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Last month, a cybersecurity startup called Wiz made headlines when it went from $1M to $100 ARR in just 18 months becoming the fastest to do so. 📈

This naturally piqued our interest so we decided to take a deeper look at how they did it!

Firstly, the large-scale shift to remote work in 2020 increased the adoption of cloud networks. As businesses globally sought to secure their digital assets, it created a perfect market opportunity for Wiz.

Next, the company also aggressively focused on high-value customers right from the start - such as thought leaders of the security world. Today, the startup protects more than 25% of the Fortune 100.

💡 Interesting fact: The founders of Wiz previously built Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Security Group to $1.5 billion in revenue.

But what’s more important is the technology that enabled this. 💻

According to the company, Wiz wins nine out of 10 competitive bids. The reason? It takes less time for deployment.

You see, cybersecurity companies usually install agents on devices for performing security related-actions.

Agents are software that must be installed on devices. A good example of an agent is antivirus software that is installed on a computer to monitor for malware.

The traditional approach involves installing agents on all devices. As a result, obtaining 100% coverage takes months and even years.

Now, Wiz uses an agentless solution. This allows them to immediately deploy and gives full coverage of cloud environments in minutes. More importantly, it can be used to scale to support organisations of any size.

According to an Accenture report, there were on average 270 attacks per company in 2021. For companies, every second of exposure carries a risk. And taking months for deployment won't cut it anymore.

Not only do companies want the best, but they also want it fast. With Wiz's speedy agentless deployment, businesses were able to derive value immediately.

Lastly, as for Wiz, they were able to whizz past the $100M ARR milestone! 🚀

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ET Soonicorns Summit | 9th September

The ET Soonicorns Summit is India’s first-ever startup initiative to celebrate and unlock the full potential of India’s future unicorns.

Chaithanya Yambari, the co-founder of Zluri spoke at the SaaS roundtable about the increase in SaaS applications usage, startup valuations, and why Indian SaaS companies have an edge. Watch the recording here.

SaaStr Annual 2022 | 13th September

Our team attended SaaStr 2022, the largest gathering of SaaS founders and executives. The following are some of the key takeaways from the event:

  1. Based on performance, companies are adopting different cost-saving strategies. On-target startups majorly focused on reducing their budget for third-party software. Talk to our SaaS management experts to learn how you can reduce your SaaS spend.

  2. The cloud will grow beyond enterprise software market penetrating the broader tech market and world GDP.

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Indonesia Executive Strategy Dinner | 27th September

Sethu, the co-founder of Zluri, and Aditya, the CPO of KoinWorks are hosting a strategy dinner on September 27th in Jakarta.

Join us at the session to learn about how IT Teams can play a strategic role in helping companies navigate economic downturns. RSVP for the event here.

SaaS Lifecycle Management

SaaS Lifecycle Management is a practice for managing SaaS applications and vendors. It starts with finding the SaaS vendor that suits your organization’s needs, managing the vendors, tracking their performance, and terminating contracts, if required.

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