Results of Treasury Bond Tender 1256

Series Offered 3.25% 21 April 2029
Series ID TB138
ISIN AU3TB0000150
Offered to Public ($million) 1,000
Amount Allotted to Public ($million) 1,000
Weighted Average Issue Yield (%) 0.9258
Coverage Ratio 4.7750
Lowest Yield Accepted (%) 0.9225
Highest Yield Accepted (%) 0.9275
Volume of Bids Received ($million) 4,775
Number of Bids 32
Number of Successful Bids 12
Number of Bids Allocated in Full 4
Best Bid (%) 0.9225
Worst Bid (%) 0.9600
Weighted Average Bid (%) 0.9363
Amount Allotted at Highest Accepted Yield
as Percentage of Amount Bid at that Yield*
*Individual allotments may vary due to rounding.
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