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Here's Linda!

By Linda Brehaut, International President
In the last HI Note, Roxanne mentioned that I have been dealing with some health issues and I would update soon. Here is my story.

In April, I was diagnosed with a small bowel cancer and started chemo treatments in July. No doubt, over the next three months of treatment, I will have good days and bad ones. I promise to make the best of the good ones and lie low on the tough ones. I am not afraid of this. I have walked this walk already once in 2001 and came out stronger. Heaven help my family and friends if I come out of this even stronger!  They will not know what to do with me. I am surrounded by amazing, positive people.

As your President, I want you to know that the organization is in good hands – you have an excellent Board of Directors, and I am part of that team. Together we are all stronger. I have tremendous support from every corner in Harmony, and for that, I am grateful.

COVID-19 protocols

I am sure many of you are waiting to hear the update on COVID-19 protocols for IC&C. The IBOD is meeting on August 20, and you will hear from us immediately after the meeting. Many thanks to the task force that has, yet again, tackled a difficult subject. Please tell me this is the last time we have to have this discussion!

The energy for IC&C is rising for sure! I just signed up to volunteer, and I see there are still openings available for you if you are interested. The schedules are posted on the website now, and you can also click the link in the article, below. Please be sure to check in often to stay up to date.

Just over 10 weeks to go, and we will be “Together Again”!



Together again in Verona!


Harmony needs YOU for a successful convention!

By Anne Leinen, ICC Volunteer Manager
The end of summer is near and we’re gearing up for IC&C in Verona. Our IC&C is going to be an exciting event, and we need volunteer help from you to make it an awesome convention. There are many jobs available on our signup - look and see what appeals to you. Friends and family members are welcome to sign up as well. A few examples of volunteering jobs:
Pattern Workers for the contest sessions: These positions are backstage, which means you’d miss most of the performances for that session. The good news is there are two sessions for chorus and three for the quartet contest, so you’d still be able to see a good portion of the contests. Volunteers in these positions get to see and hear all contestants’ warm-ups and wish them well as they go on stage!

Pattern/Hotel Guides: The contests take place in the Event Center, a fantastic venue at Turning Stone. Getting from the hotel to the event center and pattern route is a little tricky – we’ll need volunteers strategically placed to guide contestants/members. You will not see performances for that session, but you’d be able to see the other sessions.
Quartet Stage Viewing Assistant: With so many quartets in this year’s contest, help is needed organizing the stage viewing time.

There are many other jobs which still need to be filled – please click on the link below and see how you can help Harmony.

Check the website for THE ORDER OF APPEARANCE!


By Allison Thompson, International Convention Manager

Purchasing AEP

Early Bird pricing for AEPs expires Sept.15. Beginning Sept. 16, price will rise by $10. AEPs may be purchased at any time up to the beginning of the contest.

Traveling to IC&C

We’ve all heard the horror stories about traveling these days.  Many of you probably have nightmare stories yourselves.  While we hope things will get better after the summer travel season, there are no guarantees.  So here are some things to consider when planning your travel.
  • Driving

If you are less than a 15-hour drive from Verona, we encourage you to drive to IC&C. Parking is free, and you can grab some friends, rent a van and make a fun adventure of it! But make sure you rent your car now. Post-COVID inventory is low and there are staffing shortages – so don’t assume you can find something at the last minute.
  • Flying

If you must fly, we encourage you to book your flights now.  Pick the earliest departure of the day because once there is a delay, it snowballs and throws the rest of the day off. Also, choose flights with the fewest transfers (stops) – even if it costs a little bit more. If your flight is delayed, the fewer transfers you have, the better off you will be. Be sure to arrive at the airport EARLY.  Staffing shortages are causing huge delays at the airports for security and customs. And most importantly, pack all of your important items and things you can’t replace (think costumes) in a carry-on. The stories of lost luggage recently are astounding, and the last thing you want is to be on stage without a costume!

