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Something Informative

🎯Young women on TikTok are hitting back at misogyny using the phrase "OK wallet": Over the past several weeks on TikTok, "OK wallet" has seeped across the app as a new type of underground movement — one meant to show young men what it feels like to be on the receiving end of objectifying language. When young men refer to young women as "dishwasher" or "sandwich maker" or, in some cases, a sex toy, implying that a woman's place is in the kitchen or the bedroom, young women have been responding with "OK wallet," telling men that, in that case, they're good only for their money. Men and women often claim that they are joking when they objectify one another. However, the back and forth has created a debate about sexism among Generation Z and whether the phrases are, in fact, meant to be humorous or are an incarnation of misogyny. Women's studies experts say that language reversals are a standard tool in social movements and that using humour and language like "OK wallet" can be an effective tool in changing minds, although it isn't enough on its own to beget greater change. Full Story 

📚Rwanda to release 50 women jailed for having abortions: 50 women in Rwanda are to be released who were jailed for having abortions after a personal pardon was issued by the country’s president, Paul Kagame. Human rights activists welcomed the pending release of the women, six of whom had been given life sentences – the highest penalty available to the courts – two serving 25 years and the others terms ranging from 12 months to 20 years. Full Story 

🎥With schools in lockdown, a teenage girl takes on role of teacher in Gaza: A 13 year old girl is giving classes to peers and younger children in her areas as schools have been closed for the past 2 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Al Jazeera took a closer look at her new role and impact in her community. Full Story

🏗The femtech startup rebuilding women's technology from scratch: Scientists and engineers and marketers — many of whom are women — have contributed to the emergence of "femtech," an industry that encompasses the category of software, devices and services using technology to focus on women's physiological and reproductive health. These are historically chronically underserved markets, with lucrative consumer groups like postnatal and menopausal women lacking legitimate information and care as it relates to their bodies. (It's now estimated to reach more than $53 billion by the end of 2027.) Enter: the growing number of healthcare technology companies committed to creating smarter, safer, more practical products and services for women who have long been relegated to powder-pink spin-offs. Full Story

Something Practical



Internet // London // Comms associate at Go Fund Me - Details 
IR // London // Business at Embassy of Switzerland - Details 
Publishing // London // Analyst at The Guardian - Details 
NGO // London // D&I manager at Royal Academy of Engineering - Details 
NGO // London // Research at Crisis Action - Details 
News // London // Arabic correspondent at Al Jazeera - Details 
Music // London // Research at Spotify - Details 
Media // London // Research at YouGov - Details 
Tech // London // Program manager at DeepMind - Details 
Education // Cambridge // Recruitment at Uni of Cambridge - Details 


Media // Berlin // Workplace coordinator at Netflix - Details 
Media // Berlin // Editorial at Netflix - Details 


NGO // Rome // Business intern at WFP - Details 
Media // Milan // Analyst at Sky - Details 
Internet // Milan // Writer at We are Social - Details 
PR // Milan // Social media at Green Lab - Details 
Internet // Genova // Team lead at Amazon - Details 
Space // Lomazzo // Project manager at Leaf Space - Details 



Media // Amsterdam // Administrative assistant at Netflix - Details 


Media // Paris // Manager at Netflix - Details 


Internet // Singapore // Public policy fellow at Twitter - Details 


Internet // SF // Legal at Twitter - Details 
Internet // SF // Privacy at Twitter - Details 
Beauty // SF // Copywriter at Fenty Beauty - Details 
Education // SF // Data science at Masterclass - Details 
Media // LA // Content producer at Dear Media - Details 
Retail // Beaverton // HR at Nike - Details   


Freelance // Here is a link to over 1760 freelance jobs, updated regularly! 

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Something Fun

💡A project from the NYTimes Archives examines history through a contemporary lens to see what the honorific "Mrs." means to women, their identity and how the meaning changed over time. They dive deeper into the tradition of using honorifics to address married women. 

📸'An eye for vulnerability': The world seen by women – in pictures: Pioneering pear farmers, homesick birds and couples kissing in the shadow of apartheid – images by these female photographers are being sold to raise money for women affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

🌈A 10-year-old girl has sent more than 1,500 art kits to kids in foster care and homeless shelters during the coronavirus pandemic.

🎬Legally Blonde 3: The third movie will be "full of awesome feminist ideas." During an interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Witherspoon was asked to fill in the blank: "Legally Blonde 3 will be..." She said the new movie will be, "So much fun. So full of fashion. So full of awesome feminist ideas. It will be global. It will have animals. It will have returning cast members. We just need to film it first. But that’s my hope and dream for Legally Blonde 3." And as for Elle's bestie Paulette? Witherspoon confirmed, "It will be the return of Jennifer Coolidge, which is the greatest."

📈The number of women running Fortune 500 companies hits a new high: currently, there are 37 women leading Fortune 500 firms, an increase from last year’s 33 women, which at the time, was a record high.

🐲The new movie Lucky Grandma is a love Letter to Chinatown, its matriarchs, and their rule-breaking style. 

🧿They blend traditional Yoruba chants with soul, electronic and hip-hop. The French-Cuban duo Ibeyi has caught the attention of Beyoncé and other music giants. This is their story.

🤙New documentary "Nothing Fancy" offers intimate glimpse of food icon Diana Kennedy, celebrating the life of the 97-year- old Mexican food authority. 

📚What if Hillary never married Bill? That’s the premise of a new novel by Curtis Sittenfeld, Rodham, which hypothesizes a different history — and future — for Hillary Clinton.

🥬Inspired by Oprah's ridiculously beautiful and large salads grown during quarantine here's a great cooking show I've been following from Italy which millions around the world are loving, filmed right inside the home of Massimo Bottura which offers fun and easy recipes and a lot of wholesome family-entertainment from their kitchen. 

🧠Brain food: Being able to laugh at yourself and embrace the goofiness of your imperfections is an underrated superpower. Try learning something new, whether that's a professional skill, a sport, or a recipe, and chances are you won't get it totally right the first time (or the second, or the fifteenth times). Maybe you fall flat on your face like an awkward pear, maybe you forget to put in baking powder, whatever the motive - the first cut is usually the deepest on our egos. The key, I've learned, is not taking that "cut" too seriously; embracing the beauty of trying and the embarrassing moments that follow is a valuable lesson in growth and self-confidence. To be embarrassed, but not hide the feelings or let it morph into reluctance and frustration is essential in growing because almost no one gets something right the first time - and if they do, run. So today, I challenge you to find a mirror and make silly faces at yourself. Find beauty in the quirky contortions your face makes, laugh a little, and find peace in your perfectly and fantastically ridiculous self. And let that joy carry over to anything new you're trying out; embrace the embarrassment, and let it give you a fun push to get up, and try again. 

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