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Florida Wildlife Commission asking for Public Comments on Elephant Rides, Interaction with Wildlife and Exotic, and Non Barrier Interactions.
Deadline: April 19, 2019

Don't let anyone take these opportunities away.
If you have ever been up close with an elephant, dolphin, tortoise, owl or any animal you know that it is something unique to behold. Imagine the gentle sway of the elephant beneath you as you take a short walk, the fun of feeding an elephant a carrot, or the child's first experience with a real life animal he or she has only read about in books or seen in the form of a stuffed animal. You have to personally be there to fully grasp the experience and once you do there is nothing like it in the world...often times it's a once in a lifetime gift. 
Now imagine a world void of those opportunities ...
Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) is seeking public comments on Elephant Rides, Interaction with Wildlife and Exotic Animals, and Non Barrier Interactions. This includes Zoos, Aquariums, Circuses, Educational Outreach Programs (like the ones that go to schools and libraries).

Hands on encounters with animals have long been proven to be one of the most effective ways to inspire children, and adults alike to seek out careers in Education, Conservation and Animal Care. Many animal organizations rely on the income from these interactions to help fund the care of their animals.
Do you have any idea how much it takes to feed an elephant!?
Did you know that animals in managed care live significantly longer than in the wild and that once endangered species have been brought back to healthy populations through many of the programs that care for them?

Do you know that without human interaction and intervention, we may very well see some of the animals we know and love become extinct?

Stopping the interactions stops the education, the learning, the conservation. It would cause many facilities that care for these animals to cease operation and go out of business, including All About Elephants, other local parks, zoos and organizations. It would do more harm to the animals than good if these organizations could not care for the animals.

Your action will help keep Law Abiding and Legal Animal Encounters doing what they do best...educating and conserving these beautiful animals, raising awareness with the public. Additionally, your action would keep the animals in an environment where they are already protected from harm, well cared for and provided with regular veterinary care.

If you have ever had the opportunity to experience animal interactions in Florida, let FWC know how the encounters have increased your knowledge and that this is some of the reason you come to Florida. Let them know about how well cared for the animals are in the facilities and how knowledgeable the handlers / trainers are that have spoken.
FWC already has some of the most stringent animal laws in the country and there have been no incidents of animals transmitting any form of disease to the public or animals incidents with the public in over 25 years. The rules in place are working. Do not let a small vocal minority take away your right to SAFELY ENJOY, ENCOUNTER AND LEARN about these amazing animals in Florida!

Our duty is to care for the animals, raise awareness through education and interaction. For the love of the elephants and all wildlife; for the love of the children and adults who need that opportunity to interact...

PLEASE COMMENT NOW and let the FWC know that we need these interactions!

If you have any questions please let me know 352-359-6676.
It is critical that we flood FWC with our comments.

In addition to your comments, please go online and send a letter to the Governor TODAY.

Thank you all,
Patricia Zerbini and all of us at All About Elephants

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