If you haven’t traveled in a while, here are some reminders from TSA.

IC&C Schedule

The convention and contest schedule is now posted on our IC&C website. There are some new and exciting activities, and we’ll be sharing those details shortly. Check out our FAQs document for any questions you may have about IC&C.

Program and Big Screen Ads

This year’s program will be virtual. We will provide a QR code for you to access the virtual program so you can print it and bring it with you and/or access it from your mobile device.  You will also have access to the agenda through our mobile app.

As in years past, you have an opportunity to create and purchase a slide for our big screen ads. These slides will rotate during breaks at all contest sessions. For more information and to order your ad, visit our website.

And don’t forget these important deadlines:
  • Program ads/information: September 1, 2022
  • EARLY AEP Pricing: September 15, 2022 (AEP FAQ)
  • Dinner Registration: September 15, 2022
  • Big Screen Ads: September 15, 2022
  • Harmony Mall Table Sales: September 15, 2022
  • Hotel Room Reservations: October 1, 2022  

Saturday Dinner

There is some confusion around how to sign up for the Saturday night dinner. We request that you include the dinner orders with your AEP orders – that way we will know who to seat at your table. If you have submitted your AEP order and didn’t include your dinner order, you can go in and do a new form with just the dinner order. If you submitted your AEPs and dinner forms, but have additional folks you want at your table who have already submitted their AEPs – just drop me an email, and I’ll ensure you are all seated together.  Because the forms are online, I will be able to create the seating plan and share it with you in advance of IC&C. You will be able to make changes prior to the start of IC&C.

The cost for the dinner is $40 and the menu is:
  • Salad: Petite Kale and Greens, Pickled Apple, Cheese Crisp and Creamy Dijon Dressing
  • Entrée: Saffron and Lemon Marinated Chicken
  • Vegetable: Broccoli, Crushed thyme scented potatoes
  • Dessert: Coconut Lime Cake, Vanilla Sponge, Coconut Bavarian, Lime Mousse
If you have dietary restrictions, there is an option to let us know on the form.  We will work with the hotel to ensure you have an appropriate meal.

For more information about IC&C we encourage you to visit our website and check out our FAQs document.


If you are interested in promoting your chorus or quartet, or want to offer well wishes, you can order a Big Screen Ad for this year’s IC&C for $35 USD. 



The Harmony Shoppe is offering special items and special sale terms for IC&C. All items on the site, including three special IC&C items, are being offered at the price shown (plus appropriate sales tax) with no additional shipping charges. ALL ITEMS ON THE SITE!  Masks, totes, water bottles and magnets!  Everything.
In addition to items with the Harmony, Inc. logo, there are three special items featuring the IC&C logo: a woman’s T-shirt and a man’s T-shirt  (both in white, with the IC&C logo on the front) and a black and grey fanny pack, also with the IC&C Logo. 
All items, whether from the regular line or the IC&C line, will be delivered to Turning Stone Resort in Verona, New York, in time for you to pick them up on site. Items must be ordered on the Harmony Shoppe website (remember that you can choose a Canadian or US webpage so that you get CAD or USD prices) and orders must be placed by September 20.  During this special ordering period, no sales will be accepted for home delivery – IC&C delivery only.

Minor Chords return at Turning Stone

By Kristin Gunasekera, Youth Programs Coordinator

The Minor Chords is a chorus made up of all youth members who attend the International Convention and Contests in November. They will be singing Sunny Side Medley, arranged by Nancy Bergman.

It’s easy to sign up! Fill in this form and submit by SEPTEMBER 15 to receive a link to the music and learning tracks. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or call 407-719-4363.

Welcome to the Team!

The Convention Team would like to welcome Linda Briggs as our in-coming Registrar.  After 10 years of dedicated service, Chris Hembel has decided to step down after this year’s IC&C. We thank her for her many years of dedicated service and know that she leaves some big shoes to fill.

