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I want to make sure you know about the significant changes coming to ward boundaries in Northampton. Every 10 years across the state, our wards and precincts are redrawn to ensure each ward and precinct contains more or less an equal amount of residents, (within 5%). This is necessary as the populations in wards/precincts can grow and shrink.

We've just completed this process in Northampton. The City Clerk reports that 1/3 of Northampton's population will find themselves part of a new ward/precinct. These changes are in effect immediately. Wards like Ward 2 downtown geographically shrunk this year because their population grew. Wards 6 and 7 have grown a bit geographically because our populations have not.

As you may know, your ward assignment impacts which City Councilor represents you and at what location you vote. If your ward or precinct has changed, you will need to vote at the new polling location next election, in September of this yearThat said if your ward or precinct has changed, I will continue to represent all those within the old Ward 7 boundaries until January 2024, which is when City Councilors elected in the November 2023 election take office.
The City Clerk's office is now in the process of mailing updates to all residents with newly assigned wards and precincts, along with new street listings and any dog license renewals, (which are due June 30th).
While it's great that Ward 7 will be gaining residents on Bridge St, (part of the old Ward 1), I must say I am sad for Ward 7 to lose residents in the Ryan Road area. Part of what went into the decision to add that area to Ward 6 was due to the longer travel time to your polling place, which was Leeds Elementary School. Now you all will be voting at the Ryan Road School, which, admittedly, makes a lot more sense. Sigh.
Below is the NEW Ward 7 boundaries. The link to this and all the new ward boundaries can be found HERE.
Please do reach out with any questions or concerns. You can also reach Pamela Powers, the City Clerk at
Wishing you all well, 
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