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"No one can pass through life, any more than he can pass through a bit of country, without leaving tracks behind, and those tracks may often be helpful to those coming after him in finding their way."
Lord Baden-Powell

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We hope Summer finds you enjoying some family vacation time, and that your sons are also getting a chance to enjoy Scout Camp or a similar High Adventure activity!  A lot has occurred since we passed the June 1, 2019 date to begin the Transition phase of our activities, to include the dual registration in both Church and Community Scout units, and the creation of new units, and we wanted to get you up to date on all of that. 

First a big thank you to the nearly 100 respondents to our Saints & Scout Interest Survey that went out in the April issue.  For those of you that expressed interest in starting or supporting a new Scout unit, or serving as an adult leader in another capacity or simply staying involved with your family and youth, you will be contacted in coming months by an appropriate BSA employee or volunteer to answer your questions and help you along in that journey.  So far we have eight leaders who have raised their hands to create new Troops or Packs to serve the Latter-day Saint community starting in 2020 and beyond, and one Pack that is already up and functioning! 

For those who have not yet taken the survey, please do so here at the following link:

Summertime also brings us the annual University of Scouting experience for both youth and adults.  This training on Saturday, August 10th at Point Loma Nazarene University includes courses that will improve your Scout skills as well as Merit Badges for the youth.  Additionally, Trevor Bender and Bryce Hall will be teaching courses on how to create a new Scout Unit and on how to transition to a Community unit.
University of Scouting
August 10, 2019
8am - 4pm
Point Loma Nazarene University
3900 Lomaland Drive San Diego, CA 92106

Choose from 72 classes, for youth (ages 11+), Cub Scout leaders, Scouts BSA leaders, Venturing leaders, and Commissioners; merit badge and general education classes for any youth or adult looking to learn something new.  Come be inspired to create new Scouting traditions and programs in your local unit or learn a new skill.

Click HERE for more information.
Register for University of Scouting
Trevor Bender
“Creating LDS Successor Units in 2020" (Period 4, B-7)

Learn the steps required to start your own Scout unit, from finding a sponsor and meeting location, to recruiting unit leadership and youth, to establishing a funding plan.

Bryce Hall
"Transitioning LDS Scouts to Community Packs and Troops" 
(Period 5, G13)

Learn how to help your youth can search for a new Pack or Troop to join – things to consider when visiting new units. Learn how a Unit Commissioner can help in the transition process.

For those looking for the ultimate Scouter Training experience, BSA will be revamping the Wood Badge course in 2020, and the first session will be held at the National Bechtel reserve in West Virginia in January.  This will be a dual Troop model with one Troop for Men (Blue) and another for Women (Red) serving under the same Scout Committee.  Our own Trevor Bender will be a Troop Guide at this session.  If you are looking to enhance your Leadership Skills, or simply be a better Parent or Spouse, consider Wood Badge as you next life-training event! 
Register for Wood Badge BSA-20-1
Why I am a volunteer for Boy Scouts of America....

Ten years ago, I was called as the 2nd counselor in our ward primary.  At the time my oldest son was 7 years old.  Cub Scouts was a large part of my calling.  Our ward was small so I served as the Pack Committee Chair and my friend served as the Cubmaster.  Together we grew to love our boys and enjoyed every crazy minute of Cub Scouting.

Fast forward to today.  I am proud of my Eagle Scout, Life Scout, Venture Scout and 1st Class Scout.  They have had many wonderful opportunities through Scouting including: service, fun, outdoor skills and leadership.  They have learned how to contribute to their small Scout unit as well as their community. 
I could not have chosen a better path for my children. Together the Church and Scouting compliment each other and help our youth to gain strength, both physically and spiritually, at a time in their lives when they most need the support of good mentors.

I have found that it doesn't take a grand jesture to change the world.  We change the world one youth at a time.  Participating in Scouting gives me the opportunity to serve.  Scouting has helped me develop many close friendships and ties to my local community.  Because of Scouting I am a better disciple, parent, and neighbor. 
I have had the opportunity to be a part of the lives of hundreds of local youth.  In an Eagle Board of Review, one adult asked the Eagle candidate how many individuals had helped him reach this milestone.  In truth, we may never know how many have given of their time and talents to help us.  I am honored to be one of the many adults cheering on the youth in our community.

Yours in Scouting ~ Amy Tadlock

"I began volunteering because I wanted to do just a tiny bit of good in the world. There is power in small gestures, which, taken together, can become large gestures. But I came to see that perhaps the biggest benefit was not the work we were doing, but that people were learning together." 

From National Geographic article, Does voluntourism help? 
By Ken Budd
Well that’s a wrap for our July Newsletter! 

As always, if you have any urgent questions or concerns, please reach out to a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Service & Transition Team, or your local District Executives or Stake Ambassadors. 
Trevor Bender

Serving the North Stakes:
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Amy Tadlock
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