Welcome to summer sports as a Bud! As this is an expansion year we have a lot of new faces and so we have included a few reminders in this email to get everyone started! Please check out our FAQ on the website.  All schedules, line ups, post games and rain outs can be found on the website. Please visit the fully mobile friendly website before asking a captain a question.

Buds Give Back

The next event planned had been bowling but due to Walkley Bowling closing we will have to cancel. Stay tuned for upcoming events.

Look your best

If you want to look your best the team outfit is the softball jersey, white ball pants, blue belt, blue socks and either the custom flex fit or the trucker hat. On a chilly day, layer up with an exclusive SBW’s navy blue sweater. All items are available in our shop and can be order by sending money & information.

Coming soon: Frank is looking into rain jackets since we all know more than half our games are played in wet conditions! Marty & Peter H will be happy to know that Eric is looking into winter tuques.

Drinking on RA property

A reminder that NO visible alcohol of any kind can be seen ANYWHERE on RA property, we will personally kick you out, however we do sell $5 water bottles and we don’t check what's in em’. :)

Roster updates - Isabelle & other changes

We were all unrealistic (including Isabelle) to think that Isabelle could return so soon, given the extent of the injuries she suffered in the 2018 car accident. Despite our fundraising efforts, apparently you can’t just throw money at broken ribs & the loss of an entire kidney.  It’s going to be difficult for her to just watch but it’s important that we EACH take the time to continue to invite her out to our games and most importantly the patio afterwards. I leave this responsibility with each and every one of you. When I say invite.. I mean pester… get annoying Buds!

Given the overwhelming strength of our Friday Eh team and both her cousins playing we have decided we will have Isabelle play some games at Catcher (normally only a male position) & take the auto out for each of her would be AB’s. Still delivering top notch win’s esp now that we got rid of our low end pitcher ;).

We are very lucky to have two amazing girls step up and fill her roster spots on such last minute notice. SB&W would like to welcome Laura to Tuesday Comp and Kimberly as the Friday Eh pitcher. Both come with a wealth of knowledge & experience. Kim Brenda will also be joining our forces as our go to girl, she will be floating between all teams sparing as required each Tuesday & Friday.

Levy needed to step back from the the Friday Beer Babes but luckily Jared, standing literally taller than Brad Chaput… will be replacing him. Cam Cam you did ask me for a 1st basemen….  

In and Outs

Schedule is now posted

If you are a spare or full time player & know you CAN NOT make a game in advance, please visit that game and indicate so. Click out or can’t spare. Example: You have a trip booked so you know you're out of town, or you can’t ever make 6pm starts because of work. Each week, no more than 12 days before a game visit the website and click IN or OUT. If you might be late indicate so in the comments. If you wish to spare visit that game, once again within a reasonable time frame and indicate can spare. You will be notified if you're activated for a game.

The deadline to indicate if you’re IN or OUT is NOON the day before game day. You get ONE pass as it takes time and effort to secure spares and manage the lineups for all of our teams. People who repeatedly don’t do there IN and OUT by the deadline will be considered OUT and will be REPLACED.

Rain outs

Does it say on the schedule that the game is cancelled? No? Then it’s not a rain out! ALWAYS PLAN TO PLAY! Do not ask if it’s a rain out. As soon as the RA determines it’s a rain out, the schedule will be updated  first then social media (facebook, instagram and twitter) and only then every effort will be made to send an email or text to individual people, however, we may not be able to do so and do not guarantee that we will. The first place this information will appear is our website, check the website if you want to know if it is a rainout.  The RA will only call games up until 5pm. Anything after that is Umpire’s discretion. If for any reason people do not show up to the game cause they THOUGHT it was going to get rained out, especially girls, then we FORFEIT. If you don’t show up for this dumb reason you might as well not come out to the next game.

Post games

Every player full time or not is responsible to write what we call a post game.

A post game is a write up of the games main moments. Writing post games is a long standing tradition and the best ones have always been creative but accurate. Pete, Seb, Eric, Krystle, Julie/PhilThom battle & Lyndsay (although not relevant to softball whatsoever) stand out as the outstanding submissions over the past years.

You're responsible for ONE of these (a chance two if you play full time two nights a week) the ENTIRE season. Everyone loves reading them, so make something you're proud to share. The post game managers are:

The post game manager will assign you a game and you will have one week from the day of the game to submit the following three items by email or Facebook messenger.

  • Any photo

  • A photo of the score sheet

  • A 500 word or more recount of the game

Some obvious tips:

  • Keep it friendly towards the opposing team, umpires , league and even our players, although Eric is fair game & we encourage you to make fun of him.

  • Take notes during the game to remember items

  • Take a photo or two during the game so it's not a Google'd image come post time

  • Read the historical best post games to get an idea of post games

  • Write it right away while it's fresh in your mind

  • Check that you spelled names correctly

  • Use the scoresheet to help you

Our Tournaments Three Way

By now you should have realized we host a tournament or two each year! Our first tournament was dubbed Virgin, last year we hosted Sloppy & Sloppier and this season we head to the diamonds to throw Three-Way. Next year Four Fun and following that we have High Five lined up.  Everyone who’s a Bud is welcome to join us on the day of lend a hand or just enjoy the sun and activities. Currently we are looking for one more Grill person, a camera man and a post game writer. These tasks are not difficult and would mean a great deal to us if completely properly. If you have another way to help out please let us know.




Thank you -Staff Party - September 20th, 2019


This year the end of season party where we cash in points with the RA center will be giving priority to those who have contributed to SB&W ensuring we were able to meet our yearly goals and objectives and kept Eric & I from doing everything ourselves. All those listed and recognized will have a DD ride home and their food and drinks paid for that evening.

It's incredibly important to me to recognize the contributions of Buds and highlight their work and effort. I will be doing so on the website event now and leading up to the Thank You event.

I have provided ample opportunity for all Buds to get involved, I have begged & pleaded for assistance in person, on Facebook, on Instagram, in emails and on our website.

This is not to say those not helping/volunteering will not be invited or receive free food/drink but we simply do not guarantee it this year. Everyone is of course welcome to join and plan to pay their own tab unless otherwise indicated. As always a mandatory RSVP is required for ALL participants before August 30th , 2019 NOON with drink preferences/food in the comments.

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