The Cultural Negotiation of Science is a research group based at Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK that brings together artists, academics and research students whose practices engage with expert cultures across a broad spectrum of science and technology.

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Working Together is a new collaboration between CNoS research, Louise Mackenzie and Northumbria University Department of Applied Sciences. Exploring ideas of closeness and abstraction across scientific and artistic research, Louise is working with scientists on what it means to develop relationships with the body in abstraction as it is decontextualised and presented as cellular material in the laboratory through a series of zoom conversations and collaborative remote working exercises.

Daksha Patel has received an LB x a-n Artists Bursary as part of the Liverpool Biennial 2021 programme. She will be based at Invisible Flock’s studio in Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where she will be mentored in the use of LIDAR scanner technology. She will experiment with LIDAR in the field by scanning water in the nearby lake and explore projecting the scans on the surface of the water.

Following on from last month’s newsletter, Chris Dorsett offers another example of science negotiating culture. At a recent seminar about anthropological filmmaking, the ‘scientific discipline’ of microphenomenology was presented as a new method of addressing the fine-grained character of lived experience. Apparently, the texture of existence has been excluded from empirical investigations because it is so difficult to describe. Check out the project website if you are wondering where ‘art’ fits in. Chris mentions that he is planning to ask the project team some questions and to contact him directly if you want to join in.

Lead image: Kathryn Garner and Louise Mackenzie on Zoom with Helen Chadwick’s Piss Flowers and Uterus with decidua illustration from Nurse’s Handbook of Obstetrics. 2021

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A friendly, online social get together for artists, scientists and people doing interesting things with technology taking place tonight from 18:30. This edition of Datarama is inspired by the scientific research of the Human Cell Atlas and research involving tissue donation and open access data?”

Link to registration via the button below.

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** ONLINE CATCHUP In his talk, ‘Biological art and its discontents’, Oron Catts traces the cultural and scientific developments that led to the emergence of biological art as a new form of art practice. From Alexis Carrel, Stéphane Leduc and Edward Steichen to contemporary lab craft and art, the talk provides a critical look at the development of biological art. Watch Oron’s talk online here.

** ONLINE CATCHUP The first talk from (EN)COMMPASS, a new series of conversations about art and science from Science Gallery is now online. Featuring Science Gallery Dublin’s Aisling Murray in conversation with artist Ernesto Walker, Cat Kramer from the Office of Life + Art and Sasha Engelmann from the artist collective Aerocene, the talk explores contributions that artists and designers have made to scientific knowledge. Watch inaugural (EN)COMPASS talk online here.

** Sheffield-based Arts Catalyst has reopened with Cycle 25, a new exhibition by Gary Zhexi Zhang exploring operative fictions in finance, sovereignty and cosmic speculation. Exhibition runs until 3 July, 2021.

** LASER Vienna on 10 June presents Externalities Within, an online event with four young women choreographers based in Vienna who have worked in a medical context. Registration is free.

Art/Science Opportunities

=> The Healthy Scepticism (HS) Short Film Competition seeks short film submissions for the HS film festival that relate to perceptions and experiences of health, illness, wellness, medicine or healthcare. DEADLINE 1 June. More information here.

=> Gatherings in Biosemiotics has a call for papers for its 21st annual meeting—to be held primarily online, but also partly in-person in Stockholm from 26-29 July. Researchers interested in the intersection of meaning-making and biology are encouraged to submit. DEADLINE 1 June. More information here.

=> The Institut Ramon Llull, along with Hangar, New Art Foundation, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and La Caldera have announced an open call for five grants for the production-research of artistic pieces situated at the confluence between art, science and technology. DEADLINE 4 June. More information here.

=> Culture² has an open call for journal submissions from all stages of research and documentation within academia, community and industry. Its goal is to highlight the work of researchers that are democratising the practice of science or pursuing non-traditional and interdisciplinary research.. DEADLINE 15 June. More information here.

*** Please note that although these opportunities have been identified as relevant to our cross-disciplinary research and practice, they are not necessarily endorsed by CNoS or Northumbria University. ***

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