Now What?! Pop-up Gift Economy Project Support Decision

Everyone who participated in Now What?! during May-July 2019 is invited to help choose the project that will receive funding via the Now What?! Pop-up Gift Economy

Voting ends Sunday, August 25!

Your support will also help energize the next edition of Now What?! starting in mid-October

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About the Project Funding Process

During July, all Now What?! registrants were invited to request support for a project they are involved with.  Four projects were submitted in response.  This invitation was part of the July-August 2019 “Pop-up Gift Economy,” catalyzed by the May-June Now What?! engagement.

Thank you SO MUCH to the eleven people and two organizations who have contributed thus far, resulting in a total Pop-up Gift Economy pool that is currently $1575, net of fees.  Twenty percent of the final pool will be allocated to the project selected via this voting process.  Another twenty percent will fund the pool for Now What?! "participant dividends" and the remaining sixty percent will support the work that went into convening and hosting Now What?!  (see below for more details on the Gift Economy).  Additional financials contributions can be made
here through August 25th.  

Everyone who participated in Now What?! is eligible to vote by ranking the four projects according to their preference for which one to fund.  Voting is taking place using this form through August 25.  Funds will be distributed the following week.  

Before voting, please review each of the project requests.  A brief summary is offered in this doc, along with links to more detailed information.  You may also contact proposers with any questions, as well as direct offers of financial and/or non-financial support.
The next edition of Now What?! is currently being planned for October 14-November 22.  The goal is to expand participation to 500 people, versus 100 for the previous round, and to grow the Pop-up Gift Economy ten-fold.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Now What?! Collective to help convene and host this event, please contact Ben Roberts

Check out the "collective narrative" and "mini learning journeys" below as examples of the value and learning catalyzed via the Now What?! Consciousness Deep Dive that took place in June...
Two people who went on mini learning journeys chose to write poems as a way of making and sharing meaning--these are offered in the boxes below.  Others used prose for their reflections.  Great thanks and appreciation to everyone who participated in this aspect of Now What?!  

a gram of embodiment

​is worth a ton of speech

rhapsody, intonation, reveal the truth

if you can listen

radical integrity

no apologies

are far worthier than 'fake it till you make it'

cost benefit

and pragmatism.

joy is the key.

~ Ben Ruttenberg

An African weaver is a social bird

Weaving its nest with leaves and grass

As if climate change doesn’t exist

As if there’s no climate grief


I want to be a weaver 

But I feel the albatross around my neck

With plastic in its stomach

The grief turning as a 

Prayer wheel on a Tibetan temple


Speaking truth to power

Is not an easy task

how do we amplify the message we are caring?


I need a new story. 

A story of a weaver and albatross 

And their happily ever after 

~ Tatiana Vekovishcheva

Overview of the Pop-up Gift Economy
Why make a financial or other gift?
  • Give back to the conveners, hosts, and participants in Now What?! as an expression of gratitude for the value you have received from them or in recognition of the value they have created for others
  • "Pay forward" the next iteration of Now What?! and give its conveners and hosts confidence that this pop-up gift economy approach can provide them with meaningful support
In addition to offers of support, Now What?! participants were also invited to make requests:
  • Financial and/or non-financial support for a project
  • A financial honorarium, aka "participant dividend" and/or non-financial personal support
  • Financial support in return for going on a Mini Learning Journey (see below)
You can make a financial gift now via the button below.  More details on how the gift economy works can be found on this Google doc.  All gifts and distributions are managed transparently through the Open Collective platform.  For more info, please contact Ben Roberts.

Now What?! was offered as a gift to its participants, as well as to the "movement of movements" for systemic transformation and The Great Turning.  The engagement began in May with calls following up on Climate Change and Consciousness and the NESI Forum, including Open Space, Pro-action Cafes, and more. Then in June, the focus shifted to the Consciousness Deep Dive, which consisted of over 30 small group conversations. See above for a summary of the output that emerged from this engagement, including the "collective narrative" and "mini learning journeys" that took place in July.

Now What?! participants and those in their networks are being invited during July and August to make offers and requests inspired by the field of connection, support, and gratitude that was created through this engagement, and to pay forward the next iteration being planned for October 14-November 22, 2019.
Make a Financial Gift
About Now What?!

The Now What?! engagement ran from May-June 2019, and was convened in partnership with recently completed and upcoming conferences focused on systemic transformation, including: 
A new iteration of Now What?! is being planned for October 14-November 22.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Now What?! Collective to help convene and host this event, please contact Ben Roberts
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