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July topic: Impulse Management
Hey Everyone, Sandy here!

The theme of this newsletter is managing impulsivity. Impulsivity is a key trait of people with ADHD. It is part of what makes us spontaneous and fun creatives, originals, the life of the party! A little bit of impulsivity can be fun, but a lot can be dangerous.

I have hurt people by saying things I later regretted, I messed up my credit by spur of the moment spending. Many folks with ADHD have experienced the life changing consequences that can come from impulsivity. It can negatively impact one’s career, relationships, and health. 

So what can we do?

There are 3 things I have read about and am trying to work into my own ADHD journey;

1. A treatment plan with a medical professional. Sometimes medication can give us the ability to have a kind of buffer between thought and action. There is no shame in needing medication, as drugs can address neurochemical imbalances that contribute to ADHD signs. Medication isn't the only solution for dealing with impulse management though.

2. Listening to others. Sometimes other people can be a source of wisdom when we can’t see what we are doing or know we are going into a situation where we may struggle to control our behaviour. I have had my sister temporarily take my credit card when I didn't trust myself not to overspend. 

3. Practicing mindfulness. The art of noticing your thoughts is like building a muscle. Training yourself to pause and sit with the waves of restlessness, the discomfort of boredom, and the anticipation of making a purchase teaches you that these feeling are separate from YOU. You are not these things, and with practice you can learn to choose to not engage with them. That is true power.

Having an ADHD Brain is sometimes like having a Mercedes engine in a Toyota. Love your brain, love yourself, but try to keep from driving into a ditch!

~ Sandy Slade

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ADDing to your Toolbox

1. Five tips for improving your impulse control:

2. Impulsivity and ADHD - why meditation can help:

Gray matter in the prefrontal cortex increases within 8 weeks of starting regular meditation.

3. Tips to help impulse management in ADHD kids:

Children with ADHD act before they think.. the ability to "self-regulate" is compromised.

COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic is a stress and disruption for everyone, but for those of us with ADHD there are some particular reasons it may be difficult to cope. We've assembled a collection of external resources that we think may be helpful to you:

CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association COVID Resources):

CADDAC (Center for ADHD Awareness Canada):

CHADD (CHildren and Adults with ADD):

Financial assistance for Islanders affected by COVID-19:
Provincial Resources:

Federal Resources: 

If you have other good resources that you've found please share them on our Facebook page!

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