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Today's Topics

Today we explore:

  • Why Netflix can't chill after losing subscribers in the US.
  • Why England & Wales could really use Sherlock Holmes to crack a few more crime cases.
  • The easiest ways to switch up your diet to help the environment.

The numbers behind the numbers:
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Earlier this year Netflix raised its prices by roughly 15-20%. At that time Netflix was probably feeling pretty good off the back of a solid awards season and a few good quarters of International growth. Netflix was chill.

Then, at the end of June they lost the rights to The Office (US). 2 weeks later, Friends said see ya later as well, with all 236 episodes set to go to HBO Max in 2020. Those 2 shows accounted for >11% of all viewing hours in the US.

Next up was Q2 results where the combo of higher prices and a slower content schedule added up to a lousy quarter. Netflix expected to add 5 million subscribers in Q2. They managed just over half of that target (2.7m).

Perhaps most worrying for Netflix was that the International business did all the heavy lifting - the US business actually went into decline last quarter, with more than 100k subscribers deciding they didn't need Netflix in their life anymore. With the loss of 2 huge shows, and competition only likely to intensify, it might not be the last time people switch off Netflix off for good. 📺

Boris is in 10 Downing Street. How a man who once got stuck on a zipline is now the Prime Minister of the UK is one unknown. Another unknown is whether the 20,000 new police officers that he has already announced will help police in the UK solve more crimes.

In the year to March 2019, just 7.8% of offences resulted in someone being charged or summonsed in England & Wales. That's the lowest success rate since the data first started being tracked in 2015, when almost twice as many crimes were solved (15.5%). Looks like it's never been a better time to be a criminal. 🕵️

The scientific consensus that we are causing global warming is likely to have now passed beyond 99%. When it comes to climate change something we all struggle with is working out what are the simplest, most effective, changes that we can make.

One of the easiest ways is diet. A study from the University of Oxford has calibrated, from over 38,700 farms and 1600 processors, the typical environmental impact of different protein sources.

We've simplified the researchers great work, and our advice? Switch the steak for a chicken breast. Or, if you're feeling really green, just have beans on toast. From a nutritional point of view that's one of the most environmentally efficient ways to get protein into your diet.

Data Snacks

1) A pair of rare Nike trainers, designed by the track coach who co-founded Nike, were recently sold for £351k. Swoosh.
2) ITV has been struggling a bit recently, with ad revenues falling 5%. How do you fix that? More Love Island of course. The broadcaster announced there will now be 2 seasons a year.
3) On Thursday Paris saw temperatures hit 40.6°C, the hottest ever recorded in the French capital.
4) In Sydney a man crashed into a parked police car. The cops caught up to him and in addition to charging him with negligent driving they found $140 million worth of methamphetamine in his van. Expensive crash.
5) Boris Johnson removed more than half of the sitting cabinet upon becoming Prime Minister on Wednesday, giving 18 cabinet ministers the sack.
6) Tesla's share price fell by almost 15% after printing another quarterly loss and announcing the departure of their Chief Technical Officer.

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