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Founder Highlight: Tracy Chou 🌟

This week's founder highlight is on the mission to help users manage online harassment and giving them more control of what they see, tackling Twitter first. 

Tracy Chou personally experienced online abuse beginning around high school years and had slowly escalated as she started to work as an employee at Quora and then at Pinterest. With this deeply personal experience that had taken a huge weight on her mental health, she founded and is the CEO of Block Party in 2018 and launched early in 2021 this year. She is deeply passionate to solve and help users to combat online abuse and harassment. She believes that the problem should be solved by those who have experienced it first-hand. What Block Party does is letting users take control to filter accounts and messages that are deemed to be dedicated for harassing into a "Locked Folder". You can visit this folder at any time if you need to document abuse. It also has a "Helper View" where your friends can manage the folder if you do not want to engage in it at all. 

However, Tracy is facing many challenges. One of them is the struggle to raise funds as a woman of color in the industry. Furthermore, a direct competition company, Sentropy, has received more funding. Sentropy was also founded in 2018 and are more focused on helping Enterprises to manage online abuse and harassment using machine learning. But, they also released a consumer tool, Sentropy Protect, that launched around the same time as Block Party in early 2021, and is offering the tool for free. This sparked some conflicts between the two companies as Tracy tweeted of Sentropy's consumer tool that has a similar concept, implementation, and starting with Twitter first too. 

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Resources of the Week 📚
  A Word of Advice for Startups: Pitch like the Spice Girls

So tell me what you want, what you really, really want 
I wanna (ah) I wanna (ah) I wanna (ah)  I wanna (ah) 

I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazag ah

How could you ever not put this song next in queue in a Karaoke session? Anyway, besides the famous song and the famous group, there are actually many things you can learn from Spice Girls that could help make your next pitch be a success (and probably just as memorable as the song "Wannabe" too).

  What Clubhouse has Taught to Founders?

Rikita Mehta is a 2x Founder, builder of Visualist, and a Startup Advisor. She breaks down what she's observed and learned from Clubhouse's successes. Not only this but you may have seen that Clubhouse's hype and engagement are also declining. Rikita goes over why and how you can prevent it from happening to your product too.  

 How to Find a Technical Co-Founder

"Do you need a cofounder or do you need some software built?"

This is the first question that Amanda Daering, CEO at newance wants you to be able to answer first. After, she provides more information on whether you've answered honestly to yourself that you're just looking for software to be built or you're actually trying to find a CoFounder. Worth taking a read for both sides of the coin to help you determine what you're really looking for . 
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Hacks & Inspirations 
  How to Turn Marketing into a Meaningful Product? 
A 25-minute conversation between Paul Campillo, Director of Brand at Typeform and Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz and SparkToro. 

  Online Calculator to Determine how good/bad your Startup / Company's  ESOP Policy is

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