived in vital relationship with this holy place for thousands of years.

In the Episcopal Church: Pray for Michael our Presiding Bishop; Marc our Bishop; the clergy of the Diocese; our Rector Cameron; our assisting priests Don and Gary; our Deacons Margaret, and Mark; our Music Minister Barry; our Guest Music Minister David; our seminarian Weston; our postulant Lisa; our Childcare Provider CoCo.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer: Pray for The Church of South India (United).

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Pray for our diocese as we prepare to elect a new bishop in December and for Church Divinity School of the Pacific.

In our Parish Cycle of Prayer: Pray for the Good News Gardens & The Little Red Hen Garden Cooperative.
For those with birthdays this coming week:  Elaine, Joel, Bryan.

For all striving for mental and emotional balance and wholeness, and for their families and friends.
For those who have asked for our prayers:
Barry K., Dawn, Elaina L., George J., Jack P., Jim F., Kathy R., Margaret T., Margie W., Marilyn W., Michael & Elaine J., Mileva L., Nancy F., Nathan C., Patrick M., Reyna G., Tim F.
For the ongoing work against intersecting forms of oppression, particularly racism; and in affirmation of human dignity;

For our work in the world: Habitat for Humanity on Amber Drive, the Friday Food Pantry, Diamond Diners.
For Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Elijah McClain, Walter Wallace, Adam Toledo, Daunte Wright, Tyre Nichols, and all whose lives have borne deep witness that Black Lives Matter, and that systemic racism, white supremacy, and police brutality must be eradicated.
For our congregation as we embrace our call to be a sanctuary people, may we commit ourselves to prayer, education, and practices of sanctuary to support immigrants to this country and all people who are estranged, excluded, or threatened in 21st century America.
For all who are struggling in this time of pandemic, vulnerability, intensified injustice and division; for strength, support, and community across physical distances and for deepened engagement and commitment to our common life;

For those who have recently died: The Rev. Dr. Norman Somes, John Anthony Fabatz, Roger Wolcott, Linda, Ann Schembari, Jean Amos, Marjorie Wilkins Jones, John Morrow, Natalie Lloyd, Sabra Sones, Eleanor Elliott, Ellie McCarthy, Christine Ortiz.

Names of the living are printed by first name only unless otherwise requested. 
Living prayer request names will be kept on the prayer list for four weeks;
to keep someone on the list for longer, please notify the office.
To place a name on our prayer list, please contact the church office
 415-285-9540, ext. 3 or 

Website and Staff Email Addresses
Our website address is
The email address to reach Cameron, the Rector, is
The email to reach Cary, the Parish Administrator, is
The  email to reach Barry, the Music Minister, is
The email to reach Dave, the Treasurer, is
Our mailing address is:
101 Gold Mine Drive 
San Francisco, CA 94131

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