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Something Informative

We could all use a healthy dose of optimism, so let's see what was good in the world last week.

🎾International tennis superstar Coco Gauff opens up on resilience, depression, and her fast ride to fame: Coco Gauff just turned 16 last month, but she’s already become a household name in the world of sports and beyond thanks to her win against Venus Williams, and a deep run into the fourth round, at Wimbledon in 2019. The boost in her profile also made her a must-watch at last year’s U.S. Open, where she eventually lost to another young tennis phenom, Naomi Osaka. The pressure of the sport and the spotlight can be intense even for a grown-up, but imagine all of that attention coming your way when you’re barely old enough to drive. Gauff recently opened up about just how difficult it’s been for her in an emotionally candid new post on Behind the Racquet, a platform that allows players to tell their stories in their own words. Full Story

❤️Nelson Mandela's granddaughter Ndileka uses social media during lockdown to help abused women: Ndileka Mandela was at her home in Johannesburg, South Africa, just before the start of a national lockdown to stem the spread of the coronavirus, when she got the call. A container filled with 10,000 sanitary pads for rural South African girls would not be able to leave Geneva due to the COVID pandemic. Ndileka, 55, Nelson Mandela's oldest grandchild, has committed her life's work to tackling the challenges South African women face - mainly violence and period poverty - and fears the coronavirus pandemic will heighten inequalities. Since the lockdown started on March 27 she has been using social media to communicate with women stuck indoors with abusers, to let them know they are not alone, and to encourage them to call police hotlines for help. Full Story

🌍In case you didn't know...What do the countries with the best coronavirus responses have in common? Women leaders: From Iceland to Taiwan and from Germany to New Zealand, women are stepping up to show the world how to manage a messy patch for our human family. Add in Finland, Iceland and Denmark, and this pandemic is revealing that women have what it takes when the heat rises in our Houses of State. Many will say these are small countries, or islands, or other exceptions. But Germany is large and leading (also thanks to Angela Merkel's past as a scientist!), and the U.K. is an island with very different outcomes. These leaders are gifting us an attractive alternative way of wielding power. What are they teaching us? Truth. Decisiveness. Tech. Love. I'll let you take it from here. Full Story

Something Practical

A few opportunities and projects that caught my eye. 



Internet // SF // Writer at Pintrest  - Details 
NGO // NYC // Program coordinator at Catchafire - Details 
Internet // LA// Research at Snapchat - Details 
Education // Boston // Nuclear policy research at Harvard  - Details 
Internet // Cupertino // Research at Apple - Details 
Music // LA & NYC // Podcast editorial at Spotify - Details 
Internet // Palo Alto // Research at Salesforce - Details 
Education // Boston // Education project at MIT - Details
NGO // SF // Research at Cali Policy Institute - Details



Wellness // Milan // Education specialist at Etija - Details 
Media // Italy // Freelance writer at The Soul - Details 
Biotech // Milan // Marketing specialist at Syngenta - Details 
TV // Milan // Customer manager at Sky - Details 
Music // Milan // Client manager at Spotify - Details 
Internet // Milan // Legal counsel at Bending Spoons - Details 
Retail // Milan // Personal assistant at Bottega Veneta - Details 



Internet // Berlin // Marketing manager at Ebay - Details 
Marketing // Berlin // Comms at HelloFresh - Details 
NGO // Berlin // Network intern at streetfootballworld - Details 
Internet // Berlin // Partnerships at TikTok- Details 
Marketing // Berlin // Copywriter at R/GA - Details 



AI // London // Program manager at Deepmind - Details 
Publishing // London // Paralegal at Condé Nast - Details 
Education // London // Fellow in Philosophy at LSE - Details 
Healthcare // London // Research at Freshminds - Details 
Consulting // London // Research at Skating Panda - Details

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Something Fun

 for your eyes, mind, and heart. 

💡 Attention job seekers: here's an event you won't want to miss. On April 28th i'll be attending a virtual panel hosted by Boss Women Collective on how to navigate the job hunt in our current climate. The virtual panel will give you the inside scoop from leaders in the talent + recruiting industry on how to put your best self forward. Sign up!

🌳Have you been experiencing a little more stress or anxiety lately? NYTimes has created a beautiful 10-step exercise "Ecotherapeutic Meditation" (basically virtual nature) to help your body release the stress of constantly bracing for a disaster.

🙀And while we're on the topic of stress: Unf*ck your brain has been recommended to me for general life advice from a really amazing feminist life coach. She talks about anxieties, lizard brain, specifically being a woman (but I think good ideas and concepts for all genders), imposter syndrome. Her motto pretty much sums it up: "Are you a smart feminist woman who struggles with anxiety and insecurity? Then you're in the right place." 

👀Gutsy Women, a book co-authored by Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea Clinton, has been an awesome stepping stone for their mini-talk show where they interview other gutsy women. Check out their interview with Danica Roem, the first openly trans state legislator in the U.S. who discussed what can be accomplished when gutsy women have a seat at the table. 

🙏 I loved this article The joy of giving in to let go on FOMO (the fear of missing out) and the way many women are celebrating the relinquishment of bras, high heels, and painful waxes.

🧬Dr. Maryam Zaringhalam is a molecular biologist, science writer, and member of the 500 Women Scientists leadership team. Join her to help achieve the goal of writing 500 biographies of women in STEM into Wikipedia. You can register to participate by April 30th. 

🦠More on exciting sciencey stuff: Scientific pioneer June Almeida discovered coronaviruses decades ago—but got little recognition. Now, she is finally being acknowledged for virology breakthroughs she made a half century ago.

🐯For all you Tiger King fans (if you don't know what it is you might want to change that), here's a fascinating read from Carolyn, a real tiger keeper and her take on the documentary.  

🎤In need of a great podcast series to binge? Check out The Bechdel Cast which takes a look at the portrayal of women in movies. This week's episode: a fun dive into the popular board game Clue!

⛰A photographer captures images of the Indigenous Aymara women in Bolivia who are defying stereotypes and taking to the mountaintops. Oh, and speaking of beautiful photographs, in case you missed it last week, I had the great fortune and pleasure of interviewing Eleonora, a young photographer and traveler from Italy. Definitely give it a read: it's full wonderful otherworldly anecdotes and inspiring life advice (also, she's traveled to 58 countries!!). 

🧠Brain food: 

And unto you tiny flower 
the deepest respect and hope
for those who pass you by
to gaze upon you with
the dignity of your

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