Training at home will make you great on the range.

Remember - this is a martial art

Carrying a gun or having a gun in your house for protection is only "kinda" about shooting. You are more preparing so you can avoid a tragedy that can visit people who are not able to protect themselves. 

You have to treat this the same way you might treat learning Kung Fu. You don't just go to the dojo one time and now you are Chuck Norris. 

Range Time is Precious - train at home

So let's talk about the range first. After fees and ammo and travel, it is not necessarily the cheapest way to train. I treat the range as my proving ground. 

  • My range time is where I test my proficiency of things I practice at home
  • A typical range session for me lasts about 1 - 1.5 hours and usually only 50 rounds
  • Magazine dumps are not training

When I go to the range I am "putting it all together" or I am learning new skills. 

Practice fundamentals at home

Taking a single motion or task and practicing it perfectly and slowly 100 times is better than going to the range and shooting 100 rounds with no real purpose.


  • Make sure you have a safe direction to point your firearm when practicing at home. It must be something that will actually stop a bullet (typical walls will not). 
  • Make sure your firearm is unloaded by checking it every time you pick it up.

What to practice

  • Practice each step of your draw very slowly for 25 repetitions  - then put it all together for 25 repetitions. Remember to flag that thumb!
  • Using a good grip, practice pressing out from your chest and and picking up your front sight - let the target blur in contrast and focus on the front sight. Do this 50 times slowly

Other ways to practice

  • Dry-fire practice is probably the single-most effective way to get better at shooting without going to the range everyday. 
    • I am a fan of the laser training cartridge + the free app iTarget. Add a cheap $7 phone tripod and you have a great way to dry fire at home. 
    • Dry-firing without those tools is also very effective. Always check that your gun is unloaded.
  • Practice reloads with empty magazines or with mags that have snap caps in them. Orange tips are my favorite because I know they are not real by their color. 

Training at home is fun and you can make it a part of your week in a way that becomes habitual. Like going to the gym, except your actually do it. 

If you need any help or have any questions, let us know!

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