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Where's Linda?

Editor's Note: International President Linda Brehaut has been dealing with some complicated health issues this week. She asks for prayers for the strength to deal with the challenges that keep coming her way. She plans to fill us in with more details in the next issue of the HI Note

Linda, we all send our strength to reinforce yours. Harmony.



Together again in Verona!

By Allison Thompson, International Convention Manager


Chorus Contest
  1. Valley Voices
  2. Rochester Rhapsody
  3. Thousand Islanders Chorus
  4. New England Voices in Harmony
  5. Notable Blend
  6. Sisters of Sound
  7. Capital Chordettes, Inc.
  8. Unaccompanied Minors
  9. Harmony Heritage
  10. Bluegrass Harmony
  11. Maine-ly Harmony
  12. A Cappella Showcase
  13. Nickel City Sound
  14. Harmony Falls
  15. Coastal Voices
  16. Liberty Belles Chorus
  17. Northern Blend
  18. Niagara Fronter Chord Authority
  19. Seaside A Cappella
  20. Village Vocal Chords
  21. Women of Note
  22. ScotianAires
  23. Lake Ridge Legacy Chorus
  24. Atlanta Harmony Celebration!
  25. The Over Tones
  26. Crystal Chords
  27. Sounds of the Seacoast
  28. Bella Nova Chorus
  29. Chapman Mills Sound Connection
Quartet Contest
  1. Blue Phoenix
  2. Singamajig
  3. Porchlight
  4. It's About Time
  5. Life Is Good!
  6. Free Spirts
  7. New Q
  8. QWiNN
  9. enJOY!
  10. Out on a Limb
  11. Generations
  12. SWAG
  13. Half Notes
  14. Take 4
  15. Life's a Pitch
  16. True Colors
  17. MetaFour
  18. Serenade
  19. Continental Crush
  20. Restless Rhythm
  21. Roulette
  22. Remix
  23. Contempo
  24. Four Shore
  25. Daphodyls
  26. Reunion
  27. V
  28. Fierce
  29. Kentucky Blend
  30. Ring True
  31. Notables
  32. Replay
  33. N2Q
  34. Top Shelf
  35. Elixir
  36. Onyx
  37. Escapade
  38. Tonic!
  39. Kismet
  40. In a Chord
  41. Uptown Sound
  42. ZEST
  43. Frendzie
  44. Vivàce
  45. Lip Service
  46. Mach 4
  47. Sweet Life
  48. Moving Parts
  49. In Sync


Chapter AEP/Dinner registrations

We are encouraging chapters to sign up as a group to make it easier to log your registrations and allow for your dinner assignment to be grouped appropriately.

Pre-Registered Individuals and Groups

If there is a group that you wish to sit with, have yourself put on their Multiple/Group registration form. DO NOT choose an AEP, just leave it blank, but list your dinner choice on that form. These are the forms which will be used for assigning dinner seats on Saturday night.

Room reservations

As you may have heard, we have sold out of double rooms at the Turning Stone Tower and Hotel.  With over 1,000 contestants, this is not surprising – but I know it's disappointing to those that have not yet made their reservations.

We have worked with the hotel on some viable options and ask that you please share this information with your chorus members who are attending ICC and who still need a room.

These options have been added to our room block, so no penalties will be assessed for staying off property.

Rooms available:
1. King bed in the Tower or Hotel at Turning Stone: $164/night
2. Double room in the smoking section in the Tower or Hotel at Turning Stone: $164/night
3. Suite at the Lodge at Turning Stone: Double rooms are $359 and include balcony.
4. Offsite property - Sandstone Hollow: $126/night.  This is about a ½ mile away, and offers a free shuttle to the Turning Stone
5. Offsite property - The Inn: $92/night. This is about a mile away, and offers a free shuttle to the Turning Stone.

Follow the same instructions for making your hotel reservations with the above options.

If you have any members who are willing/able to give up their double room for a king room so that we may accommodate more groups, please let me know.

Questions about IC&C?  Please check the WEBSITE convention page or reach out to me at


If you are interested in promoting your chorus or quartet, or want to offer well wishes, you can order a Big Screen Ad for this year’s IC&C for $35 USD. 


