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Something Informative

We could all use a healthy dose of optimism, so let's see what was good in the world last week.

👠Inside the strip clubs of Instagram–going digital may be better for dancers: For the past three weeks, Justin LaBoy, 28, a former professional basketball player and a social media personality, and Justin Dior Combs, 26 and an entrepreneur and P. Diddy’s 26-year-old son, have been hosting virtual pop-up strip clubs on Instagram Live. “If it wasn’t for Justin and his Instagram Lives I don’t know what I would have done or how I would have paid my bills or gotten food in my house,” said Sasha, a dancer who has been featured on the pop-up show. Many bars and strip clubs were forced to close nearly overnight around much of the world. Thousands of bartenders, bottle service girls and dancers have been left with no income. As with many other organisations, from elementary schools to Twelve Step meetings, strip clubs have also sought to recreate the experience digitally. Full Story

🚙The all-female robotics team in Afghanistan who made a cheap ventilator out of Toyota parts: Five girls in Afghanistan, between 14 and 17 years old, have joined the fight against the coronavirus by designing a cheap ventilator that runs off the motor of a Toyota Corolla.The all-female robotics team, named the Afghan Dreamers, has long been more accomplished than average teenagers. Tech entrepreneur Roya Mahboob founded the trail-blazing program in the Afghani city of Herat, selecting young girls from high schools across the country for the program. It was a passion project for Mahboob, a serial entrepreneur who became one of Afghanistan’s first female chief executives at 23, established a non-profit organisation to help young women to build digital literacy, and has since been named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people. Full Story

⚖️South Korea's first feminist party seeks parliament seats: South Korea is regularly ranked lowest in the developed world for gender equality, but for the first time a feminist party sought parliamentary seats in this week’s election, accusing the political establishment of having failed women. The party was founded last month on International Women’s Day on the back of a surge of anger over the country’s spycam porn epidemic and other crimes, and against a backdrop of an enduring pay gap and employment and childcare issues. It has put forward four candidates in the proportional representation section of the vote, and to secure a single seat will need 3% of the popular vote. Full Story

Something Practical

A few opportunities and projects that caught my eye. 

With everything that's unfolding and shaking up our lives recently, it’s no surprise that our relationship to our work has also changed dramatically. Some of us have been subject to hiring freezes, many have lost their jobs, and for others, it’s been difficult to even search for jobs, like knowing who is still hiring or offering freelance roles. So here’s an exciting and hopefully useful change: I’m only sharing those jobs you can start right from the comfort of your home.  



Education // English teacher at VIPKID - Details 
Internet // Android engineer at Bending Spoons - Details 
Music // Social media intern at Green Future - Details 
Journalism // Fellowship in digital news at Oxford - Details 
Internet // Recruitment at Birch - Details 
Education // School psychologist at Soliant - Details 
Internet // Customer manager at Aha! - Details 
Healthcare // Health coach at UnitedHealth - Details    
Media // Website editor at Static Media - Details
Healthcare // Nurse educator at Vanda - Details 
Internet // Community manager at Pitch - Details 
Education // Volunteer at covidfreetutoring - Details 
Education // College counselor at Winsor - Details 
NGO // Comms at Habitat for Humanity - Details


& for those of you wanting to do some of your own research for jobs now or in the coming months, here is a list of companies still hiring and a list with more freelance opportunities will help narrow down the search–and don’t forget to share the useful links and jobs with your friends and family with the links below!! 

Something Fun

 for your eyes, mind, and heart. 

💡Why do more men die from the virus than women? And why isn’t this fact impacting research into a vaccine in the U.S.? They’re two of the pandemic’s most pressing — and confounding — questions. Join the NYTimes on April 14th as they dive deep into the role of gender and data in Covid-19. With special guest Caroline Criado Perez, author of the award-winning book Invisible Women (if you haven’t read her book yet, now is the perfect time!). Hosted by Francesca Donner, gender director at The Times; and Alisha Haridasani Gupta, gender reporter at The Times. Make sure to RSVP !! 

👁Turn on your TV, open your social media, and chances are you’ll hear a lot of talk about COVID19. While there is a lot of substantial reporting, much of it seems to blur together into a stream of white noise. But every now and then, there comes along a great piece that summarily & articulately sheds a new light on what’s going on. And this reporter did just that, crushing the bullshit “great leveller” descriptions of the coronavirus. 

👟An inspiring young runner shares her passion and why she persists with the sport despite her severe epilepsy. 

🎭Ok so this one is not really related to gender & women’s rights, but there are a lot of badass women involved here: The Globe Theater in London (one of the most famous theaters in the world) made available many of their plays online to rent or buy. A fun alternative to Netflix, and a great way to support local business! 

🛍And speaking of supporting local businesses, if you’re in the United States right now and have the possibility of ordering online, make sure to veer away from giants like Amazon every once in a while and support local shops. Here’s a list of some cool women-owned small businesses that you can support from a distance. 

🎥Some of you have made requests for weekly movie recs...challenge accepted! This week I’m diving into an oldie but goodie: I am Not a Witch. It’s definitely not a comfort cinema for the whole fam kind of deal, but it’s an excellent film from a Zambian writer and director that tells the story of a girl in Zambia accused of witchcraft. It’s comic, tragic, and captivatingly beautiful.

🍷After becoming American’s youngest certified sommelier at 21, winning numerous wine competitions and running the beverage programs at two Michelin-starred restaurants in her 20s, Victoria James could have filled a book with nothing but her accomplishments. Instead, Wine Girl: The Obstacles, Humiliations, and Triumphs of America’s Youngest Sommelier (#1 on the Amazon book charts right now!) also tackles the darker side of the fine-dining industry, detailing everything she endured, from harassment to sexual assault, as a young woman rising up in the restaurant world.

🧠Brain food: One of my favourite discoveries this week was a video that a close friend of mine (shoutout to the phenomenally inspiring Kyra!!) shared called ‘Why I Always Hated My Vagina.’ It’s a unique and intimate take on a reporter’s journey to conquer her largest insecurity which leads her down a path of sexual awakening. To her viewers, she says: “I hope this video helped you, whoever YOU are, for whatever reason you're here. I hope it encourages you to talk about sex and your body with your partner, your friends, your children because it's only scary when we don't give it a name, shame lives in the dark. Lead by example, and start using the correct words for your body parts, don't skip over them, don't make them something to be ashamed of.” 

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