November 2019 Newsletter
"A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room."
Lord Baden-Powell

Wow, so much has happened in the last few months related to Latter-day Saint transition in Scouting in San Diego county that it’s hard to decide where to begin!  

We have seen the first descriptions of the Church’s new program for Children and Youth, and we have mapped Scouting requirements to the main four areas of this program (see more below).   

We have also seen leaders in Vista, Poway, Pensaquitos and other areas take the first steps towards creating new scouting units for their youth to continue the adventure.  These so-called “Latter-day Saint Legacy” Packs or Troops will allow Scouts to continue in units with friends who they have come to enjoy and who are supported by leaders and parents that they know. 

And there have been a number of national coordination calls and Facebook Live events to provide guidance and real-life examples on how to organize for transition and create new units (see more below). 

With less than two months remaining in the Church BSA Charters, many families are now looking at 2020 and deciding next steps for them and their families.  We have provided some additional resources below to help make that decision process easier. 

Finally, transition will continue into 2020, please see our Saints & Scouts web site or Facebook page for the latest information on this topic, and as always feel free to reach out to either of us if you have questions or would like guidance!

Trevor Bender and Amy Tadlock
Latter-day Saint Service and Transition Team

Q & A Forum on Facebook Live

Sign onto Facebook Tuesday, November 19 at 2:00pm Pacific time to watch a Facebook Live broadcast moderated by Mark & Nettie Francis.  Join Mike and Robin Ball from the Utah National Parks Council as they share tips and information about starting neighborhood Scouting units in their area. 

LDS - BSA Relationships
Past Neighborhood Scouting Q&A Session
Video Links:

Session #1 - Selecting A Chartered Organization
Session #2 - Organizing a New Unit
Session #3 - Resources to Complement New Children and Youth Program
Session #4 - Starting a Neighborhood Scouting Unit

Latter-day Saint Legacy Units


Most of us know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will not be participating as a Chartered Organization in Scouting after 2019, but that does not mean that Church members are not welcome to continue on, or that the Church suddenly opposes Scouting.  The Church has merely decided to take a different, global path for its Children and Youth Program going forward.

The Scouting program is largely consistent with Church principles, and could be used to make and achieve the goals that are at the heart of the new Church Program for Children and Youth.  In fact, Scouting is one of the few well-known institution in the United States that addresses all of the four areas encompassed by that program:  spiritual, social, physical and intellectual.  Scouting has strong roots in all these areas, as well as in citizenship, preparedness, leadership, service, outdoor skills, resiliency and other hallmarks for which Scouting has long been associated.

Across San Diego county there are several Latter-day Saint Legacy Scout units that are in the process of being organized.  The term "Legacy" honors the 107 year tradition of the Church in Scouting and recognizes that this legacy will continue in 2020 and beyond.  These units are being created as an avenue for Latter-day Saint children and youth to continue in Scouting with friends, leaders and parental support that they already know.  There are no geographical boundaries for these units and no restrictions on participation (non-Church members are welcome, as they have always been with the previously sponsored Church units).


Legacy units will strive to follow Church principles - Sabbath observance, Word of Wisdom, clean language and lifestyles - and will function like any other Scout unit, per BSA direction.  Cub Dens will we organized by school grade, not age.  The Webelos program will span two years.  Cub Camping will be allowed (with parent participation).  There will likely be Blue and Gold Banquets in February, a Pinewood Derby, and other fun Cub Scout events, and Popcorn sales to help supplement other fundraisers.  It’s also possible a Pack will support the newer initiatives of the BSA - Tiger Cubs, Lions, girl dens, etc., depending on the support of the chartering organization, the committee, availability of leaders, and interest level of the participants and parents.


It’s likely that the Legacy Troops will be far larger in size than the standard Troops we saw in our Wards, and being composed of youth, leaders and parent who have chosen to be there. They will continue to participate in Camporees and Summer Camps and be able to take advantage of all the programs available in Scouting across the United States.


Below are the Latter-day Saint Legacy units that are furthest along in the creation process as listed by the Stake their leaders are primarily coming form - other units will follow in coming months.  To contact the new unit leadership, please click on the button below to be directed to their email.

San Diego North, Pack 277, Claire Smith
Poway, Pack, David Odenwalder
Vista, Troop, Eric Gemmell
Penasquitos, Troop, Derek & Jennifer Hunsaker
Join Charles Dahlquist at Philmont June 14 - 20, 2020 for Vision 2020: A Philmont Opportunity for Latter-day Saint Families.  This course is designed to help Latter-day Saint Scouting families find a new charter organization, start a Scouting unit, organize a committee, recruit youth, train adult and youth leaders, fundraiser, develop an annual plan, and learn other skills necessary to continue in Scouting.
Registration 2020
Boy Scouts of America

The Cost of Scouting in 2020:  Youth in San Diego - Imperial Council
National Registration Fee = $60.00 
Insurance Fee = $12.00
Council Program Fee = $13.00

