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Week One is wrapping up, and there are five more to go...

You can join Now What?! at any time, and participate as much or as little as you wish.  See below for these Now What?! News items:
  • Celebrating the Opening Gathering and other happenings during Week One
  • A summary of upcoming events on the Now What?! Calendar, which will continue to develop as gathering proceeds
  • An invitation to collectively identify conversations, inquiries, or activities you and others might have energy for co-creating and co-convening
  • A reminder to check out the Now What?! Network Map and info about how to create and update your profile there
  • A sample of intentions, gifts, and requests from Now What?! registrants
"If you want to meet great people, solidify your faith in human intelligence, heart and creative connections changing the world - and have fun whilst sharing your own passion - then NowWhat?! is for you - trust me, you'll love it!" 
~ Clare Hedin~
Watch the video of the Opening Gathering. Other welcome and harvest videos can be found on the Now What?! YouTube playlist

Highlights from Week One

Monday's Opening Gathering was a beautiful and moving experience.  Here is Dounia Saeme's reflection from her recent post to the Now What?! Invitations Blog, which also contains links to offer financial support to our special guests:

"I am still buzzing from Lily-Rakia, Visolela, Nesindano, Hâ-tani and her brother’s powerful performance during our opening ceremony on Monday! I’ve since cried profusely and felt unusually uplifted.  I’m astounded by the energetic transmission we were able to experience on a video call. Through my Now What?! experiences, I’m finding that online gatherings can be more honest and forthcoming even than when in person."

There have been fourteen additional events, with two more on the calendar for tomorrow to wrap up the week.  These include:
  • Three Cafe calls 
  • Two Party calls 
  • Five Open Space calls initiated by members of the Now What?! Collective
  • Five Partner Calls--events offered by aligned organizations and cross-promoted via Now What?!
Seventy two events have been placed on the the calendar thus far for the remaining five weeks of this gathering, and many more will be added as we go along--see below for more about what's coming up next week

Eighty three people have registered and opted to appear on the Network Map, sharing their intentions for participating, gifts they bring, and requests they are making.

Six posts have gone up on the Invitations Blog to welcome participants, describe upcoming engagements, and share gift economy requests.

$470 has been contributed to the financial pool for the current edition of the Now What?! gift economy

Week Two Events

Sixteen events are on the calendar for Week Two thus far.  These include:
  • M/T/W/Th: Regular Cafes for getting to know one another, initiating or joining conversations of your choosing, and getting oriented to the tech and content of the gathering
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
    • Weekly Empathy Circle offers emotional support to enhance well being, builds trust, and provides an opportunity to practice active listening.
  • Friday
    • An Elder Speaks--weekly engagement stream featuring stories from the life experiences of Helen Roberts
    • The Prophecy of the Great Brightening--weekly engagement stream featuring an interactive story that is an imaginative prayer for justice and re-connection
    • Parties to celebrate the week, grieve what we are losing, consult the Now What?! Oracle, share stories, etc.
  • Saturday
    • Unlock the News--the second of four jam sessions to explore Newspaper Theatre in the 21st century and discover new ways to support community well-being, and facilitate theatre online and offline
    • Fleshing out the Gift Economy for Now What?! and Beyond--explore how we come together as a community so that we can be seen, valued, and use the power of our generosity to actualize our dreams 
What is a specific Now What?! conversation, inquiry, or activity you have energy for co-creating and/or participating in? 

We are trying out the Codigital Ideas Engine to answer this question together.  Register to receive your invitation to participate.

The field of connection is growing
on the
Network Map
  • Check out the profiles of the eighty three people who have chosen to be on the map so far, and if you're not one of them, register to add your own 
  • Profiles include the options to provide contact and professional information plus intentions, gifts, and requests you are bringing to the gathering
  • Show who you are connected to and who you want to meet.  You can also describe your connection (or the reason you want to make one)
If you were on the map for the last edition, your information will carry over.  You will receive a link to update it if desired once you register. 

If you have already registered and want to add a picture and more detail to your profile, look for an email from 
Now What?! Convening Team <>

The field of generosity is emerging...

Intentions, Gifts, and Requests participants are bringing to this edition on Now What?!


Here is a small sample of the written answers people have provided when they registered:

Why is it important to you to be here?

Because I love the community that grows and the safe and inspiring space of co-transforming the world through our interactions!

It is time to show up fully. It is time to get real, to contribute our wisdom, energy, enthusiasm, and our incredible gifts to make this world a better place for all, so all can thrive.

I want to contribute to the well being of others and I want to learn and I want to be heard.

To be part of a world community, drawing together rather than pulling apart.

What gifts are you bringing?

My voice. Literally. My storytelling has woven so many of the connections I see value in and has helped me see value too. Through sharing through sound, I find I share and receive abundantly. Also, I'm great with children!

Any time, labor, knowledge, skills, and connections that I can provide to anybody in the community in need of it.

I bring the gifts of my networks in the communities I have built. I bring the gifts of my research, my poetry, my passion and enthusiasm, my faith in human potential and my hard working devotion to sustainable, grassroots empowered healthcare.

A finger on the pulse of transformation initiatives globally.

My experience as a self learner and unschooling self and my 7 year old daughter. Connecting with Mother earth and her essence through my daily ritual of preparing nourishment for the self and the family around. My journey from time bound aspect of life to timelessness aspect. Finding love and Light in labour of life.

What requests do you want to make known?

Ideas on creating magical moments

Ideas and practice on how to create digital commons

Bring ease, silence and art of effortlessness in your life as ritual and constant practice. Art to Be! and let go be - come

Fiscal support and leadership skills to steer development/progress within communities.
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