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Super happy to inform you that G2'S summer reports are out, and Zluri has been named a Leader amongst SaaS Management Platforms for the second consecutive quarter!

We've also been recognized as the following -

⭐️ Easiest to do business with
⭐️ Best support
⭐️ Best Est. ROI
⭐️ Best meets requirement

Next, we launched one of our biggest feature till date - the Employee App Store. This provides a centralised view of the application ecosystem used by employees and brings in ticketless IT experiences. Read about this feature here.

Finally, we went also went live with Razorpay - one of the world’s fastest-growing fintech companies with 2500 employees and a valuation of $7.5B.

Zluri will be at the center of Razorpay’s IT, Finance, and Procurement teams for everything related to SaaS. Below are a few images from our go-live celebration at their office.

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Product Marketer, Zluri

Shadow IT

Shadow IT is the use of software or hardware without the knowledge of the IT team. These can be:

  • Productivity applications

  • Applications for personal use

  • Applications we do not want to see on our network

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