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Henry Ventura
National Director
  • I thank God for the chance to visit Vietnam in February to attend the Teachers’ Conference in Ho Chi Minh City. We had about 20 people in attendance and I enjoyed spending time with these precious brothers and sisters in the Lord.
  • We studied the scriptures and then we talked about the vision, mission, core values, responsibility and accountability within CCI and other matters. We also talked about our experiences in the Philippines regarding raising funds for the ministry and developing organizational structures.
  • The little part of Ho Chi Minh that I saw is very similar to Manila except for the steady stream of motorbikes everywhere. I also found out that you have to haggle aggressively at the market to get a good price. The people are polite, friendly and hospitable and I would have loved to communicate with them but my Vietnamese is not too good. In fact, it is non-existent.
  • I hope that the experiences that I shared about our work here in the Philippines will be of help to them in their country.
Henry Ventura
CCI Philippines
Thank you for your prayers & support and please continue to pray for our ministry in the Philippines.
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Promotions & TTWs

  • I went to the neighboring town of Pulilan, Bulacan to promote CCI to a gathering of about 36 pastors and church leaders. Five pastors who were present expressed interest in attending a Teacher Training Workshop (TTW) in April so they could use our curriculum.
  • Pastor Ferdie Quiratman invited me to the Bayan-anihan conference held at Baptist Bible Seminary and Institute in Taytay, Rizal. He then gave me a few minutes to promote CCI. There were about 250 people in attendance at the conference. I made several connections at this event, including the following:
    • A pastor who told me that he would talk to the Board of a seminary about setting up extension classes with BTCP as their curriculum.
    • A pastor in Cavite who is planning to start a new class. He had taught the BTCP curriculum many years ago at his church with one graduate who continues to be actively involved in the ministry today.
    • A pastor who wants to start a class with the name of CCI instead of the name of his church.
    • A lady who told me that she and her husband would like to start training people in the Middle East.
    • I even reconnected with Pastor Val Reyes Jr who used to be our pastor from 33 years ago when Cora and I were new Christians. In fact, Pastor Val was the one who baptized Cora. He was part of the US team that held the Bayan-anihan conference. He had attended a TTW in the US under Aaron Issler just before coming to visit the Philippines. Now he is planning to start a CCI class at his church in California.

Teacher Training Workshops (TTW)

Pastors Manny Gocon, Bay Moral and Jay Labrador together with his disciple Gio Mallari led a TTW in Bamban, Tarlac with nine participants. This TTW was the result of Eper Echor’s conversation with his friend Vher Ayuban last October. Pastor Eper is a voluntary Area Coordinator in Dipolog City. One of the participants of this TTW started a new class right after the TTW.
During my visit to Valencia in Bohol, I interviewed Roland Tagud, a CCI graduate who ministers in that town. Below is his story.
Pastor Roland Tagud was pastoring in the northern part of Bohol province when he enrolled in a CCI class. He and eight other students graduated in 2009 after 2 years of study under the late Pastor Max Caindoy. After the graduation, he moved to Valencia in the southern part of the island to bring the training to his hometown. He shared the gospel with friends and neighbors and started a new pioneering work together with fellow graduates. He is passionate about learning and teaching sound doctrine from the Bible. He told me that if nobody had taught him sound Bible doctrine, he would not know what to teach other people.
The work in Valencia is going well by God’s grace. The Bible study groups, outreaches and training are going on. Pastor Roland is now teaching a CCI class with 14 students and some of these students are either helping him in the ministry or are working in their respective churches. The class is now in Course number 5 and Pastor Roland gets to teach his favorite subject, the major doctrines of the Bible. His wife Wilma is one of the students in the class.
The church that they have started now has an outreach in the neighboring town of Dimiao and it is being led by another graduate and tireless worker of the Lord named Pastor Castor Gultimo.
Prayer and Praise
From Henry Ventura: National Director- Philippines
  • Please pray for the class at the River of Yahweh Christian Fellowship in Dipolog City, Mindanao. They have seven students. They are hoping to finish the training in May and are planning to hold their graduation ceremony in June.
  • The classes in Tarlac City and Pagadian City are planning to graduate in March.
  • Please pray for the Teachers’ Conference that we are planning to hold in San Fernando City in April.
  • Praise God for some of my friends who gave a donation for the education of deserving students who cannot afford to pay for the books. Our CCIP Coordinators have identified 10 students who will be given free books and Bibles and will be required to report on their progress every month.
  • Praise God that Pastor Melvin Caindoy started teaching a new class in Argao, Cebu with 9 students. On their first session, he taught for 9 hours. Please pray for this class because they will have classes only once a month due to the complicated process of traveling from Melvin’s home island to the class in Argao.
  • Pastor Jay Labrador is very grateful for the iPad Mini that was donated by a church in Texas through CCI. He says, “Thank God for the answered prayer for an iPad that I can use for the ministry where I can put the lessons and presentation that I need. Thank you sir/mam, this is big for my ministry and this is my first time using an iPad in my life.”

Thank you for praying and for giving!
Through your prayers and the help of the Holy Spirit (Phil. 1:19), the CCI ministry is growing and is effectively equipping God’s servants to make a difference in their communities for the glory of God.

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