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RSL Victoria State Conference
 Members through your Delegates have you say in the open forum!

Some administration requests of RSL Victoria…
OPEN FORUM - Please ensure all State Executive are on the stage with microphones and ready to answer questions at 2.30pm, along with key Executives including the CEO Mike Annett, CFO David Ridley and COO Brian Cairns.
MAXMIMISE MEMBER PARTICIPATON - Please ensure the full congress is live broadcast on the internet, so that those members unable to attend, particularly from the rural sub branches, are able to follow proceedings. This occurs with other State RSLs, the majority of suburban council meetings in Melbourne and the majority of ASX100 public company AGMs.
TRANSPARENCY - Good governance includes that the media be given full entry rights to access the congress all day. It is not a good look to ban journalists who have full access rights to 99.9% of public company AGMs, every local government council meeting and both Liberal and Labor state and national conferences.’
ACCEPT VISITORS – If delegates want to bring their spouse or kids, or local government councillors want to observe as visitors, they should all be allowed in.  By all means separate the seating arrangements but this is a vital state congress and all stakeholders should be allowed to attend to observe what the registered speakers and delegates have to say. And if they can’t attend, they should be able to listen and watch online?
With three hours set aside for the open forum, there will be time for lots of questions from the floor. Here are a few to consider?
1.         How many of the current RSL Victoria State Executive members are constitutionally valid, having been nominated for office at a general meeting of their sub-branch, rather than by the branch committee which does not satisfy the constitution?
2.         How were the potential conflict of interest issues handled by RSL Victoria concerning the Tabcorp share ownership?
3.       In the 2017 RSL Financial Report Vic Branch in note 16, that $706,714 was paid to the State Executive members of the Vic RSL. Does the $706,714 paid to 2 employees also include RSL vehicles, Fringe Benefits and any bonuses paid?
4.         When a failed gaming sub branch is closed and the property is sold off, why is the cash redistributed primarily to other gaming sub branches, rather than the 200 gaming-free Victorian RSL sub branches that are run by genuine volunteers that don’t pay committee members? (An example is the $6.3 million sale of Elwood RSL. After paying off gaming debt, $1 million was gifted to Caulfield RSL to help fund a gaming expansion. Why wasn’t it offered up to any pokies free sub-branches, especially in the country?)
5.         Was any consideration given to mandating some veteran accommodation in the Grocon apartment development on the site of the of Fairfield RSL when sold, one of our many RSL Victoria development deals with Grocon. Could you please state the Grocon development deals we have done and summarise how the relationship is going?
6. Considering that 200 of the 250 sub-branches don’t have poker machines, why do only two of the current members of state executive, the President and Marcus Fielding, hail from non-pokies branches. Is the current state executive fully representative of the RSL or have we been overly influenced by the big pokies clubs?
Reform is now…..
In NSW we seen politicians legislate to bring governance reform and democracy within the NSW RSL with the introduction and passing in parliament of the RSL NSW Act 2018.
Service members of RSL Victoria – let’s become relevant and not have politicians legislate us into relevancy. Let’s determine our future and reform from within.
It is time for change. One service member = one vote. This is democracy.

Additionally we have been asked by many clubs that have failed to register a delegate for Thursday the 4th July how can they get involved. You can register on the day by 8:30am additionally the delegate does not need to be from your sub-branch although they must be a Service Member. (The registration form is wrong on delegates, the constitution is clear on this, ANZAC house has sort legal advise and delegates can be appointed from any sub-branch as long as they are a service member.)

Looking forward to seeing you all Thursday.
The Reform Team - Faces
Lucas Moon - 0427 797 486
Daniel Cairnes - 0413 007 055
Dave Peterson - 0401 282 122
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