PEG-it™ Virus Concentration Reagent
Get High-titer Lentivirus in an Easy Way

Used in over three-hundred citations, PEG-it™ Virus Concentration Reagent enables easy concentration of pseudoviral particles for achieving ultra-high titers. It’s great for concentrating pseudoviral particles even from large volumes of medium by removing the need for ultracentrifugation. Simply add PEG-it to the collected medium, incubate overnight at 4°C, and spin at 1500g for 30 minutes.

In addition, PEG-it acts as a cryopreservative for concentrated virus. Lentivirus concentrated with PEG-it lasts longer in the freezer and survives multiple freeze-thaw cycles with minimal loss of titer.

  • Easy to use, single reagent
  • No ultracentrifugation required
  • Non-toxic to transduced cells
  • Cryoprotects virus from freeze/thaw
  • PEG-it has hundreds of citations
PEG-it™ concentrates virus particles 10 to 100-fold
PEG-it™ is non-toxic and effective with stem cells
PEG-it™ protects isolated virus particles from multiple freeze/thaw cycles
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