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Henry Ventura
National Director
Time Flies

I stared at the calendar. The realization struck me like a smack in the face: I’m 63 years old! Already!? Time flies. Fast. I feel the relentless march of time, the insistent ticking of the clock, the sands of the hourglass slipping away. Time is extremely precious. I must not waste it on trivial matters, petty quarrels, and shiny but worthless objects. Time should not be spent exclusively on the necessities of daily life but more importantly, invested in matters of eternal value: Training disciples who will make more disciples. Strengthening the brethren. Investing in people who will multiply the value of my efforts. Producing materials that will teach people about God for generations to come. This is why I'm investing my time and life in CCI (aside from my family). I believe that the Lord will continue to use CCI to produce more disciples until He comes back. I encourage you to do the same. May the Lord "Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom" – Psalm 90:12
Henry Ventura
CCI Philippines
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From Jerome Barcelon of Gospel Church of Manila in Camarin, Caloocan City:

"Before I studied under CCI, I used to abuse my preaching, I preached without studying. During the training, I learned to outline my preaching. The book that impacted me a lot is the Personal Spiritual Life manual which taught me about my personal journey and personal devotion with God especially my prayer time with God."

From Pastor Sunny Antonio, a CCI teacher in Negros Occidental (wearing red shirt below):

“I am thankful to the ministry of CCI because through the training, we have been able to assign pastors to more than 20 churches especially in the mountains which used to have no pastors.”
Staff Update & Churches Planted
The staff made a survey of churches planted by our students and graduates. The partial list shows that we have planted 150 churches with an average attendance of 40 members. The photo below shows Tahong-tahong Church in Bohol. The island is so small that the ground goes under water during high tide. The members come on boats to worship the Lord.

Tahong-tahong Church in Bohol

Strengthening the brethren in their Christian walk: Our Coordinators are either visiting classes or calling the teachers by phone in their areas of responsibility to find out how they are doing. The photo below shows Melvin Caindoy and his mother Teresa visiting classes in Bohol to encourage them.

Caindoys visiting classes
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Prayer and Praise
From Henry Ventura - National Director of CCI Philippines
  • We praise and thank God for His protection during the series of typhoons that hit the Philippines in November.
  • Please pray for the CCIP staff, the teachers and the students to be faithful stewards of our time and resources, knowing that we have limited time here on earth and there will be a time of reckoning (Matt 25:19).
  • Please pray for the finances to continue the ministry next year.
Thank you for praying and for giving!
Through your prayers and the help of the Holy Spirit (Phil. 1:19), the CCI ministry is growing and is effectively equipping God’s servants to make a difference in their communities for the glory of God.
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CCI Philippines
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