TOTAL = $85.00

The Cost of Scouting in 2020:  Adult in San Diego - Imperial Council
National Registration Fee = $36.00 
Insurance Fee = $12.00
Council Program Fee = $0.00

TOTAL = $48.00

Long Charter Exception for 2019-2020
If you start a new unit before December 31, 2019 you will be charged the 2019 rate for registration for both youth and adults.  (This applies only to new unit numbers.  Previously existing unit numbers with accompanying tenure will not be allowed to register at the reduced rate.)
Youth = $34, Adults =$34

More Information on Registration Fees
New-Unit Organization How-To Guide
  • Identify a Chartering Organization
  • Recruit Leaders
  • Recruit Youth
  • Collect All Paperwork and Money
  • Submit All Paperwork and Money to the Council Service Center
Starting a new unit begins with a chartered organization, trained leaders and youth but also requires financial planning.  Setting up an EIN (Employer Identification Number) can be done in minutes online and allows a new Scout unit to open their own bank account separate from their individual leaders or Chartered Organization.

More Information
Starting a New Pack or Troop? 

Here are some tech tips from current unit leaders.
Once you obtain and EIN and open a unit bank account, link it to venmo and encourage families to transfer money to pay registration fees and unit expenses from their phone.

SignUp Genius
Need decorations and snacks for the pinewood derby?  Or is your unit looking to fill adult leader positions?  Use SignUp Genius to encourage parents to get involved.  SignUp Genius is free to use but can be customized with a paid account.

Want more information on how to find Scouting resources near you?  Please contact us or take the "Continuing the Adventure Survey" below to let us know how we can help your family make a smooth transition in 2020.
New Children and Youth Program

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

With the introduction of the new Children and Youth Program by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on September 29, 2019, we are excited to share with families how participation in Scouting can be a part of the goals set by children and youth.  The images below demonstrate how a youth or child participating in the new Church program can select Scouting activities in the areas of Personal Development as well as Service and Activities.  As always, the values of Scouting combined with the structure of the Church can help our children and youth stay focused on the Savior and "become men and women of integrity."
For a PDF of the images above and a description of how they can be used, please click the link below.
Scouting & The New Children and Youth Program

For Church members looking for a new Scouting home

From Bryan on Scouting, July 30, 2019
"How you can welcome families moving from LDS units to your pack or troop"
by Bryan Wendell


Mati Mayfield encourages members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to explore the BSA's unit locator tool, found at

Families can enter their ZIP code, and the site shows the closets Cub Scout packs, Scouts BSA troops, Venturing crews and Sea Scout ships.

Once families have identified a few nearby units, Mayfield suggests a few more steps:

1.  Visit more than one unit. “You might find that one suits your family more than another one, even if it’s a bit farther away,” she says. “Not all units Scout the same way.”

2.  Visit your top unit more than once.

3.  Take the family and a friend to the unit meeting.

4.  Ask questions* and get contact information. “Getting contact information from their New Member Coordinator means that you can ask questions when you get home,” Mayfield says. “Not all questions come to mind while at the meeting.”

Click here to read the full post by Bryan on Scouting.

      *Don't be afraid to ask about weekend activities and how you can participate while still keeping the sabbath day holy. Scouters are very respectful and focused on the needs of the youth and their families. Many unit leaders are accommodating. We also recommend parents get involved when ever they can.  ~ Saints & Scouts

The following units have responded to a Council wide request to share their information with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They understand the unique traits that make us, well, Latter-day Saints.  To find out what units are opening their doors in your area, please click on your Stake to see a list of Packs, Troops, and other Scout units.


Chula Vista

Del Mar

El Cajon



San Diego

San Diego East

San Diego North



If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Service & Transition Team, or your local District Executives or Stake Representatives. 
Trevor Bender

Serving the North Stakes:
Del Mar
San Diego North
Amy Tadlock
Vice Chair

Serving the South Stakes:
Chula Vista
El Cajon
San Diego
San Diego East
Need more information?

Contact your District Executive or
Stake Representative

Carlsbad Stake
Jeff Boswell
Camille Graff 

Chula Vista Stake
Enrique Teigeiro
Tyler Goold
Del Mar Stake
Jeff Boswell
Todd Wilson
El Cajon Stake
Erin Gillette
Michael Erickson
Escondido Stake
Thomas Farmery
Marlene LaLanne
Imperial Stake
Trent McClure
Dale Howard
Poway Stake
Laura Scheid
Josiah Drew
Penasquitos Stake
Laura Scheid
Matt Romney
San Diego Stake
Rob Canton
Ken Batson
San Diego East Stake
Erin Gillette
Greg Middleton
San Diego North Stake
Rob Canton
Kent West
Santee Stake
Erin Gillette
Hugh Hagues
Vista Stake
Thomas Farmery
Bryce Hall
For more information on the Exploring Program
Contact Trent McClure, Exploring Director

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