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Let's start this edition of ZluriLand with a question - what was your favorite McDonald's meal as a kid?

I’m sure it was the Happy Meal! It had everything you wanted — a burger, fries, a drink, and of course your favorite toy!

For McDonald’s, this was a HUGE hit. Today, they sell about 1 billion Happy Meals every year in 100+ countries.

The success of the Happy Meals can be attributed to a concept known as product bundling.

Earlier this month, Atlassian announced a single subscription to the company’s work management products —Trello, Confluence, Atlas, and Jira Work Management.

Let’s find out why.

In this current economic situation, companies are very prudent with how they spend money on their SaaS applications. So, CIOs and CTOs are more likely to purchase bundled SaaS products over point solutions.

Let me explain.

If you already have Google Meet/ Teams with your GSuite/Office 365 subscriptions, would you pay for a Zoom license?

Probably not! That’s because both Google Meet and Teams are:

  • Already bundled with the GSuite/Office 365 subscription - easier to manage in one place

  • As good as Zoom

This explains why many CTOs are canceling their Zoom licenses.

As for Atlassian, they are bundling 4 different products into one subscription. Best of all, it is priced much lower than what most competitors charge for a single product!

So, will this new subscription bundle help in retaining Atlassian’s 10M existing active users? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

See you again next month! 🥂
Product Marketer, Zluri

Redundant applications:

It means when two or more applications have features or functionality that overlap with one another and are used to accomplish the same task. For example, when you have both Google Meet and Zoom for video communication.

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