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Founder Feature: Chantal Brine 🌟
Chantal Brine, Founder & CEO @EnPoint

This week's founder feature is on the mission to support 1 million people to connect their passion to their career through helping organizations to create effective mentorship programs.

FcF: Tell us about yourself?

‍Chantal: At my core, I’m a builder- of people, businesses, and community. This started with my own building in leaving home (Bermuda) to come to  Saint Mary’s University to study Psychology, Business, and Human Resources. Following university, I made Nova Scotia my home and began supporting leaders in the private and public sector as a Consultant. This led to a role with a North American technology company, where I led the development and execution of their human capital strategy for four years as the company tripled in size across North America. After reconnecting with my passion of helping others find careers that they love in 2015, I started the journey to what would become EnPoint.  

I’m a believer in experiential learning and an active advocate for women and mentorship and love when I get to speak on these topics! Feel free to check out one of my talks and let me know your thoughts! In the community I co-chair the Mentorship Committee for Women in Communications and Technology Atlantic Cda, and serve on the Unity Charity board, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce WorkForce Taskforce, and the Program Advisory Council for Techsploration.

FcF: What is EnPoint?

Chantal: EnPoint exists to help people connect their passion to their career- we’re on a mission to support 1 million people do just that. We believe people should love what they do and live a career that is “on point”. We also know this is hard work and don’t think people need to do this alone. 

Mentorship helps people achieve career goals, build confidence, and establish valuable connections, but mentorship programs can be overwhelming to build and implement. That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-use, customizable and automated platform that helps clients create and scale high-impact mentorship programs. We help universities/colleges, non-profits, and employers build mentorship programs that achieve their objectives with minimal administrative time and measurable outcomes. We also provide Mentorship Program Design and consulting services to help them create their programs with intentional design from the beginning! 

We work with clients such as the Nova Scotia Community College, YWCA Halifax, the Black Business Initiative, Women in  Communications and Technology, and the award-winning Atlantic Canada Study and Stay™ program with EduNova. In 3 years, we have supported 20,000+ individuals and worked with 30+ organizations to help their ‘people’ build the confidence, skills, and connections to be successful for many years to come. 

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Resources of the Week 📚
  What Can You Do For Your Dev Team as a Non-Technical Founder?

Johanna-Mai Riismaa is the CEO of Zelos, a task management tool for gig work and communities. In the article, Johanna goes over what non-technical founders can do if they're currently working with a small team and a tight budget that hiring a product manager and/or UX designer is a no-go right now. She goes over what she learned in the product management course that she's been able to apply to work and communicate better with the Dev team. You might be able to pick some to apply to your current team today!

  The "When" and "How Much" Questions of Raising Venture Capital

To fundraise, or not to fundraise? To raise VC money, or not to raise VC money? 

When you are thinking of raising money, you're most likely using the money either for external or internal needs. External being to serve your customers and internal being for fueling product development. The article provides  what a 'good' and 'bad' framework is to help you strategize whether to fundraise, not to fundraise, when and how much. 

 Notion's Marketing & Growth Strategies

Notion is a no-code, multi-purpose SaaS solution tool. You can literally use it for absolutely anything to help you organize your personal, business, projects, and more!

Notion was founded in 2013, almost nearly died in 2015, and re-launched Notion 2.0 in 2018 that earned them #1 in Product Hunt's Product of the Month and appeared in a Wall Street Journal article. They hit a $2B valuation just last year.

So, what are some of the strategies that we can learn from Notion?: 
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Hacks & Inspirations 
  Startup Lessons from S'well Founder Sarah Kauss

  8 Overrated Business Principles You Shouldn't Always Follow

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What You Missed on Slack  📢

The following event is co-hosted by our own Founder Feature of the week, Chantal Brine and EnPoint. (Post by @Irah Nor)

Magnet is excited to announce the first event in the Building Future Ready Communities: Virtual Tour series! This year-long series is a chance for sharing knowledge and building a community of practice across Canada for the future-ready workforce.

The first event, Stronger Together: Breaking silos to support job seekers and employers, is launching in New Brunswick on June 28th, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM.

Join the discussion with panelists:
- Rachel Brown, Director of Post-Secondary Relations, Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, Government of New Brunswick, Future NB| Avenir NB | Future Wabanaki

- Stephane Sirois, Program Coordinator of The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton, FUTURE LINK

- Kirsten MacLellan, Business Support Intern, Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, and Student, St. Thomas University.

Register today:

To learn more about upcoming events, visit


Our very own FcF member, Hannah Brennen recently launched Sleepout on Kickstarter and reached their goal in under 2 hours. Congratulations on this amazing achievement! Check out their campaign and pass it along to anyone who might find it helpful to improve their quality of sleep. 
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  Black Entrepreneurship Funds (Govt. Loans - Meet the Banks)
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