Linda is going to shadow Chris this year, and then assume full responsibilities after Verona. Linda has been a member of the barbershop community since 1998.  She joined Harmony, Inc. in 2005 as a member of Sounds of the Seacoast.

Her professional background is in Project Management, which is a great fit for the positions she has held in Harmony Inc., including IBOD PR Coordinator, Area 2 Contest & Judging Chair, and currently, an Administrative Judge (formerly known as Chairman of Judges.) Plus, every year, she is the Singing Valentine Coordinator for Sounds of the Seacoast.

Linda is excited to be joining the team that makes it all happen at IC&C, and we are so excited to have her!

Strum and Hum

Kitchen Party Redux

 By D Dyer, Kitchen Party Planner

Let’s gather at Turning Stone – and in between visits by quartets, we’ll have a “kitchen party” or a “hootenanny.” Bring your ukulele (or any other instrument that will travel well), and meet the group at IC&C. 
Contact D Dyer for particulars and access to the resources.

Resources galore!

Check out Barbershop Connections

By Nicola Stevens, Website Developer

Have you ever wondered who has an arrangement for a specific song? Or how do to contact a certain arranger? Or what arrangements have been done by a certain arranger? Or what Christmas medleys are available? The questions really are endless…

BarbershopConnections is a free website that provides this kind of information!

I launched my website about 12 years ago. My hope was that it would help singers easily find information regarding Arrangers, Arrangements, and Learning Tracks.

Over the years, the website has grown and the Arrangements page is by far the most popular. There are now over 14,000 arrangements.  There are three ways to search for an arrangement: by Song, by Arranger or by Type. Each arrangement has a link to where you can purchase it (usually SAI, BHS, SMP, or directly from an arranger). 

Please check out BarbershopConnections. I think you'll find it useful.

You know you're curious...

By Gaye La Casce, Executive Vice-President

... about what it means to volunteer for Harmony! Do you have the skills and interest (or know someone who does) to help with these positions? Want a resume boost? Visit our website or contact me for more information.
- Graphic Illustrator 
- Public Relations Coordinator 
- Music Coordinator 
Work with great people, learn how Harmony works from behind the scenes, and make a difference in the organization you love.

For more info, contact me at
  • to Capital Chordettes, Inc. (Area 5) on the recent passing of two wonderful basses, Barbara Stimpson and Flo Roy.
  • to the family and friends of Marilyn Kelsey, the 1966-1968 International President of Harmony, Inc. 
  • to Linda Hilko (Sing Niagara, Area 5) on the passing of her mother, Maryan Hilko.
  • to Wendy McCabe (Sing Niagara, Area 5) on the passing of her parents, Bev and John (Jack) McCabe.
  • to the family and friends of Gerry Holierhoek, former member of Sing Niagara and Pride Niagara.
  • to Gail Geiger (Sing Niagara, Area 5) on the passing of her mother, Ruth Pettenger.
Need to post a condolence notice? Please have the information sent to the Corporate Office to be recorded. Thank you.

Your donations to the For Love of Harmony program enable you to identify individuals or groups to receive special recognition, while at the same time providing a monetary gift to Harmony, Inc. 
From Sound Celebration Chorus in recognition of Kerry Wilson and the many years of service she has given, as she relocates to Arizona.
From Judi Johnston in loving memory of best friend and Harmony Queen quartet mate, Gloria Dubeau, Black Magic (1984).

Deadlines approaching!

  • Deadline to register for Minor Chords
  • EARLY AEP Purchase (AEP FAQ)
  • Dinner Registration 
  • Big Screen Ads 
  • Harmony Mall Table Sales 

SEPTEMBER 30: Canadian Chapters file T2 with Revenue Canada.

OCTOBER 1: IC&C Hotel Room Reservations

NOVEMBER 2-6: IC&C, Verona, N.Y.

The next issue of the HI Note comes to your inbox September 5. What would YOU like to read about in that issue? Share your thoughts with by August 28. 

See you in a couple weeks! 

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