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Volume 11 Issue 2 | April 2021
In this issue:
SIZA Environmental requirements 
SIZA Social (Ethical) requirements
General Information | Training Dates
In die uitgawe:
SIZA Omgewingsvereistes
SIZA Etiese vereistes 
| Algemene Inligting
No matter how efficient your business currently is – at some point, you and your team will be running into some common problems. It is not only about creating a problem-free work environment, but rather how you, as the business owner or general manager, choose to approach and manage the inevitable bumps that arise in the road. This will set your business apart from others.

Being solution-oriented means focusing on the implementation actions, but interestingly, the opposite is also true. While solution-oriented people do not hesitate to act when necessary, they also recognise when they are more likely to find the solution by taking a step back and approaching the issue from the right headspace. Solving non-compliances is not just about fixing the current issue or focusing on what is going wrong, but rather considering how it affected the past and what needs to happen to continue moving forward successfully.

There are 2 330 members registered on the platform with 272 new members for the current financial period. 138 members cancelled their membership due to farms being sold and 62% of the total amount of members are registered for the Environmental module. A total of 679 Social (Ethical) audits have been conducted over the last year and we foresee that a further 740 will be done in the year to come. Out of the 679 ethical audits, a total of 5 683 findings were raised.

Being a solution-driven business, you will probably ask, how many of these findings have been closed, but if you take a step back you will realise that there are 5 683 continuous improvement actions implemented over the last year in the South African agricultural industry. This speaks to the drive behind continuous improvement. Businesses need to understand that they need to regularly engage with all aspects and divisions in the business to identify possible shortcomings, and proactively implement the necessary tools and controls to drive a long-term sustainable way of doing business.

As Einstein said: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

Retha Louw,
Policy vs Plan
Beleid vs Plan
Pressure from markets, international and national legislation, and overall environmental well-being requires producers to approach the management of their businesses in a new and modern way, with sustainability as the main goal. Environmental management as a whole plays a big role in achieving these goals of sustainability, but just as any business model requires structure and attention to detail, environmental management also requires a structured approach.
Markverseistes, internasionale en nasionale wetgewing, en algemene welstand vereis dat produsente die bestuur van hul ondernemings op ‘n nuwe moderne manier moet benader, met volhoubaarheid as die hooffokus. Omgewingsbestuur as geheel speel ‘n groot rol wanneer dit by die bereik van volhoubaarheidsdoelstellings kom, maar net soos enige besigheidstruktuur aandag aan detail benodig, benodig omgewingsbestuur ook ‘n gestruktureerde benadering.

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Temporary Employment Services
Tydelike Arbeid Diensverskaffers
The use of Temporary Employment Services (TES), or better known in South Africa as labour brokers are for a longtime part of the agricultural labour market.  The foundation of responsibility was cemented in the fact that both the Temorary Employement Services (TES) and the employer (i.e., farm/packhouse) are jointly and individually liable for any contraventions of employment conditions. 
Die gebruik van tydelike arbeidsverskaffers (TES), of beter bekend in Suid-Afrika as arbeidsmakelaars, is jare lank deel van die landbou-arbeidsmark. Die grondslag van verantwoordelikheid is gegrond op die feit dat die TES sowel as die werkgewer (dit wil sê die plaas/pakhuis) gesamentlik en afsonderlik aanspreeklik is vir enige oortreding van diensvoorwaardes. 
Responsibilities regarding Asbestos
South Africa has terminated the utilization of asbestos which will greatly improve the environment and lead to fewer health problems related to asbestos. The regulations give a clear duty on employers to identity asbestos in place and manage it properly. This duty is also extended to employees to take care of their health and safety and also look after others who may be affected. The Asbestos Abatement Regulations, as promulgated in November 2020 set out the requirements around the disposal of asbestos under Section 21.

When a business identifies asbestos being present in their business, there are a few things that need to be considered. Click on "read more" below for more information.  

Why is SIZA communication important?
Hoekom is SIZA kommunikasie belangrik?
The key aspects to a successful business are awareness and communication, which go together hand in hand. If a business is not aware of the requirements and practices that are expected of them, they cannot successfully manage the risks and requirements in their business.

At SIZA, we use three different newsletters, communication via direct email, capacity building & training, automatic platform communication, social media platforms and the SIZA webpage to ensure that our members are up to date with changes and market requirements all the time. 

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Bewusmaking en kommunikasie gaan hand in hand en is van die belangrikste aspekte van ‘n suksesvolle besigheid. As ‘n onderneming nie bewus is van die vereistes en praktyke wat van hulle verwag word nie, kan hulle nie die risiko’s en vereistes in hul besigheid suksesvol bestuur nie.

By SIZA gebruik ons drie verskillende nuusbriewe, direkte e-pos kommunikasie, kapasiteitsbou en opleidings initiatiewe, outomatiese platform kommunikasie, sosiale media platforms en die SIZA webtuiste om te verseker dat lede te alle tye op hoogte kan bly van veranderinge en markvereistes. 

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Are you an active SIZA member or has your profile expired?
Is u 'n aktiewe SIZA lid of het u profiel verval?
SIZA members need to renew their membership annually. To ease the process for businesses, proforma invoices are sent to the member one month prior to the membership renewal date. 
Should a member fail to renew his/her membership within 90 days after the expiry date, there will no longer be any visibility on the profile, and because the member will no longer be an active member of SIZA, the Audit Completion Letter will no longer be valid.

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SIZA lidmaatskap moet jaarliks ​​hernu word. Om die proses vir besighede te vergemaklik, word proforma fakture een maand voor die lidmaatskap hernuwingsdatum aan die lid gestuur. 

