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Hey friend,

My name is Ry Lei. I'm your new Director of Communications. The past few weeks have been wild, but we're settling into a rhythm, even though it feels like a weird one.

Before I get into the specifics of why this email is in your inbox or how it even got there in the first place, we — the MFOL CA state board — wanted to personally thank you for committing to the March For Our Lives.

Although this journey started with a focus on gun control, the truth is we are fighting for so much more. This fight is intersectional; it's complex, with many issues indirectly, and directly, affecting others.

There's no way for us to confront gun control without talking about racism, mental health stigma, voting rights, disparity in education, and so much more. So we've decided to confront it all, to the best of our ability.

We can't do it without you. So please stay with us for this first long email (I promise that most of the rest will be shorter).

Oh, also, you're getting this email because at some point you signed up to get contacted through the MFOL National website.

Here are the answers to some questions you might have.

1. Why is there a newsletter?

Good question.

The short answer is that newsletters look cool.

The long answer is that it's the easiest way to get everyone on the same page. It's also the only place we can get into all the nitty gritty without worrying about a character limit, which is cool too.
A poster from the March For Our Lives in San Diego
Photo by Marley Aguirre

2. Who's writing?

Me. I'm the one writing. Actual answer. Rest assured, all of these messages have gone through members of the board and have been vetted by multiple parties before they reach your inbox.

3. What's this about?

Everything. I'll be sending you everything from policy updates to events to fundraisers. If you're willing to let me know your birthdate by filling out this form here, I'll send you a personalized "Happy Birthday!" email. If you're 15, that email will come with a reminder to get pre-registered to vote. If you're 17, I'll be reminding you to get registered. I will also be reminding you to vote when elections roll around.

4. Can I opt out?

Sigh. Yeah. I'm legally obligated to give you the option to opt out. Just scroll down to the footer below and hit "unsubscribe from this list."

But why wouldn't you want me sending you happy birthday messages?

5. What's the schedule?

There isn't one. We operate on the notion that news doesn't have a schedule.

6. How do I get other people signed up?

Glad you asked. Pop the following into any group chats or message threads with friends, family, teachers, or co-workers.


Feel free to redirect them to our social media too:
That's all for today, but you'll see another letter in your inbox soon.

While you're waiting, though,
help us move forward:
If there are still unanswered questions, shoot me an email and I'll be sure to answer it in an email back or in our next letter.

See you next time, Friend.
All images used in this letter are by Marley Aguirre
Copyright © 2019 March For Our Lives California, All rights reserved.

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