Hello Spring!

Willowcrest welcomes a new season, so let us all say farewell to Winter and hello to Spring, the time of year that invites us all to reset, and start fresh!

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First Thing’s First: Spring Cleaning

  1. We love to move at Willowcrest, please be sure your kiddo wears comfortable shoes they can run around in.

  2. Make sure your kiddo has plenty of food in their lunchbox. They're working hard and are hungry when snack and lunchtime come around. Please include a water bottle as well.

  3. A friendly reminder to all parents that tuition is due on the first of every month.

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  5. Sharing your experience of Willowcrest on Google allows us to reach more families and grow our amazing school. If you have a moment please do so!

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February Curriculum Recap

The letters Z, A, M, N, E

Sight words: that, in, you, is

+1 = one more

Addition problems (ex. 2+1)

Sorting by size; biggest to smallest

Phoneme Sequencing Letters, (ex. the sounds that “O” and “I” make)

Books Read

Brown Bear

Groundhog Gets a Say

Little Blue Truck’s Valentine

There’s a Bear on my Chair

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Standout themes include February fun, butterflies and rainbows!


Parfaits, chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas many ways!

Important Upcoming Dates:

School Closed:
Thursday, March 31st - Cesar Chavez Day

If you have any questions or concerns about these dates, please email us at

Recent Events

Willowcrest’s first ever Mom’s Night Out was so much fun. We can’t wait for the next one!

Fun at Home:

Our kids have been loving play-doh, and who can blame them? In addition to its bright color and unmistakable scent, play-doh is great for developing fine motor skills your kids use everyday.

Play-doh enhances hand eye coordination, dexterity, creativity and both independent and cooperative play. You can even make this malleable toy at home! Making play-doh is an inexpensive and fun way to connect with your kids.

Learn how, here.

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