Indien 'n lid nie sy/haar lidmaatskap binne 90 dae na die vervaldatum hernu nie, sal daar ongelukkig nie enige sigbaarheid op die profiel wees nie en aangesien u dan ook nie meer n aktiewe lid van SIZA is nie, is die Ouditvoltooiingsbrief (sertifikaat) ook nie meer geldig nie.  

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Why does SIZA partner with platforms such as Sedex and GLOBALG.A.P.?
Waarom bou SIZA vennootskappe met platforms soos Sedex en GLOBALG.A.P.?
The SIZA vision is to supply a cost-effective approach, and to achieve that we need to partner with global platforms. Buyers prefer to work on a global platforms, as they source from multiple countries and not only South Africa. Therefore, for SIZA on behalf of you as our member,  to gain and maintain acceptance on your behalf to ensure that SIZA members only need to undergo one single audit each for Social and Environmental, we need to make your audit data available through a platform such as Sedex. In fact, it is a market requirement in order for producers to export to certain countries and organisations.

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Die SIZA-visie is om 'n koste-effektiewe benadering aan lede te bied, en om dit te bereik maak dit nodig vir SIZA om met globale platforms saam te werk. Kopers verkies om op globale platforms te werk, aangesien hulle uit verskeie lande, en nie net uit Suid-Afrika, aankoop. Daarom, vir SIZA om aanvaarding te verkry en te behou vir produsente, sodat SIZA lede slegs een oudit vir sosiale en omgewingsvereistes hoef te ondergaan, is dit noodsaaklik dat ouditdata deur middel van 'n platform soos Sedex ook beskikbaar gestel word. Dit is uiteraard 'n markvereiste vir produsente om na sekere lande en organisasies uit te voer.

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Get to know the six Audit firms accepted by SIZA
Leer ken die ses Ouditfirmas wat deur SIZA erken word
One might ask why SIZA recognises six third-party audit firms to conduct SIZA audits. The motivation behind such a wide variety is to ensure producers have a choice to select a firm that they are comfortable with. This furthermore enables a more competitive and cost-effective approach. As members are situated all over the country and sometimes even in neighbouring countries, we ensure that auditors are available in all of the provinces, meaning lower travel fees – again contributing to the cost-saving approach.
‘n Mens mag dalk wonder waarom SIZA ses derdeparty-ouditfirmas erken om SIZA oudits te doen. Die motivering agter so n wye verskeidenheid is om te verseker dat produsente ‘n opsie het om ‘n firma te kies waarmee hulle gemaklik is. Dit verseker ook ‘n meer mededingende en koste-effektiewe benadering. Aangesien SIZA lede in alle provinsies van Suid Afrika en selfs in buurlande woon, verseker ons dat ouditeure in al die provinsies beskikbaar is, wat sodoende tot laer reiskostes lei — wat bydra tot ‘n kostebesparende benadering.

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Training dates

The following training will be offered over the next 2 months. To register for any of our upcoming training sessions, please register using the links below or send an email to Jo-Anne September at

MySIZA platform training:
Consultants: Thursday 6 May @ 09:30
Producers: Wednesday 19 May @ 09:30
Producers: Wednesday 9 June @ 09:30
Export companies: Monday 14 June @ 10:00
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Social compliance online webinar:
Wednesday 5 May @ 09:00 – 13:30
Tuesday 15 June @ 08:30 – 13:00
RSVP here >
Environmental compliance online webinar:
Tuesday 18 May @ 08:30 – 13:00
Wednesday 2 June @ 09:00 – 13:30
RSVP here >
Environmental legislation training:
Wednesday 23 June @ 09:00 – 10:00
RSVP here >

Die volgende opleiding word oor die volgende 2 maande aangebied. Om vir enige van hierdie sessies te registreer, volg die onderstaande skakels of stuur ‘n e-pos aan Jo-Anne September

Konsultante: Donderdag 6 Mei @ 09:30
Produsente: Woensdag 19 Mei @ 09:30
Produsente: Woensdag 9 Junie @ 09:30
Uitvoermaatskappye: Maandag 14 Junie @ 10:00
RSVP hier >

Aanlyn webinar vir sosiale nakoming:
Woensdag 5 Mei @ 09:00 – 13:30
Dinsdag 15 Junie @ 08:30 – 13:00
RSVP hier >

Aanlyn webinar vir omgewings-nakoming:
Dinsdag 18 Mei @ 08:30 – 13:00
Woensdag 2 Junie @ 09:00 – 13:30
RSVP hier >

Omgewingswetgewing opleiding:
Woensdag 23 Junie @ 09:00 – 10:00

RSVP hier >

Audit Support: SIZA Toolkit 
As part of capacity building initiatives, SIZA offers a range of tools beyond the audit that, if used in combination rather than isolation, will provide more extensive cover and management of risk between audits, ensuring a more robust continuous improvement programme. As part of the producer support programme, SIZA rolls out webinars/workshops; videos that can be used for induction purposes; posters; capacity‐building, remedy, and support programmes; as well as newsletters and publications, such as the Health & Safety-, Transport- and a Fire-safety Guide; Workplace Communication Toolkit; training, etc. 
Welcome William Juul, SIZA's new intern
William Juul is a young man who completed his studies at Stellenbosch University, he finished his post-graduate studies in environmental management and found SIZA to be a perfect fit for his professional career where he can express his love for agriculture as well as his passion for environmental management. William is from the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, he is a passionate poultry showman and pigeon fancier.

SIZA welcomes William as part of the team and we believe that he will contribute to the success of the SIZA initiative going forward.  

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