Keeping your Content Optimised

When it comes to adding new content to our websites, we can often wonder what it is we need to do to optimise the post correctly.

That’s why I’ve created this SEO Optimisation Checklist.

These 12 steps should give you the foundations for setting up a blog post correctly. From there, you can refine and improve the posts as needed over time.
  1. HeadersH1, H2, H3 etc. should include target search terms and be used in hierarchical order. The blog title is often the H1, so H2s and H3s should follow this and include variations on the target keyword.
  2. Image optimisation Keep the images on the page a sensible size and weight. Images should be relevant to the content on the page and have a descriptive file name and relevant alt text.
  3. Site speedOptimise pages with Core Web Vitals in mind (LCP, CLS etc.), try to ensure that nothing moves on the page as it loads (such as ads) and keep JS and CSS files lightweight. 
  4. Internal linkingAdd links to pages from the home or the preceding page in the hierarchy where it makes sense. Avoid orphaned pages, include necessary links in the footer, and use breadcrumbs to show the hierarchy.
  5. Anchor text Ensure all anchor text used in internal and external links and calls to action are descriptive. Do not use instances of “click here”.
  6. Page titles and meta descriptions Include relevant keywords in titles and descriptions and ensure they are unique for every page. Try to include a CTA in meta descriptions and make them compelling. 
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