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Volume 11 Issue 1 | January 2021
In this issue:
Audit scope Caring for the environment
Duplication of profiles
Cancellation of profiles
Consultants Scheduling audits 
Transport of workers | Training dates
In die uitgawe:
Oudit omvang  Bewaar die omgewing
Duplisering van profiele
Kansellasie van profiele
Konsultante Skedulering van oudits 
Vervoer van werkers | Opleidingsdatums
All In or All Out...
We have all heard that buyers want to source from a sustainable supply chain, but what does it mean to supply sustainably?

When doing business, it may seem as if doing the right thing will cost more. Is there really any sense in supplying ethically and sustainably if all these requirements and compliance principles need to be implemented throughout the business? Committing to doing ethical business can seem like imposing yet another burden on a farm or packhouse, where there is already so much pressure to adhere to several technical and other standard requirements. Despite this being seen as a burden, it remains a legal requirement and a request from buyers locally and abroad. Do you really have a choice when it comes to environmental assurance, or are solid environmental principles and caring for the environment a responsibility and no longer a choice? What is the right thing to do in caring for our planet?

If the decision is made to supply ethically and sustainably, you have to be all in. You cannot be halfway in, because adhering to ethical and environmental standards is a commitment and a way of life. The requirements are not items on a list that needs to be checked off or completed, but rather continuing practices that need to be implemented throughout the business, regardless of whether you are supplying a market where these notions are not required yet. The expectation is not to change and rebuild overnight, but rather to ensure systemic developments are put in place to drive value-added enhancements for the people and environment that make farming possible to start with. Setting the tone with your leadership, management style, and business principles is your legacy and therefore you cannot have different styles or rules for half of your business or supply chain. To supply sustainably is to act with responsibility and integrity and it will certainly provide the business with a competitive advantage. It will build a foundation of trust, loyalty, and respect, not only with your workforce but also with your buyers and stakeholders to maintain your company’s marketplace image.

And… if you make the decision not to supply sustainably because it is not a requirement for some, please ask yourself the question: Will my business systems and leadership be beneficial and supportive to the rest of the industry and do I adhere to legislation in South Africa; or will my management systems harm my friends and colleagues in agriculture in South Africa?

With ethical and environmental sustainability it is all in or all out, there is no halfway!

Retha Louw,
Audit scope for agri-businesses and packhouses
Oudit omvang vir landbou-ondernemings en pakhuise
Please remember — if you would like to supply and source sustainably, you need to implement ethical practices throughout your business. The requirements are not a list that needs to be ticked or completed, but rather continuing practices that need to become part of your operational activities throughout the business.

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Onthou asseblief — as u volhoubaar wil voorsien en verkry, moet u etiese praktyke in u besigheid toepas. Die vereistes is nie ‘n lys wat afgemerk of voltooi moet word nie, maar voortgesette praktyke wat deel moet word van u bedryfsaktiwiteite regdeur die onderneming.

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Caring for the environment is not a choice, it is a responsibility
Om die omgewing te bewaar is nie ‘n keuse nie, dit is ‘n verantwoordelikheid
The SIZA Environmental programme was developed to assist agricultural suppliers with becoming compliant with South African environmental legislation and to meet the ever-increasing requirements from global markets to farm, pack, and process with the environment in mind. But subscribing to the SIZA Environmental programme means so much more than just abiding to the law or meeting market requirements — it is a way of life, and one that is crucial to grow your business and to sustain life on our one and only planet.

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Die SIZA Omgewingsprogam was ontwikkel om verskaffers in die landbousektor te help om aan Suid-Afrikaanse omgewingswetgewing en die groeiende vereistes van globale markte om meer omgewingsvolhoubaar te boer, pak en prosesseer, te voldoen. Maar, deelname aan die SIZA Omgewingsprogam beteken soveel meer as om net aan wets- en marksvereistes te voldoen — dit is ‘n leefwyse, en dit is van kardinale belang om jou besigheid te groep en om lewe te handhaaf op die enigste planeet wat ons het.

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The duplication of membership profiles on MySIZA
Die duplisering van lidmaatskapprofile op MySIZA
As part of the SIZA terms and conditions, each member must ensure they remain actively involved in the oversight and upkeep of their membership profile. Duplicate registrations can cause inconsistencies and issues not only for SIZA members, but also for their linked members, which is why it is important to always ensure that you only register the profile(s) you need once.

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As deel van die SIZA-bepalings en -voorwaardes moet elke lid sorg dat hy aktief betrokke bly by die oorsig en instandhouding van hul lidmaatskapprofiel. Dubbele registrasies kan vir SIZA-lede en ook vir hul gekoppelde lede, teenstrydighede en probleme veroorsaak, daarom is dit belangrik om altyd te sorg dat u slegs die profiel(e) wat u benodig een keer registreer.

