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Black Lives (Always Have and Always Will) Matter

We shouldn't be here again, still, but here we are. Nile doesn't have all the answers. But we're always here to support any and everything dope and Black. If you want to learn about different elements of the movement and figure out how you can contribute, or you're tired of answering questions for others who want to do the same, read below for resources - And share directly below with your networks to remind your them that they can always do something.
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Support Black Owned Businesses
This is a period of confusion for some, growth for some, and fatigue for others. For those who are hearing about new concepts or ideas, you may have questions that you (rightfully) don't want to burden your already distressed friends, family, and colleagues with. You can read Nile's latest blog post about how Black-owned businesses fit into the picture, and check out our collection of other resources below.
Read Our Blog
Police kill Black Americans disproportionately around the country - even in ALASKA!!! Understand the true picture of police violence in America with this mapping.
Police Killings Stats
Are you a non-Black ally who wants to help? Want to learn? Not sure what it is important to understand or who to ask? Forward this email to your ally friends who want to learn!
Ally Readings
Many people misunderstand the idea of prison abolition, which is much more that "criminals" just being set free. 
Learn About Prison Abolition
Are you planning on protesting? Make sure you know what to do if the police start actin' a fool.
What to Do When Arrested
The official Black Lives Matter movement remains hard at work, on the ground and online. There are chapters around the country, and they are heavily involved in organizing the current protests happening.
Connect with BLM
Incarceration is an industry in America that has been crushing Black men and women for decades, and is fueled by many big businesses - who are they?
Incarceration Profiteers
It can be hard to understand why people are "tearing up their own neighborhoods." Of course, as with all race-related issues in America, it isn't that simple. This is an oldie but goodie about "looting" in racial protests.
Understand "Looting"
We also have to learn how to take better care of ourselves. Right now, with concerns about COVID-19 lingering, it can be hard to get in contact with a great therapist. Even in normal times, they can be hard to find. But culturally competent therapy is critical for mental health and sanity right now.
Find Virtual Therapist
For Black History Month, Nile dropped our Dope Black Things E-Booklet, which was praised as a "new Green Book." Check it out!
Learn About the Dope Black Things Nile Recommends
MPD150 wants to help bring an end to police violence in Minneapolis and America.
Police-free Solutions
We are all wondering what can we do right now. How can we help? A lot of us have been feeling immobilized, guilty, or helpless. Those feelings are natural, but we can always help. Below are some ways that you can get started. Do what you can, where you can. One small step you can take today is signing the (most-signed in the history of petition to bring justice to George Floyd's murderers.
Sign the Petition is a centralized platform that helps people across the US report police violence and act on it. This is the true "if you see something, say something."
Report Police Violence
Sometimes, simple lessons can help bystanders become allies. Check out activities that help promote allyship through self-reflection from Power Shift Network.
Practice Allyship
If you're financially able, there are protestors all over the country who need bail.
Donate to Bail Funds
Joining a protest? Make sure you have everything you need to be as safe as possible.
Protest Safely
For those who want to help make protests safe, and keep police accountable, one way to do so is to become a legal observer of protests, so that you may serve as a witness should abuses occur.
Become Legal Observer
We won't pretend like voting changes everything - but our represenatives do matter! If you haven't already been registered, now is the time.
Register to Vote
Force your representatives to represent YOU and US. Call them and ask them how are they responding? Ask them about the use of force in their jurisdictions, and what they're doing about it.
Contact Your Reps.
After reports of social media organizations like Tik Tok and Instagram deleting #BlackLivesMatters posts and protest videos, or helping authorities track down protestors, it's self-explanatory why we need apps like The Cookout, a safe space for Black people of all backgrounds. Join!
Black-owned Social Media
The Movement for Black Lives works around the clock on issues impacted our right to live as free people. Check out their week of action happening now.
Get Active with the Movement for Black Lives
As usual, we see many HBCU students and alum on the frontlines. Support the institutions that have supported us!
Donate to HBCUs
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