Buds! Spring is finally here, the snow is starting to melt and it is time to start thinking ahead to the summer of 2019.

The annual SBW Kickoff BBQ is just around the corner. Don’t forget to save the date and definitely do your IN. Don’t forget to check for more events on the website during the course of the summer.

We have spring training also coming up fast with a Softball 101 for our new recruits and practices and exhibition games. Come out to shake off the rust or just to say hi, check the schedule and do your in and outs.

There is also an upcoming charity bowling event on a Sunday in May. It’s $15.00 for two games and shoe rental, come out and support a Bud, and who knows this could even be a tryout for a future Bud’s sports team!

2019 will mark a summer of five teams playing at the RA with Volleyball returning on Monday nights and two teams on both Tuesday and Fridays. Here is an upcoming preview of the teams:


Monday Volleyball

Welcome to newcomers Dylan, Shelly & Lanne.  I suspect a third consecutive championship is in the future for this team. Dylan: Fall Softball and summer spare last season, joins full time softball comp & volleyball this summer, although he probably already forgets he did. Full time scoring machine in fall/winter ball hockey, he looks to put up some runs and blocks this summer.

Shelly: Former full time rec softball player, Shelly looks to trade in her SBW cleats and dive into the sand.

Lanne: Keeping in the tradition of mispronounced nicknames (Lawrie, Levi... ) Lanne normally only an observer looks to rep her jersey on the court this summer.

Cameron, Eric, Sara, Bruce & Layes all return to throw down.


Tuesday Comp

We are still in need of one girl half spot. Marie Eve might come home, Anne might receive positive news... let’s all hope for both to join us again, but in case could you please all ask around for a girl!?

Krystle after last season’s hitting like a (male) douche bag hop and skips her way on back to the team leaving Frank to captain Rec this year. Long-time vets Seb, SarahZ, Justyn with a Y, Eric, Pete, Isabelle and now Alex all return to beat Daniel cause it's our fave thing to do.

Dupes: Joins us as much ball experience as injuries and to also help add more Erics to the team.

Dylan: Put me in Coach! Dylan is coming aboard but you saw the blurb in volleyball earlier ;)

Jess B: played against us on Friday and turned some heads. She now is going to settle in to a more competitive environment.

Michelle O: Coming back from sparing to help out and get some more ball in. It never hurts to have a defense attorney around either….


Tuesday Rec

It might be easier to just introduce the returning players. This team had a huge overhaul with lots of players moving or returning to school etc,  but it's not without its familiar faces. Former Ball Buds Heather, Mike Lieff, & Layes return to rock the season. SB&W welcomes new comer's Kim, Biju, Alexandra and Katie.

Heather: Played several seasons for the original softball team who's now the "comp team". Her Mom is our biggest fan and she's a forward during the fall & winter season of ball hockey.

Mike Lieff:  Owning an original all white jersey kind of makes you not a returning player but here we are, ha ha. Mike played Friday Beer team and umpired two of the tournaments we hosted. Layes: Had to leave halfway into last year’s season and we are excited to get him back!

Original members Frank,   Matt , Sarah Rose  & Eric G return to guide the newbies.

It should be noted that Tuesday Comp is going to steal both Kim and Biju on more than one occasion so no complaining about it like the Fall Champions Night scandal, y’all will be fine la la.


Friday Beer Eh

The Friday team expended! We split right down the middle and were able to give everyone the positions they wanted. Right out of Fall ball, Krystle gets her girl Tiana on 1B (sorry Cam Cam, I love you too tho). With the split into two teams there are a lot of new faces!

Isabelle: Coming back into a second night and bringing in her fam-jam into the mix with Martin & JP join the lineup. 

Jamieson: Joins on a referral, looking for some beer ball and some good times.

Tiana: Nothing can be done but the Velvet Hammer is coming to be Krystle’s forever  1B. Hopefully something can be done about Short stop triple-pump throws. 

Rush:  Joins looking to pad her Bud resume and prepare for Girl Power.

Peter Landry: Those who know Mayo might know him as the dreaded Pirate Pete or those on Facebook Peterdactyl. He is signing on to join the Friday campaign having Bud experience playing in Dome tournaments.

Returning vets: Krystle,   Sarah Z,  Alex , Eric, and Bells rounding things out.


Friday Beer Babes

The other side of the Friday split has Lyndsay with a Y takes on the challenging roll of captaining the newly formed Babes team. The Babes team will be lady-led, always rocking 6 or more females. The Eh team will be A, but tipsy and is going to sweep the division.

Frank: Picks up a second night of ball and will help bring some experience to the team.

Claudia:  Decides to be an all season player. Being a top defender in Ball hockey wasn`t enough lil hate is going to dominate in all SB&W sports.

Michelle Paquette:  Returning from Tuesday ball last year to help this lady-led initiative take form

Laura: Lyndsay with a Y’s evil twin. Or is Lyndsay the evil twin? Show up to find out!

Thom: Returning from fall ball to bring all the sass.

Brianna: Coming in straight from DUSTED to support her friend one more time! Well, 12 more times actually.

Levi: Coming on Ball hockey and CoC, Levi is going to try his hand at Ball as well.

Guillaume: The third Amigo is coming aboard looking to pitch for the babes. There will have to be at least one picture of all three of them this season (Sex, Bells and Burgers)

Mills, Cameron, Old man J & Lyndsay with a Y returning vets fill in the rest.


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