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Cancellation of SIZA membership profiles
Kansellering van SIZA-lidmaatskapprofiele 
Membership profiles play a vital role for each SIZA member. The profile serves a multitude of functions such as establishing a reference tool for buyers and indicating the correct business name that is used for exporting produce. Sometimes profiles need to be cancelled and it is very important to understand the process of cancelling a membership profile on MySIZA.  
Lidmaatskapprofiele speel ‘n belangrike rol vir elke SIZA-lid. Die profiel het ‘n verskeidenheid funksies, soos om ‘n verwysingsinstrument vir kopers op te stel en die korrekte besigheidsnaam aan te dui wat vir die uitvoer van produkte gebruik word. Soms moet profiele gekanselleer word en is dit baie belangrik om die proses om ‘n lidmaatskapprofiel op MySIZA te kanselleer te verstaan.
Why it is important for consultants to register as level 8 members with SIZA?
Hoekom is dit belangrik dat konsultante by SIZA moet registreer as ‘n vlak 8 lid?
Managing personal data is never an easy task. SIZA, along with its members and registered consultants, must ensure a legal and ethically responsible method for the access and sharing of data at all times. To combat possible challenges and unlawful behaviour, the expectation rests with members to manage their own profiles and to not share their login details with others. It is often an expectation that external consultants manage these accounts on the member’s behalf, and then access was given to their profile. 
Die bestuur van persoonlike data is nooit ‘n maklike taak nie. SIZA, tesame met sy lede en geregistreerde konsultante, moet te alle tye ‘n wettige en eties-verantwoordelike metode verseker vir toegang tot- en die deel van data. Om moontlike uitdagings en onwettige gedrag te bekamp, berus die verwagting by lede om hul eie profiele te bestuur en nie hul intekenbesonderhede met ander te deel nie. Dit is dikwels ‘n verwagting dat eksterne konsultante hierdie rekeninge namens die lid moet bestuur, en dan is toegang tot hul profiel gegee.
Scheduling of SIZA audits
Skedulering van SIZA-oudits
The scheduling of third-party audits is an important part of the audit process and it needs to be done correctly. A SIZA audit is not scheduled until it is requested on the MySIZA Platform. 
Die skedulering van derdeparty-oudits is ‘n belangrike deel van die ouditproses en dit moet korrek gedoen word. Onthou dat ‘n SIZA oudit nie fomeel geskeduleer is, tot en met dit nie aanlyn op die MySIZA Platform gedoen is nie.
Transportation of workers
Vervoer van werkers
Vehicles used to transport workers must comply with legal requirements. Regulation 247 (National Road Traffic Act, 1996) stipulates very clearly that the part of the vehicle carried by the workers must be enclosed with material strong enough to prevent a person from falling off the vehicle, to a height of at least 350 millimetres above the surface on which the passengers sit; or at least 900 millimetres above the surface on which the people stand. Ideally, no person being transported should be standing, but there is not any specific ban on this. 
Voertuie wat gebruik word om werkers te vervoer moet aan wetlike vereistes voldoen. Regulasie 247 (National Road Traffic Act, 1996) stipuleer baie duidelik dat die gedeelte van die voertuig wat die werkers dra ingeslote moet wees, met materiaal sterk genoeg om te verhoed dat ‘n persoon van die voertuig af val, tot ‘n hoogte van minstens 350 millimeter bo die oppervlak waarop die passassiers sit; of minstens 900 millimeter bokant die oppervlak waarop die mense staan. Die ideaal is dat geen persoon wat vervoer word staan nie, maar daar is nie werklik enige spesifieke verbod hierop nie.
SIZA capacity building and training
SIZA kapasiteitsbou en opleiding
As part of membership fees, SIZA offers a variety of training and capacity building initiatives. It is important that members attend training regularly so that they can stay up to date with new initiatives and changes to the SIZA programme and MySIZA platform. Please see the different planned training dates for virtual training sessions in the first quarter of 2021 below.

To register for any of our upcoming training sessions, please send an email to Jo-Anne September on to reserve your spot as space is limited per training session.

MySIZA platform training:
Producers: Thursday 25 February @ 09:00 – 10:00
Importers: Wednesday 24 March @09:00 – 10:00

Social compliance online webinar:
Wednesday 10 February @ 08:30 – 13:00
Wednesday 10 March @08:30 – 13:00

Environmental compliance online webinar:
Wednesday 17 February @ 08:30 – 13:00
Tuesday 16 March @08:30 – 13:00

As deel van ledegeld bied SIZA ‘n verskeidenheid inisiatiewe vir opleiding en kapasiteitsbou. Dit is belangrik dat lede gereeld opleiding bywoon sodat hulle op die hoogte kan bly van nuwe inisiatiewe en veranderinge aan die SIZA-program en MySIZA-platform. Hier onder is die verskillende beplande opleidingsdatums vir virtuele opleidingsessies in die eerste kwartaal van 2021.

Om vir enige van ons opleidingsessies te registreer, stuur ‘n e-pos aan Jo-Anne September op om u plek te bespreek, aangesien die plek per sessie beperk is.

Produsente: Donderdag 25 Februarie @ 09:00 – 10:00
Invoerders: Woensdag 24 Maart @ 09: 00 – 10:00

Aanlyn webinar vir sosiale nakoming:
Woensdag 10 Februarie @ 08:30 – 13:00
Woensdag 10 Maart @ 08:30 – 13:00

Aanlyn webinar vir omgewings-nakoming:
Woensdag 17 Februarie @ 08:30 – 13:00
Dinsdag 16 Maart @ 08:30 – 13:00
Contact details:
Carmen Botes
Tel: +27(0)21 852 8184
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