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Founder Highlight: Brie Code 🌟

This week's founder highlight is on the mission "to heal our relationship with technology". 

Thinking of video games, you may have an interest in playing a bunch or you may not have any interests at all. Most video games tend to be competitive and eliciting the 'fight-or-flight stress response. That is, your adrenaline is released when you're faced with a threat or challenge that makes you instinctively want to win and compete. 

But, did you know that there is another type of human stress response called the "tend-and-befriend"? Essentially, in this stress response, you release oxytocin (a.k.a love hormone), which makes you want to take care of the vulnerable and team up with allies in order to solve a problem together.

Brie Code, saw that there was a missing gap and a huge demand that was not considered much to create these kinds of interactive experiences. And so, she founded TRU LUV, a development studio with a big mission of healing our relationship with technology. They released #SelfCare app that drew in 500,000 downloads within 6 weeks of its release to over 2 million today.

Have a listen to Brie's interview with TechCrunch's podcast, Found, to learn more about:


  • @9:00: Brie Code's Career Background to Founder
  • @24:20: Brie's first step in starting TRU LUV. 
  • @32:10: Brie's fundraising journey.  
  • @41:32: Advice for founders in wearing so many different hats. 
Listen to Brie Code's Interview Here
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Resources of the Week 📚
  Understanding Why People Buy $4000 Shoes Will Change Your Marketing Strategy 

"Now ask yourself: what are the hidden desires of your customers? Do not ask what products they want, but which results from what they buy." 

Levi Borba, Founder of Small Business Hacks dives into the article about the importance of really understanding your customer's desire in order to unlock a better marketing strategy for your business. He uses the example of people buying a $4000 pair of shoes vs. $40 from the discount store and what their actual desires are for buying at such vastly different monetary values. Why is it that people are willing to spend $4000 vs $40? What is it that $4000 is offering that the $40 doesn't to that particular customer? 

  How to Understand and Choose a Venture Investor

From a16z, this is the first part of a three-part series to help entrepreneurs learn more about working with VCs, raising money from VCs, and getting the most from your board. 

  Podcasts That Every Entrepreneur Should Listen to in 2021

Here's a list for you to check out if you love listening to podcasts to learn more about building your business. What are the ones that you haven't come across yet? 
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Torys x Female CoFounder Event  👩‍💻

We are excited to be teaming up with Torys  on a series for women founders. The series will feature Torys lawyers and leading VCs and founders and will cover raising capital, building a team, protecting your IP, navigating growth and more.

In the first session of the series, Eva Lau, Founding Partner of Two Small Fish Ventures, and Danielle Graham, Venture Partner at Archangel Network of Funds, will join Jessica He to discuss building an effective seed stage funding plan. Eva and Danielle will share what early-stage investors are looking for, how to effectively pitch your startup, and strategies on how to build your investor network ahead of your first fundraising round. Attendees will also receive takeaway materials to action the insights they have learned.

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Hacks & Inspirations 
  How to Work 5x Faster

  How to make High-Quality Decisions with your team

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