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Louis Byrne - I Can I Am and I Will

Choice, Acceptance, Intention

Welcome to the ICIAIW 2022 newsletter. It has been a busy few months and in this month’s newsletter, we are taking a look back at all the exciting events that took place in October and what a month it was. Read on to discover more and always remember to Dig deep and keep going!

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Louis Letter x

October has been an incredible month and it gave birth to the pop-up Empowerment community centre. Exactly 4 years my life changed forever, yes it was the anniversary of when I broke my leg and made a serious conscious choice to change the trajectory of my life and take control. It still blows my mind that I was able to open the doors to my creation. Now let me tell you it wasn’t easy, but I gave it everything I had, and it paid off. The intention was to create an inclusive space that was multifunctional, firstly to showcase the I Can I Am and I Will Movement and community, I really wanted people to see all the beautiful work in all its glory. Secondly, I wanted people to experience the unique Sunday Sessions uplift. Thirdly I wanted people to feel the emotion and a sense of community and the power of honesty, and boy was the room full of love, it was simply electric!

It was an immersive empowerment experience and as you entered the space, which was smack bang in the middle of the iconic Old Compton Street in Soho London, you were greeted and asked to do a simple introduction of yourself in the confession booth. From there it was on to take in the Empowerment Film of collaborators and the ICIAIW message, which was projected on a huge 16ft screen, and then it was time to chill in the Goggle-box chair in front of a vintage tv. This was a place to watch all the manifestations from the confession booth from the past few years, which was a very interesting social exercise. After that moment of inspiration by community voices, it was time to sit in the atelier chair for me to express the style you talk you through the movement and Wellbeing Journal. Next was your moment to shine in front of the camera in our studio set full of life and energy with beautiful unretouched and unfiltered moments of joy. To complete the experience, it was one last visit to the confession booth and a chance to set your own, I Can I Am and I Will Manifestation speech into action. As the evening drew to a close it was time for me to greet the crowd and speak my truth and empowerment, self-discovery and recovery, HIV and moving forward and I was overwhelmed by the support. Then it was time for a one-off special performance from non-other than Our Dementia Choir and I have to say there want a dry eye in the room with everyone joining in with the song.

DJ Katie Owen and Princess Julia finished off the evening with a bang and the dance floor was full.

It was a special moment to see a room full of love, community, and connection. I would like to say a huge thanks to my brand partners Loreal Professional for supporting me in my vision as well as my dear friend TTYL in production, Soho Estates for the venue, my team Peter Breen, Liam Bundy, Marc Ramos, Beth Bennett and Brighton for the sound system. Choice, acceptance and intention, never forget to own your Identity Embrace who you are because we all have a story to tell!

Louis xxx

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Life Advice with Louis Byrne
Let's talk about movement 💪

There is only one way to get through such a busy month and that’s to exercise and keep moving. I’ve teamed up with Marsha Lindsey creative Director of Nobu Pilates to bring you “Movement Over Fitness”.

I’m specifically calling this month’s feature Movement Over Fitness because this is all part of reframing something I’ve had to work hard at doing but has really paid off for me. Growing up and through school, I wasn’t very sporty, my secondary school was very sports focused but it was its focus was rugby and football. If you didn’t fit into that macho hetero stereotype, which I defiantly didn’t, then you weren’t part of the system.

The male influences in my homelife were my Grandad, who was a farmer so I would often walk the felids and my stepdad who simply wasn’t interested. I used to go on a forest walk with my nan and her mate Jone every Sunday and I loved the local swimming pool and cycling everywhere. Then I found the dance floor, and this was my place to escape physically and mentally. With this environment came alcohol and drugs which is simply part of the culture and although it would make me fit in, this can leave you not mentally in the best shape.

A big part of my not being able to do fitness activities or take part in group classes was my self-esteem. I would allow myself to think my body wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t fit enough or strong enough and all the negative language that had been programmed into my head growing up would take over. Here lies the catch-22, because if you're not regularly practicing something then, of course, you not going to be your strongest or fittest, so when comes to that point you must let all that negative bullshit and those mind traps go and allow yourself to start. I was always the person to say that I would start when I brought the latest trainers or the newest kit however, these are all excuses. Now, fitness is as much as being part of a community and as much for my mind and mood as it is for my body and for me, the body element is just a bonus.

As I’ve spoken about many times before, I was forced to make a choice when my body spoke to me well in fact it broke on me, it was either recover or face the alternative and I chose to recover! Post-surgery my leg was in a cast, and I made it my focus and my goal to go to the gym every day and work out my upper body to lift my mood out of depression and raise the endorphins. When I was on a work shoot in South Africa, I climbed Table Mountain in my cast. They would wheel me around in a wheelbarrow, but I was determined that my situation would not hold me back and that came from my mindset! When my leg came out of a cast, I had some sessions with a trainer to strengthen the areas that needed work and I started to hike. In fact, just a few weeks after coming out of my cast from surgery I hiked the mountains in Ibiza, the un level ground really helped to build my trust and confidence.

