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Founder Highlight: Ximena Aleman 🌟

This week's founder highlight is on the mission to provide more financial inclusion across Latin America.

Ximena Aleman, is the Chief Business Developer Officer and CoFounder of Prometeo. Prometeo is an open banking platform in Latin America. Prometeo uses API to connect financial banks for all types of businesses, striving to create an open and connected financial market in Latin America. Starting Prometeo, Ximena mentions the inevitable difficulties that one has to face to shake up the financial industry in Latin America, as banks are known to be conservative and concentrated. Now, Prometeo is the largest Open Banking API platform in Latin America. Their APIs are connected in 9 counties in Latin America and 44 financial institutions. 

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Resources of the Week 📚
  Product Marketing Activities for Early Stage Startups (4 Part-Series)

Shirin Shahin is a Product Marketing Leader and Consultant. If you've never heard of Product Marketing, don't assume off the bat that it's "marketing". Shahin states that the core job of product marketing is "to connect a product’s capabilities to the value and needs that customers can recognize and measure."  

Shirin breaks down on product marketing activities that early stage startups can do in each of the four phases of early-stage startups. Which phase are you in? Check out below and see how you can do product marketing: 

  How to Establish a Growth Function at an Early Stage Startup 

Holly Chen, Founder, CMO, and Advisor at ExponentialX, offers 4 options on how to establish a growth function to grow your startup. What she means by growth is "using data-driven experimental approaches to acquire, retain, and monetize users". Holly weighs the pros and cons of each of the 4 options and offers a recommendation. However, Holly advises early-stage startups to think about growth function after they find the product-market fit first. Otherwise, " you may go down the wrong path, just faster."

 Does Your Startup Pass the Toothbrush Test?

If there's one framework test or question to help you evaluate whether your startup or business could be worth billions, then consider the Toothbrush test that Google CEO, Larry Page uses to test which companies they should acquire. Give it a try!
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Hacks & Inspirations 
  A Twitter Thread on lessons learned from reading Steve Jobs biography every year for the last 10 years 

  What an Ex-Black Hat Hacker Wishes all Entrepreneurs Knew About Digital Safety

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