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During the early 2000s recession, Leonard Lauder, the chairman of Estée Lauder cosmetics, noticed something strange. 🤔

He saw that lipstick sales were actually rising, not declining.

This quickly became known as the Lipstick Index, and today it is a popular unconventional economic indicator.

Now, let me introduce you to another one — The Cloud Spend Index.

So… hear me out. In today's world, almost every company uses cloud computing or has applications in the cloud. ☁️

Since the cloud offers usage-based pricing, companies have the flexibility to scale up or down, according to current economic conditions. As a result, this can be used to gauge the health or growth trends of an economy.

Basically, a decrease in cloud spending indicates that companies are cutting their budgets to save costs. 📉

And this is exactly what happened last month.

The big three cloud giants — Amazon, Microsoft, and Google reported slower growth in their cloud businesses. Since these three tech companies control about two-thirds of cloud infrastructure, they are closely monitored to uncover economic and tech trends.

While this slowdown is bad news for cloud providers, it could only be for a short while. Cloud migration is already underway and there is no stopping it!

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SaaS Sprawl

SaaS Sprawl is a phenomenon where the number of SaaS applications on a network increases, and IT teams lose control of managing it. SaaS sprawl leads to shadow IT, security breaches, and overspending.

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