Lockdown gave me the drive to work even harder on myself, I was categorized as venerable due to my HIV diagnosis and we were at the beginning of this very serious thing that was wiping people out globally and I felt the fear! Again, I made a choice from a place of well-being to get really fit to face the fear head-on and to really look after myself. I set myself personal goals I track my progress and progression and really lifts my mood.

I try to set myself one big goal a year whether that be to run 1/2 marathon or climb a mountain or learn a new technique.I made the decision to put my fitness out there publicly in a way to hold me accountable and in sharing my fitness journey publicly led to me becoming an ambassador for Nobu Pilates. A council estate boy from Northampton an ambassador for a luxury 5-star hotel wellness Pilates studio. I’m super happy to collaborate with Marsha Lindsey creative director of Nobu Pilates for this month’s feature, we have put together 3 moves that can be easily done daily wherever you are to stretch out your limbs and muscles.

My journey with Pilates has been something of a revelation what it has taught me is the mind-body connection. With the practice of reformer Pilates, you have to learn how to connect with eve inch of your body and by doing this you learn where you hold tension. It allows you to focus your thoughts on just that and you can simply cut out all the other toughs in your mind with a simple self-focus while building strong muscle and posture. I like to switch between exercises whether it’s reformer Pilates, swimming, hiking, weightlifting, or cycling to just simply get out and do something even if it’s for 30 mins building momentum is so important. You simply have to be the change you want to see. Nothing will grow without the nourishment of the body or mind. I use my well-being journal to track my process. Accountability, Momentum and play. Here are 3 Pilates exercises to focus on spinal flexibility and breathing.

The Roll Up
This is a great exercise to work all layers of the abdominal muscles and stretch the whole back of the body

1 Lie on your back with your arms reaching to the ceiling. Extend your legs long into the mat and press them together (if you are a beginner have knees bent and feet flat on the mat).

2. Lift your head off the mat, curl your chin to your chest and peel the spine off the mat bone by bone

3. Stretch forward reaching your fingers toward your toes

4. Begin to roll back into the mat with control, bone by bone until the head is back on the mat and the arms are to the ceiling

5. Repeat 10 times

Shoulder Bridge

1. Lie on your back. Bend your knee and place your feet flat on the mat, hip width and parallel

2. Press your straight arms and palms of the hands firmly down into the mat

3. INHALE, start with the tailbone and peel the spine away from the mat into a bridge

4. HOLD breath for 3 secs

5. Slowly EXHALE roll the spine bone by bone back into the mat until hips are grounded

6. REPEAT 10 times


1. Turn onto your stomach, face down

2. Rest one hand on top of the other, elbow wide, and connect your forehead to your hands

3. Keeping forehead/hands connected and maintaining a long neck, take an INHALE to lift your upper body 2/3 inches off the mat.

4. Hold the position as you hold the breath

5. Slowly EXHALE as you lower the upper body back down to the mat
6. REPEAT 6 times, then sit back into child pose stretch

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Salon International 💗

I Can I Am and I Will Confessions attended the Salon International 2022 and we were blown away by the support in the community, it is growing strong and we are so grateful. I have has attended Salon International for all of my career and it is such an important place for education and inspiration, it was an honour to have the Confessions there.


Coterie Creative Head 

It was great to be the infant of an audience doing hair, I would like to say a big thanks to Babyliss Pro and Creative Head for giving me the opportunity to speak about all things texture and Empowerment.

Host of HJ Stage 💗

I was completely honoured to be asked to host the Hairdresser Journal Stage at Salon International, FYI straight after a 1/2 marathon! It was incredible.

Well-being Journal❤️‍🔥 
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Fashion & Beauty
Paloma Faith 

Undone texture - in the spotlight a more relaxed hair texture for Paloma
Paloma Tiktok a BTS hands in cation 
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Vicky McClure❤️‍🔥

The shag - loose textured haircut fast becoming a household favorite
Vicky Golden 

Hair colour - deepening the colour as we head into winter months with rich gorgeous golden brown tones
Emma Willis 💋

Alittle dolce vita for Emma in Italy
Tove Lo 💗💗💗

Mermaid cool hair texture loose and flowing with face-framing bangs
Getting wiggy

Paloma, Alan Carr, Davi Ames Haloween - this was a lot of fun !!
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Royal Parks 1/2 marathon - teenage cancer trust
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