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A Message of Remembrance from the Augusta Jewish Museum

As International Holocaust Remembrance Day approaches on January 27, 2021, it is being recognized worldwide in many ways. One of the education pillars of the Augusta Jewish Museum, Phase One scheduled to open by July 2021, is "Remembering the Holocaust". Let us never forget the six million Jews and many others who perished in the 1940's through no fault of their own. The AJM displays will educate about The Holocaust and teach about tolerance, antisemitism, racism, and more. To learn more about The Holocaust, please visit our online Virtual Museum. Click Here

International Holocaust Remembrance Day
2021 Commemoration

The United States Holocaust Museum is having its 2021 Commemoration ceremony on January 27, 2021.
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Join the #WeRemember campaign that the World Jewish Congress is sponsoring. Write “We Remember” on a sheet of paper. Take a photo holding your sign. Share your photo on social media using #WeRemember

Please join End Jew Hatred and the Atlanta Israel Coalition for a socially distanced event at the Besser Holocaust Memorial Garden at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta (5342 Tilly Mill Road, Atlanta, GA, 30338) on Wednesday, January 27 from 6:00-6:30 PM.

Registration required due to security. Social distancing and masks are a must. Rain or shine we will be at the Holocaust memorial for this special Vigil. Sign up here. Can’t be there in person? This event may be streamed on Facebook. Check Here for up to date information

Visit the Augusta Jewish Museum’s Virtual Museum Here

Augusta Jewish Museum moves toward summer opening the Augusta Chronicle January 24, 2021” Read More

Volunteer Needed: AJM is looking for a passionate volunteer to join the team as Program/Education Coordinator to provide Community Outreach and be a liaison to the local CSRA School Systems. Are you that person?
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Did the Jewish People
Invent Earth Day?

In a sense, yes they did. While Earth Day as we know it started in 1970 the 16th century kabbalists (mystics) in the land of Israel created the Jewish Holiday of Tu Bishvat to commemorate an ancient custom of bring fruit from young trees to the temple as an offering. In the late 19th century Zionist Pioneers seized upon Tu Bishvat as a day to celebrate tree planting and the greening of Israel. Today Tu Bishvat is a day for planting trees and becoming ecologically aware.
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While January’s Days of Gratitude have passed they can be practiced all month. Click on the above photo to see the rest of the years activities.
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Do you have a story to tell or would you volunteer to help make this dream a reality?

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Visit our website and join us as we add to the cultural campus in beautiful downtown Augusta Georgia with the Augusta Jewish Museum, showcasing the history of Jewish Life in the Central Savannah River Area through programming and displays.

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