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Summer sun Magick
Sunday, July 4th :
Summer Magick 

With the passing of Litha and the Summer Solstice, we have entered what is for many the hottest time of the year. With the sun burning from early morning to late at night, Solar Magick and Fire Magick are at their strongest 💥

But balance is key, and even though dazzling and burning magick may be at its most powerful, it is important for our wellbeing that we try to stay cool in the heat of the summer.

Consider finding respite from the summer sun with Water Magick and soothing Herbal Remedies 💧

A Bath Spell to Beat the Heat 🛁

When feeling overheated, draw a cool bath. Add cooling ingredients like fresh mint, lemon balm, or a green tea infusion 🌿
  • Consecrate the bathwater with your athame, wand, or hand, saying:

Water, be blessed. Water, soothe me. May this water banish uncomfortable heat. Water, drive away the harsh heat of summer. So mote it be!

(Note: Make sure you banish "uncomfortable heat," not "heat." You don't want hypothermia!)
  • In the tub, ground and center. Visualize the heat pouring off you into the water. Before you empty the bath, put some of the water into a sealed container.
  • Drain the water, saying:
Water drains and I am cool. Uncomfortable heat is banished.
  • Next time you're overheated, pour out a little water from the container, visualizing your heat draining away, saying:
 Water drains and I am cool. Uncomfortable heat is banished.

From Llewellyn's 2022 Witches' Spell-A-Day Almanac
Sunburn Relief Oil

Sunburn Relief Oil 🧴

Feeling the red results of a day in the sun? Soothe aching skin and ease the pain of sunburn with this magickal and medicinal oil. 

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Aloe Vera

Hello Aloe 💚

An herbalist's go-to plant in summer, Aloe can be used in both spellwork and remedies for its cooling and protective properties. 

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Magic Water and Sprays

Cooling Sprays 💦

Spray down in style with these magickal waters and sprays. Check out the Heat Exhaustion Cooling Spray and others in order to chill out on the go (and smell good too!) 

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Daily Devotional
Feeling stuck when it comes to spellwork? 🤔
When in doubt about what magick to do, the Daily Devotional is there for you!

If you need a magickal boost or a direction to cast in, visit the Daily Ritual and Nightly Moon Spell to get specially curated spellwork and ritual ideas based on the current moon phase, day of the week, and magickal influences in your location 🧭

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Magick in Your Own Hands 🏆

The Challenger Witchy Challenge
The challenged is now the challenger- the choice forward is in your hands!

This week's challenge celebrates 50 Witchy Challenges by offering encouragement and resources to help you overcome a personal magickal challenge on your plate 

 tarot to herbalism to Black Magick to meditation- the choice is yours! For more ideas, check out the inspirational entries of your fellow coven members. 

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