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Men with ADHD in "Movember"!

I want to give a big “Thank-you” to everyone who participated in ADHD Awareness Month and “Welcome” to those who are new to ADHD PEI. 

When someone says ADHD what image pops into your head? For most people it will be a hyper young boy, the likes of Bart Simpson or Dennis the Menace. That stereotype plays over into reality with the ratio of boys to girls being diagnosed about three to one. 

While the data generally suggests that historically men have been diagnosed at a higher rate than women, ADHD PEI’s experience has been quite different. At this time only 16% of our Facebook fans are men, and our weekly support group is only a little bit better with consistently more women in attendance than men. The goal of ADHD PEI is for ALL people with ADHD on PEI to feel accepted, understood, and have the tools they need to thrive - and this obviously includes men.

So this month as the “Movember” event highlighting men’s health (which includes mental health) is going on, we thought that this newsletter would be a good place to start a conversation and pose some questions; 

  • How does ADHD impact men differently then women? 

  • What supports and resources are available for men with ADHD? 

  • How can ADHD PEI find and support the men with ADHD on our island? 

You can help! 

If you are a man with ADHD, or have such a man in your life (husband, son, other relative or friend) please let us know what you think. You can send us a message through our website or come join our Facebook Group!

~ Sandy Slade

Upcoming Events

  Every Wednesday in November at  7:30pm-9:00pm Atlantic Time.
  WHERE: Zoom
  Meeting ID: 972 041 5025

If you haven't used Zoom you can check it out here. The first time you join a meeting you may be prompted to download some software, after that zoom will be able to launch from your computer when you click a meeting link. 

ADDing to your Toolbox

This month's toolbox has a variety of tools to get your started on your ADHD journey!

First of all, you might be wondering if you or someone you care about has ADHD. You could start by taking an online screening assessment like this one hosted by CADDRA.

The next step might be to see a trained professional for a more formal assessment and a discussion of treatment options. On Prince Edward Island you can request a referral from your family doctor or from a doctor at a walk-in clinic.

Dr. Wong, a retired pediatrician who currently diagnoses and treats adults with ADHD on PEI wrote a great post addressing questions about adult ADHD:

If you have questions about ADHD or want to see what it's like to hang out with other people who have ADHD then you might want to swing by one of our weekly support group meetings every Wednesday at 7:30pm AST. (

And lastly, if you are a man with ADHD and wonder about shaving. Does it require more concentration than an ADHD brain can handle or does the daily ritual serve as a calming practice in mindfulness that centers the ADHD brain? Some folks on reddit had a discussion on just that!


Our regular list of resources can be found on our website HERE.

Here are some additional new resources that you might find useful:
ADHD Dude Youtube Channel

ADHD Men's Support Podcast

Prince Edward Island Crisis Resources List

The COVID-19 pandemic is a stress and disruption for everyone, but for those of us with ADHD there are some particular reasons it may be difficult to cope. We've assembled a collection of external resources that we think may be helpful to you:

CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association COVID Resources):

CADDAC (Center for ADHD Awareness Canada):

CHADD (CHildren and Adults with ADD):

Financial assistance for Islanders affected by COVID-19:
Provincial Resources:

Federal Resources:

If you have other good resources that you've found please share them on our Facebook page!

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