JUNE 2020


State of The Party from the Chair:

"The Alliance Party Accelerates Into the 2020 Election"

As the Alliance Party enters into its inaugural election year, the activity level of this new approach to politics is ramping up dramatically.As with any national movement, there are many things happening simultaneously.

First and foremost, of course, there is a growing list of outstanding local, state, and federal candidates signing up and being nominated across the Country. Tim Cotton, TAP National Political Director, covers this and the quest for Presidential electors elsewhere in this newsletter.

The TAP organization itself continues to grow rapidly by adding new state affiliates and through mergers and ballot access alliances across the Nation. For example, in recent weeks affiliates in Mississippi, Delaware, Florida, Arkansas, and Colorado are joining our effort. In addition, we have petitioning campaigns for ballot access underway and scheduled in Maine, Tennessee, and New Jersey. And, we have entered into an agreement with the Natural Law Party of Michigan to form an "alliance" to utilize their ballot access for November's election. Discussions are continuing with other state parties regarding additional mergers or ballot access "alliances" for November.

Also, on the ballot access front, we are litigating, and a party to litigation, in a number of states challenging the onerous requirements enacted by state legislatures to prevent third parties and their candidates from appearing on their ballots.Many of these requirements are now even more indefensible because of the legal and health barriers imposed by the pandemic.

And, finally, we are busy identifying and selecting Presidential electors in all of our states to ensure that our Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates have a pathway to obtaining the 270 electoral votes needed for victory. Tim Cotton says more about how one becomes an elector elsewhere in the newsletter.

These "moving parts" are all critically important when building a new, competitive national political party. However. as we have said many times, this is not just about creating another party to offer as an alternative to the "'tis" and "t'aint" choices we have lived with for too long in America. This is about creating a new approach to solving our unresolved problems and our new problems.It is about recruiting and electing public servants who are term limited and transparent problem solvers who answer to their constituents-not to a party whip or a narrow ideology.

2020 is not only the descriptor for this calendar year - it is also also the optometric description of "perfect" vision. Working together throughout the remainder of this extraordinary year, let's create that "more perfect" vision for the Nation we love!

Jim Rex, National Chair, The Alliance Party

What Can You Do?:

We Are Looking For Presidential Electors:

As per the US Constitution the President and Vice President are not elected directly by citizens. Instead, they’re chosen by “electors” through a process called the Electoral College.

Each state party selects these electors for their party and submits a list to the Secretary of State. The only duty of an elector, aside from some initial forms to sign, is to cast a vote in the Electoral College in December of 2020 in states where the Alliance Party candidates may have won the popular vote.  Learn More HERE

I am hoping that you can help us with a tremendous, yet simple and free contribution to the cause. Become a part of history, take this opportunity to be one of the people with the distinct honor of selecting the next President and Vice President.

Help Us Get On The Ballot:

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and restrictions on social interaction, collecting the thousands of ballot access petition signatures in each state will be a tremendous feat. Most of our candidates will now be forced to pursue other options to get on this November’s general election ballot. We expect time will be short and we will need to hire paid petitioners to meet our goals.



Our Candidate List is Growing:

Our campaign to solicit ordinary citizens to run for state, federal, and local legislatures is growing. The call for Americans to replace the professional politicians that have largely corrupted our government is underway. We currently have many going through the process with the following already having been nominated and have signed the candidate agreements.


Listen Up: After Dark Podcast

Did you know the Alliance has its own podcast? Thanks to volunteer hosts and producers Dan Schaefer and Michael Johnson, new After Dark: The Alliance Radio Hour podcasts are posted on Sundays. 
  • State Candidate Brad Jayne Talks about South Carolina and the NationBrad Jayne, candidate for South Carolina’s 114th Representative District, drops in to talk about issues affecting not only the “Low Country” of South Carolina, but the nation as a whole. Brad is a self-employed film producer and director. He has worked as a consultant and commercial director for top companies and advertising agencies in the nation, and he specializes in high-end broadcast and internet media content for groups such as A&E, JCPenney, History Channel, HBO, South Carolina Aquarium, Roper St. Francis Healthcare, and many more. Brad shares some great ideas on education, national issues, and what it takes to acquire and retain businesses that help the local economy. Listen Now
  • A Conversation with mayoral candidate Ozzie Gonzales. Ozzie Gonzales, a small business mentor, an entrepreneur and an advisor to local agencies and nonprofits on equity and sustainability policies, is running for Mayor of Portland Oregon. As an architect with a strong background in environmental science, Ozzie is uniquely positioned to address the big issues facing Portland, including the city’s rapid growth rate and a growing homeless population. Listen in as Ozzie discusses some very interesting and innovative ideas on how to address problems, based on his past experience in environmental science and architectural design. Ozzie is excited to help Portland take the lead by setting an example for the rest of the country as we move forward through our current pandemic and into a bright new future.. Listen Now
  • A Chat with Candidates Sarah Work and Brad Svenson. This evening we talk with two candidates up for election this November. Sarah Work, who’s running for state senator in district 14 of South Carolina, and Brad Svenson, who’s running for US Representative from the second congressional district in Minnesota. We’ll talk about the issues they plan to address and the special challenges they face during this most difficult year for running while in the grip of a pandemic.   Listen Now! 
  • Futurist and Author David Houle Talks About the 2020s. David Houle, futurist, author and keynote speaker discusses how the consequences of the 2020s are going to be felt for the next 50 years. Issues like climate change, machine intelligence, the reinvention of capitalism and democracy and a growing global consciousness will play out in this decade, and life as we know it will shift into a new reality. Tune in for a very interesting and informative discussion. Listen Now

Join With Others: Become an Ally

The time has come for the people of a nation divided to come together beyond party divisions in an alliance, as a united people in a nation that stands on liberty and justice for all. Allies are a different sort of citizen, one who takes responsibility for their part in our republic. Become an ally with Americans across this great land.
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  • Inform yourself responsibly about local and national issues through truthful, unbiased sources
  • Be civil in your political discourse and respect the opinions of others.
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