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Founder Feature: Kausambi Manjita 🌟
CoFounder & CEO @Mason

This week's founder feature is on a mission to make technology more equal and accessible in the retail sector (through the pandemic and beyond) with a no-code SaaS toolkit. 

FcF: Tell us about yourself?

Kausambi:  Hi, I’m a serial product builder and founder of Mason. I was born in a small town of northeast India, grew up across the country, followed by working in San Francisco, Toronto and India. For the first part of my career, I worked in tech MNCs like IBM & NCR Corporation across US, Dubai, and India building supply-chain products, led the Commerce Content Charter at Walmart-subsidiary and also worked with Alibaba backed Paytm on building their early growth products.

My love for stories, media, product & community manifested as - the first of its kind Community-Led Podcasting Platform for South Asia back in 2017- for which I was selected to be at YCombinator Startup School. By now, I had developed a deep connection with the retail sector and wanted to realize my dream of making no-code technology equally accessible for all to succeed in the online world. That’s when I started working on Mason- a lego-kit for online retail storefronts that helps them to deliver delightful shopping experiences without the hassle of learning how to code.

Fun fact: I used to run my own food blog and even got featured in Food Gawker! Food photography and recipe testing is still close to my heart :)

FcF: What is Mason?

Kausambi: Mason is a no-code SaaS toolkit that enables automated store merchandising, so that any online-retailer can deliver a delightful shopping experience to their customers at all times. 

To help understand how Mason works, let's consider an online store owner. She can connect her store to Mason's design and publishing tools and Mason will help her dynamically create instant product highlights, offers callouts, product feature cards, etc. These shoppable experiences can then be shared across shopping feeds - for instance, Google shop, Instagram, Facebook DPA, or your store feed.

One of Asia's fastest-growing unicorns in the hyperlocal on-demand logistics space is Swiggy. Swiggy wanted to transform it’s customer experience through personalized restaurant offers at scale. They faced several challenges to achieve this, for instance, Swiggy was live in 1500+ cities, multiple teams needed to come together any minute of the day, digital assets were scattered in different folders and hard to locate, etc. 

Mason connected the dots for Swiggy with a multi-user workspace for centralised collaboration, automatic content creation, automated quality control for creative guidelines, business validation rules, and API integrations led to great results for Swiggy - a 70% reduction in production costs and a 80% faster time to market. 

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Resources of the Week 📚
 50 Questions to Find a Co-Founder and Startup Idea

"...two of the most common causes of startup failures are not finding product/market fit and co-founder issues. The former is top of mind for every budding entrepreneur, but I don't think people consider the latter as much when they're crafting their pitches," - Gloria Lin, CoFounder & CEO of Siteline

You know how the saying goes that finding your cofounder is a lot like dating?

Gloria gives us full detail of the 5-step process that she did to find her Co-Founder over the course of a year. One of the steps is having both you and your potential co-founder fill to out a questionnaire (which you can download as well) that has 50 questions and covers 6 categories to answer and review together after. The 6 categories are: 
  • Part 0: How you operate
  • Part 1: Roles
  • Part 2: Corporate Structure and Funding
  • Part 3: Personal Motivation 
  • Part 4: Commitment & Finances
  • Part 5: Team Culture
  • Part 6: Co-Founder Relationship  

  How to Use a Cold Email to Raise a Seed Round

"Seed investments are largely bets on the founders/vision. The person you choose to contact will be your gladiator sent into the coliseum" - Thomas Wu, CoFounder & CEO of Tales

Tales is a platform where writers can take their ideas into major franchises. He recently shares how he was able to raise a seed round from top-tier investors from Midas List VC, a CEO from a $30B company, and a top influencer just by starting with a cold email. The key takeaway is to find an investor(s) who are well branded and have strong beliefs about what you're building or the space that you're in. Check out the article further on Thomas's breakdown of cold emailing to Parul Singh at Founder Collective that opened his gate to fundraising. 

 A Very Basic Product Recipe

"I was talking to a tech entrepreneur in my close network today and it became clear to me that there are a few common pitfalls that could easily be avoided with a basic framework for how to separate technology and product." - Eve Nahari, Principle at DNX Ventures

DNX Ventures is an early stage VC that are focused on B2B startups. Eve has been in the space of product and GTM strategy for ~15 years. She provides a basic checklist of questions for early-stage founders to ask themselves on whether the tech or solution that they're building is a product, meaning something that someone will buy. She then further dives into how to start with customer pain as a key to discover what someone is willing to pay for. 
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Hacks & Inspirations 
  10+ Principles of Effective Storytelling

  How to do Project Management in Discord with Orli Scrum Bot for Discord

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