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You may know Microsoft for its popular products like Windows, Office Suite, and Azure, but did you know about the quiet success of its security division?

Last week, Microsoft reported that its security business brought in an impressive $20 billion in annual revenue. This is a 33% increase from the previous year, and a 50% increase from two years ago - growing faster than every other major Microsoft product!

Microsoft has clearly set its sights on conquering this space and is already on its way. For instance, the tech giant now holds a 25% market share in identity and access management, leaving competitors like Okta far behind.

So is everything sunshine and rainbows? Not quite!

You see, Microsoft largely builds tech products. But their own tech has been linked to enterprise risks.

Nearly 30% of all vulnerabilities discovered in 2022 were from Microsoft. Recently, Microsoft had to patch six zero-day vulnerabilities, including a pair that had been exploited by bad actors for months.

That being said, the huge number of Microsoft tech out there should be taken into account when considering its vulnerabilities.

But isn't it ironic when a company offers a product and then protects you from the very security problems it introduces?

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Identity and Access Management or IAM is a framework of policies and technologies to manage who has access to what. It ensures that the right people in the organization have appropriate access to the technology resources.

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