A Message from your Captains

To all Buds,

Right now, especially given physical distancing please take the time to update your Player Profile! We still have a couple spots open so ask a captain if you have someone that wants to play. Only a couple spots left over our four teams though. Log into the website and click the EDIT profile in the upper right hand corner, answer the questions and update your photo of you looking your best! (Looking your best means TEAM swag OR at very minimum team colours).

We are also conducting team Isolation interviews over video messenger! Ask us questions, let us ask you! Just say when it works and let’s connect .

We predict we will play in June , here’s our team's official response to the summer season concerning the pandemic.

Self-isolate now and come together this summer! Here’s what the team is up to in order to keep connected

Cause there is no offseason when you’re a Bud!

Ball Hockey Season

HTBHL is currently postponing games (please see link above concerning team update) and we will update the site whenever more information comes out. We are however expecting that the season won’t be completed considering the city has shut down all sports until June at least.

Softball Season

The RA centre is hoping to get games going in June. We’ve got our fingers crossed that this is indeed the case and there have been years that it’s happened before although those were due to weather. We are hoping there won’t be a shortened season, maybe there won’t be fall ball this year, but once we get more information we will let you know. In the worst case scenario that the season does not get played we will figure out refunds for everyone but that is not our expectation at this time. With any luck the social distancing guidelines will curb the rise of this virus and after a couple months hopefully we’ll be seeing things open up again and return to normal.

We still have a couple spots open so ask a captain if you have someone that wants to play. Only a couple spots left over our four teams though.

Event Updates

Along with everything else all of our events are postponed and possibly will be cancelled. The kick off BBQ will not be held in May as usual but we will be considering having it later on but it’s possible it will be cancelled entirely. Same goes for the Home Run and Shortstop contest and possibly World Domination. It may get postponed but there’s a chance things don’t come together for these events. Brewery Tour will eventually happen however we can’t say it will happen when it’s planned to or if it will have to be postponed to another date.

As long as bans have been lifted and it will be safe to host, our tournament will go ahead as planned. This is something we look forward to every year and it is our intention to run it again so long as it’s deemed safe to do so by that time.

Once everything is back to normal and the virus is gone there will be a big party at Krave’s celebrating overcoming this epidemic and finally able to gather again.

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