Now is the time to book a table in the Harmony Mall at 2022 International Convention & Contests in Verona, NY. This is a great opportunity to sell your wares and raise money for your chapter. 
If you know of outside vendors who would like to display and sell their products to those in attendance (over 1,000 people), please send their contact information to

2022 International Chorus 

By Sara Stone, Director Programs (Music and Education)
Information about the International Chorus has been sent to chapters and associates. Jordan Travis, the director of A Cappella Showcase, will be directing the International Chorus again this year. The great news is that we will be IN PERSON! We will be singing the Beatles' With a Little Help From My Friends, arranged by Suzy Lobaugh.

Minor Chords return at Turning Stone

By Kristin Gunasekera, Youth Programs Coordinator

The Minor Chords is a chorus made up of all youth members who attend the International Convention and Contests in November. This year, all Youth AEPs will be fully funded by money held in trust for youth programs by Harmony, Inc. That means you get to sing with all of the Youth in Harmony for free!

The Minor Chords will be singing Sunny Side Medley, arranged by Nancy Bergman.

It’s easy to sign up! Fill in this form and submit by SEPTEMBER 15. Then you will receive a link to the music and learning tracks. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or call 407-719-4363.

Strum and Hum

Kitchen Party Redux

 By D Dyer, Kitchen Party Planner
Do you remember the Kitchen Party we had a few years ago, at the convention in Halifax? We’d like to do it again in November, at Turning Stone! Bring your ukulele (or any other instrument that will travel well), and meet the group at IC&C. 

To get an idea of interest level, and to give you a heads-up about the music, here’s what I need from you:
  •  If you want to join us, send me your email address. I will send you a link to the music I have. 
  • If a group of your chapter members wants to join us, but you only want one contact person? That will work too…just let me know how many of you there will be (so we  have an idea how much space we’ll need.)
  • If you answered yes to the above, and sent me your email address, and have looked at the music but didn’t see something you'd like included, please send it along, and I will add it to the folder.
  • We had over 60 Ukulele players a few years ago – but….THIS TIME?
This time, we haven’t seen each other in three years!  Many more choruses have groups who play. (I know that some of you picked up the ukulele as something to learn during covid-times!) Let’s gather at Turning Stone – and in between visits by quartets, we’ll have a “kitchen party” or a “hootenanny” (I hear tell it’s kinda the same thing.)
Send your information to – and we’ll get the music to you!

Beat the Heat!  

By Anne Colt, Ed. Coordinator
and Sara Stone, Dir. Programs (Music & Education)

Okay, when we said last month that it was going to be a hot summer, we had no idea! There’s still plenty of time to beat the heat, however, and take advantage of our HIVE classes. Let’s focus on performance this month. This topic is great for getting ready for IC&C in November AND for all of your performances this summer and fall. We have an amazing number of classes on this topic in the HIVE. Here are a few to check out, but also feel free to check out ANY of the classes we have on the HIVE and look to learn something new!!! 

- Get Out of Your Shell?

- Powerful Performances – What We Can Learn from Other Genres

- Bring Lyrics to Life

- Bringing a Song to Life

- Performance Reimagined

- Visual Ensemble Planning - Precision Choreography

- Visual Ensemble Planning - Theatrics & Staging

- Singing and Performing with Artistry

- The Singing Actor

- So You've Learned the Song. Now What?

- Paul's Path to Improvement, Episode 2: The Performance Sphere

This is just a short list of what's available on the HIVE, from talented instructors within our barbershop community!!

Here's the link to the HIVE in the Members Only section of our Harmony, Inc. website:

 Explore and enjoy! Just over three months until we meet in person for IC&C – first time since 2019!



L to R: Sharon Devonish (tenor), Brenda Schoenermarck (lead), Sue Waugh (bass), Joanne Sherk (bari)

Looking Sharp!

By Jessica Jones, Quartet Development Coordinator

Nearly as new as our latest Area 5 chorus, Chapman Mills Sound Connection, this foursome is Looking Sharp! They welcomed the relaxed rules for their first AC&C together and wanted to ensure their chorus would be invited to IC&C later this year by attending. One of their chorus leads learned the baritone parts for their songs and felt it was within her range, so, as Sue shares their thought, "Hey! Here we have a natural quartet... and hey! Why not keep singing as one?” Fun when those things work out so smoothly, right?

With the help of one of Sue’s kids, their AC&C Moonglow picture inspired the name, Looking Sharp. The quartet recently began rehearsing in person – about once a week – but since Sue winters in Florida, the three Ottawa friends plan to connect virtually with their southern USA bass. They hope to sing with Chapman Mills Sound Connection during community performances and chorus shows, with a goal to compete at their 2023 Area 5 AC&C.

