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Cultural Newsletter - 18th September 2020

Some ideas to discover Francophone Cultures

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One man show

Sebastian Marx
Short clip of a show
You might have seen this American comedian in videos on our social medias. Today, discover a short extract from his one man show! It is in French, with English subtitles. Do not hesitate to take a look at his funny podcasts on his channel. Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come about Sebastian Marx!!!
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Our Culturethèque selection
Irineï et le Grand Esprit du Mammouth - Val Reiyel

American paleontologists extract a female mammoth carrying a calf from the frozen Siberian soil. Curiously, the hearts of the mother and the baby are still beating... Only Irineï, a 12 year-old shaman living in Siberia, knows the key to the miracle. But, in Los Angeles, the mammoth and its cub cannot survive without Irineï. To save them, the young boy is going to live an incredible human and spiritual adventure far from home. He will fight for the respect of the animals' life and the future of the planet.
After reading this novel, you'll have the chance to meet its author, Val Reiyel, during an online café littéraire organized by the AFMM! Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this writer that recently received the patronage by the French National Commission for UNESCO! Stay tuned for more details.
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Nemanja Radulović
Video clip

Nemanja Radulović is a Serbian-French violonist. He seeks to broaden the boundaries of classical music with his unique energy and sincerity. The musician announces in an original way on Instagram that he is positive at Covid-19. He filmed himself during a typical day of quarantine. This is the opportunity to (re)discover his interpretation of Paganini's Caprice 24.
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Astérix, La Zizanie - Uderzo and Goscinny
Audio book for kids

Asterix is a famous French comic series about Gaulish warriors, who have adventures and fight the Roman Empire during the era of Julius Caesar. France Culture Radio adapted one of the book in a "concert fiction", with amazing comedians and incredible sound effects.
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Cinema and Dance

Paris you got me 
Short film

This film is a story about artistic empowerment. It set a street artist that lures a woman into his magic world of art illusions. Their steps turn into dancing taps, gestures into splashes of paint, their action into art and art into the creation of an own reality... It's an artistic dance about the realization of your dreams, and all of this, in Paris!
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Expression of the week 

"Un vent à décorner les boeufs" 
A violent wind

Literally this expression means "a wind to dehorn the steers ". It is used to talk about a wind so violent that it could almost take horns out of a steer. It comes from the region of Normandy in France. This Sunday, take a look at our Facebook page to learn more about Normandy with our Tour de France des Régions video!
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