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Henry Ventura
National Director
Rotten Tomatoes
It’s amazing how God produces hope and life out of seemingly worthless garbage. A week ago, I found in our kitchen a tomato that had gone bad. It had gotten too soft and obviously could not be eaten anymore.

Instead of throwing it into the garbage can, I sliced it up and stuck it in some dirt in our backyard. One week later, the seeds have sprouted and now I have a lot of tomato plants coming up out of the ground, each one promising to give more tomatoes than I would know what to do with! I have seen and heard countless stories of people who used to lead sinful, shameful lives who are now being used by the Lord for glorious purposes. One of these is the story of Loyd Solatorio who used to be a drug addict and pusher but is now a tireless servant of God:

I’m brother Loyd Labrador Solatorio, a sinner saved by grace, given mercy by God because of His love through his Son our Lord Jesus.

“I used to live in worldly pleasure and became addicted to many vices, women, drugs and gambling. I was an expert gambler whom you would always find at any funeral.
(Note: In the Philippines, people come to a funeral to be with the bereaved family and to stay up all night gambling.) I was not only a drug addict but also a drug pusher and I became a big problem for my family.

“But because of God’s mercy due to his love, I found salvation in Christ through his blood and was saved from my sins. So great was the Lord’s goodness that I found that my life changed on April 9, 2014 as I read the passage of Luke 23:43 ‘Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.’

 “Now I’m presently serving the Lord together with our pastors, Pastor Nonie Riconalla at Pastor Antonio Escobido under Iloilo Christian Mission Church-Visayas here in Iloilo.

“I am one of the elders of the Church and am currently serving by preaching the Good News to people who have not heard nor know our Lord Jesus, whether on sea, in vehicles, on land, mountains or anywhere else. Let’s all obey wherever he may take us or tell us to go because we are his servants. Whether or not there is a pandemic, whether prohibited or not, whether daytime or nighttime, we are joyfully being used by God in proclaiming the Good News.

“Because of our class at CCI, I learned correct observation of the text, correct interpretation, and correct application to my life. I learned how to prepare an outline for preaching even when there is no internet, using only paper, a pen and the Word of God, without depending on technology. Technology is good and I also use it, but it’s better that we ourselves create an outline and with the help of the Holy Spirit this will have a great impact on people. 

“I also learned how to lead a Church, if it’s the Lord’s will that I not only preach outside the church building but also take care of and feed the sheep of his flock.

Here are some pictures of Loyd as he leads a team of believers in sharing the gospel on the streets and at the marketplace.

Henry Ventura
CCI Philippines
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Here is a testimony from one of our graduates:
From Pastor Edwin Balasanos, a CCI graduate who is now pastoring Catigbian Christian Gospel Church in Bohol:

“I am pastor Edwin Balasanos from the town of Catigbian in the province of Bohol. I and my whole family came to the town as missionaries years ago and by God’s grace we now have a church. In fact, this month we had baptized 6 members of the church.
“Right now I am training some of them to become leaders and am so glad that I have these BTCP materials to help me train them comprehensively. It is a huge help to me as their pastor adopting the CCI program because the materials are well organized for student’s effective learning experience. I don’t have to create my own style or strategy to disciple them because it is being laid out in the material. Most importantly, it always reminds me that one of the major responsibilities of being a pastor that is to be making disciples.

“We have finished Book 1 during the pandemic period this year though it was not easy for us because we are doing the class at night once a week and looking to start book 2 as soon as possible. These students have their own bible studies in different areas within the town and plan to assign them as church planters, especially when they finish the whole program by God’s grace. That is what I am always praying to God for them.

“Though we are not even halfway done in the program I am confident that God will give us enthusiasm and sustain us financially so that we can really finished it.”
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Prayer and Praise
From Henry Ventura - National Director of CCI Philippines
  • Please pray that our teachers and students would have the perseverance to continue and finish the training and that they may become more effective servants of our Lord even as they are going through the training.
  • Please pray that we may have a Christ-like, God-honoring, Spirit-controlled attitude as we continue to experience both successes and disappointments in our daily lives.
  • Please pray for Pastor Lou Bual, a CCI teacher in Tacloban City. He had just finished his chemo treatment for cancer and he needs to undergo some tests to find out if he will need radiation treatment as well. He used to teach four groups of students in his church before he got sick.
Thank you for praying and for giving!
Through your prayers and the help of the Holy Spirit (Phil. 1:19), the CCI ministry is growing and is effectively equipping God’s servants to make a difference in their communities for the glory of God.
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