  • Sharon, tenor (and only non-retired member!), is the chorus Assistant Director, giving her all as a healthcare professional. Hailing from a musical family, she sings at weddings and events as well.
  • Lead Brenda is enthusiasm personified! She’s full of ideas for music and costuming, and her upbeat attitude keeps Looking Sharp moving forward.
  • Joanne, baritone, keeps them on the straight and narrow (like a true bari). If they start to stray, Joanne reins them in with her gentle hand.
  • Brenda shares how bass Sue is a “wonderful president who has shepherded a small flock of chorus members throughout the pandemic, working tirelessly on their behalf and never losing hope that the chorus would continue to fulfill its potential and ‘rise again’ once its members reunited in song.” 

Keep Looking Sharp on your radar and share your warmest Harmony, Inc. welcome when you get the chance!



Announcing a new Membership Coordinator

By Kim Meechan, Director of Membership
Sometimes chapters struggle, particularly during these last few years. Sadly, we had to say good-bye to Catch Fire in Arizona despite ongoing support from the IBOD. They chartered in the midst of the pandemic and were unable to maintain momentum. We miss them and hope one day they will return, like their logo of the phoenix rising from the flames!
To assist chapters that may be struggling, such as newly chartered chapters and those chapters on reserve status, we have a Membership Coordinator. Recently, International President Linda Brehaut appointed Liz Meeker to that role, and that appointment was ratified by the IBOD. She will be taking over this position from Bonita Hester. Bonita will continue to be an important part of the Membership Team in her role as Chair of the Equity and Diversity Committee. 

Our assistants are invaluable to our organization, and I am grateful for their commitment and interest in making Harmony, Inc. the amazing organization that it is. Please join me in welcoming Liz Meeker to the Membership Team!

Volunteer Help Wanted!

By Gaye La Casce, Executive Vice-President

- Public Relations Coordinator - this position serves as a resource to identify and develop PR opportunities for Harmony, Inc., focusing on external public relations.
- Music Coordinator - this position coordinates the International Chorus and serves as a resource to members and chapters when it comes to music acquisition, distribution, recordings, and legalities (training is provided!)

Both positions are important  - one, in support of our members; the other, to help spread the word about our exellent organizaton! You'll work with great people, and provide critical services to Harmony.

For more info, contact me at

Corporate Office has moved!

The new address, effective August 1, is
Harmony, Inc. Corporate Office
9466 Pleasant Level Rd
Mechanicsville, VA 23116



Last reminder for US Chapters: 

Most Harmony, Inc. chapters operate with a fiscal year of April 1 – March 31.  This requires US Chapters to fil an electronic postcard 990-N with IRS by August 15.  Once you receive a notice from the IRS that your filing has been received a copy is to be sent to the VP Finance
The deadline for Canadian Chapters to file a T2 with Revenue Canada is September 30. 
  • to Corinne Bissonette (Associate Member & former member of The Champlain Echoes) on the passing of her son, Steven, and daughter-in-law, Marilou.
  • to Donna Dinaut (Breton Songbirds, Area 1) on the passing of her brother, Richard MacIsaac.
  • to  Carol Richardson (director of Breton Songbirds, Area 1) who recently lost two aunts: Elizabeth Jean Richardson and Anne Jean Mary Richardson.
Need to post a condolence notice? Please have the information sent to the Corporate Office to be recorded. Thank you.

Your donations to the For Love of Harmony program enable you to identify individuals or groups to receive special recognition, while at the same time providing a monetary gift to Harmony, Inc. 💛 

Deadlines approaching!

AUGUST 15: U.S. Chapters file 990-N with IRS.

  • Deadline to register for Minor Chords
  • AEP Purchase (AEP FAQ)
  • Dinner Registration 
  • Big Screen Ads 
  • Harmony Mall Table Sales 

SEPTEMBER 30: Canadian Chapters file T2 with Revenue Canada.

OCTOBER 1: IC&C Hotel Room Reservations

NOVEMBER 2-6: IC&C, Verona, N.Y.

The next issue of the HI Note comes to your inbox August 20. What would YOU like to read about in that issue? Share your thoughts with by August 13. 

See you in a couple weeks! 

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