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Cultural Newsletter - 2nd October 2020

Some ideas to discover Francophone Cultures

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Le Chant de la sauterelle - Maëlle Audric

Maëlle Audric, one of the Alliance Française's teachers, self-published her first book! A romantic novel taking place in Rome, featuring teenagers living in a foreign country. Maëlle offers us the opportunity to read Le chant de la sauterelle's first chapter online. This book is suitable for (niveau) readers. Don't miss out on this one, you might be able to meet the author soon... 
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Sheremetiev - Thylacine
Video clip

This French electro musician revisits an unknown piece by Alexander Sheremetiev, composer of Orthodox music. In the video clip, the beauty of the music overlaps with the aesthetic beauty of the image. We observe an orchestra plunged underwater, slowly rising to the surface, towards the light.
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Atlantique - Mati Diop

In 2019, the Franco-Senegalese director Mati Diop won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival with her film "Atlantique". It is a fascinating story, both political and dreamlike, about the fate of migrants and the youth of Dakar. 

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Live show 

La Boxeuse Amoureuse - Arthur H et Marie-Agnès Gillot 
Full show 

Two musicians, two sportsmen, a boxer and a dancer.  Six different styles, combining music, dance and physical prowess to create a total show. Together, they invite us to discover a symbolic battle, full of emotion and ambiguity.
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Our Culturethèque selection
Podcast fiction

A fiction to listen to. The company DreamStation launches a Dream-At-Demand system that allows you to embody the hero of your choice in your dreams. But due to a loophole, some customers get stuck in the dream. A young man has the mission of bringing the dreamers back to the awake.
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Coup de coeur of the interns' team
Instragram account - Story

Walled-In is a narrative experience broadcasted on Instagram. Between an historical documentary and  a fiction, it mixes archives (photographic, video and sound) and illustrations. A story that plunges us into the heart of 1960s Berlin, among the men and women who tried to escape the Wall of Shame.
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Expression of the week 

"Ne pas être sorti de l'auberge" 
To not be out of woods

Literally, this expression means "not to be out of the hostel". People use it to say that they are not done with difficulties or troubles. It comes from prisoners language, in which "auberge" means prison. Once a prisoner is inside an auberge, he will have a hard time getting out of it!
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