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As RSL Victoria service members demand transparency and sound governance from our State Executive, we have been informed that our annual State Conference may not be in accordance with the Branch Rules being 13.9B

(b) One such Ordinary General Meeting shall be held within sixty days immediately preceding the Annual Conference under the Branch Constitution to:

(1) Determine the votes of the Sub-Branch for Branch Officers;
(2) Instruct the Sub-Branch delegates to the Annual Conference on how to vote on matters listed in the Agenda for the Annual Conference.

Have delegates been instructed by branch members at an Ordinary General Meeting on how to vote? Can ANZAC House present the minutes from each Sub Branch Ordinary General Meeting to confirm the legitimacy of delegates? Is there transparency within the League?

This could be an interesting state conference with only those few traditional clubs able to vote, given that the pokies clubs tend to be run by committee and don’t have Ordinary General Meetings.

Is there a validity issue with our State Executive? Have all current State Executive members followed rule 10.2 of the constitution?

Not only are there clouds over who can vote, there is also a big question mark over whether the current executive have been validly elected. Let’s go to the constitution again:
10.2 Nominations

(a) A member of a Sub-Branch who is eligible to be a Branch Officer under Rule 9.4 may be nominated by a General Meeting of any Sub-Branch to be elected as a Branch Officer

Reading the rules, to be nominated, firstly a candidate must be nominated by a general meeting of the sub-branch. We have already seen one candidate withdraw when this breach was pointed out.

The current State Executive members who have not been nominated before standing at a general meeting of their Sub-Branch need to resign. The rules are very clear. Federal Politicians resigned over the citizenship saga of 2018. RSL Victoria needs to demonstrate integrity and moral courage and do the same. At the very least, let’s see some independent legal advice on this matter.

Under the rules, all and any vacancies are to be floor nominations and voted by delegates at the Annual State Conference. There could well be a lot of vacancies to fill come July 4.

Legality of the Agenda items at State conference to be held on 4th of July 2019 

People have a right to be heard so it’s good to see that for three hours from 2:30pm to 5:30pm on July 4, the agenda states:
  • Open Forum (with only delegates and branch staff in attendance)
Besides this being a draconian measure that creates the perception that State Executive are attempting to conceal information - it is also illegal. Victorian law is very clear on this matter:

The ‘ASSOCIATIONS INCORPORATION REFORM ACT 2012’ expresses under clause 63(1) that:
‘An incorporated association must hold a general meeting of its members, to be called an annual general meeting, at least once in each calendar year.’

How can this be considered an Annual General Meeting when members are excluded from the open forum? And why are highly paid staff given priority over ordinary members? This is insulting to all RSL members.

It seems the basics of governance cannot be followed by RSL Victoria

The more we dig, the more we realise


Reform Team
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