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Founder Feature: Samantha Ng 🌟

Samantha is on a mission to empower individuals in navigating career transitions that are fulfilling, meaningful, and future-proof.

FcF: Tell us about yourself?

Samantha: Hi, I am Samantha from Singapore. I am a Career Success Coach and an Entrepreneur. Currently, I am spearheading Project Jobless targeted to inform and empower individuals to lead happier and fulfilled lives through strategic career charting. The people I work with closely on a daily basis including entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and workers.

I have always been in the Education scene: Founded an academic coaching centre in Singapore, an Experiential Learning Academy in China, co-founded a Financial Education business with footprints in Southeast Asia, and lastly, I spearheaded the Business Development unit for an EdTech start-up in Singapore and we are now in the Philippines too.

FcF: What is Project Jobless?

Samantha: Project Jobless is a social movement with the mission to impact one million lives. Through Project Jobless, we want to equip individuals with the strategies that can help them to navigate in the post-pandemic world with clarity and power.

When it comes to career charting, it is applicable to everyone. Even as an entrepreneur, you need to chart your own careers if you want to position your business for success.

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Resources of the Week 📚
  A Founder's Guide to Startup Metrics

Baz Banai, a Private Equity Lawyer, makes a connection at the beginning of the article of how athletes and sports teams use metrics to measure performance. The kinds of metrics that they use depends on the type of sports they are playing. And this analogy relates to metrics that Founders should determine to help them succeed. 

So, in order to figure out which of the 12 metrics is most relevant for your business to measure with, you need to figure out what your business model is first. Is your business model a marketplace model? E-Commerce model? SaaS? Subscription? Transactional/Payment? Advertising Model? Usage-Based Model? Hardware Model? 

  "Probably the best lesson in marketing ever told " - Musa Tariq, CMO at GoFundMe

In this Twitter thread, Musa Tariq shares a 6-minute video of Steve Jobs presenting at the time, Apple's new brand campaign, "Think Different".  Musa mentions that this is one of the videos he often rewatches once or twice a month. A huge message that we got from this snippet is, do you know and understand your core value as a company/business? (Perhaps, have you really figured out your why?) We'll probably revisit this video once a month too. 
  The Economics of Term Sheets
  *Term Sheet:

A term sheet, or letter of intent, is a statement of the proposed terms and conditions in connection with a proposed investment." (Source)
Are you confused with term sheets and the terms that are being used when talking to VCs, especially when you're negotiating a deal with them? Here's a video where a16z Managing Partner Scott Kupor goes over in 20-minutes the foundation and basics of the economic terms for you to understand when negotiating a deal with VCs. 

*Additional resources
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Hacks & Inspirations 
  My Startup Failed Six Years Ago. I've Been Hiding From My Shame Ever Since

  4 Behaviors of Founders With Startups Worth $400m+ 

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